Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Celebrating Halloween

Today has been a GOOD day! The kids all went to school this morning. Axle was pretty eager to go but Annalee not so much. She had a field trip today and riding the bus gave her the nervous jitters! She cried a little when I dropped her off but I know she would be okay.

I came home this morning and did some writing. I made a brain dump list first thing. Have you ever made one? I do them often. Sometimes my head gets so overloaded that I have to get it all out on paper. I sit down for about 15 minutes in pure silence and just write everything I need to get done down on a sheet of paper. It really does help relieve the stress of my To Do List I pack around in my head. I also ordered Annalee's cupcakes for her class party today. 2 Dozen Halloween Themed Cupcakes. That is going to be my contribution. Not sure what I'll do for Axle's just yet but I got to be figuring it out, like tomorrow! Since I was on a roll with ideas, I planned out our next Ladies Meeting. It will be next Monday here at my house. We are having a Ladies Brunch and Coffee Mug Swap. I'm excited about it. We will also be deciding on our Community Service Project for the month of November. I've already had several great suggestions so I'm totally ready for it. I made out the menu today. It's going to be a fun little menu with some yummy food and tasty drinks. I'll share it later.

I got myself ready around 10:00 this morning and headed out to meet Lee at her Field Trip Location. It was just up town so not too far. Our local offices put on a little Trick or Treat for them. I was really disappointed in it to be honest. They only got a handful of candy and frankly the trip lasted about 10 minutes start to finish. The loading and unloading of the buses took longer than the actual Trick or Treating. Luckily these are 3 and 4 year old kids so they didn't care a bit. They were just glad to be there. Annalee was so excited when she got off the bus and seen me waiting. Her little hand was just waving back and forth. She's too precious. I walked through the line with her to get her candy and of course I took photos! After that she loaded back up on the bus and went back to school. Sadly, there were tears but I sent her anyway. I know it's good for her in the long run.

After she went back to school, I came back home. It's been a rainy day all day! I worked some around the house and actually got A LOT of laundry done. I did a few other household chores too. I could've probably got more accomplished but my friend Christie called and her and I talked forever. I swear she's like my soul sister!!!

I picked Lee up from school at 1;00. She was ready to come home. Her teacher said she had told her all day that I said she didn't have to do this and that. Whatever her teacher asked her to do, she said her mommy said she didn't have to. Sorry kid, it don't work like that! I think she's getting comfortable in school. They may wish she wasn't when she stubs up on them!

We came home and I played online a bit. Lee ended up taking a quick nap. I hated to wake her up at 3:00 but I had to because it was time for us to pick up Bub. Sometimes I wish I had someone to sit here with her while I run and get him. It would be so much easier. Bub had a good day. He enjoyed his concert/assembly thing. This week is Red Ribbon Drug Free Week at their school. Today they had to wear their school spirit attire! The assembly was fun he said. Mr. Stafford their PE teacher even got a pie threw in his face. I'm sure they loved that. Bub brought him some leaf work he done last week. I seriously adore seeing my kids work they do at school.

I fixed Ax and Lee a snack and had a pretty intense phone conversation with a friend. Let's just say some are hating due to her religion and it's just a mess! It's sad. I love people for people, period!!!! Anyway, Ball Practice time came way too quickly as it always does in the evenings so I got Bub ready and off we went. His coach said he did awesome today. I'm so proud of him. He was sweating like a pig when he got out so he must have played hard!!!

Mom had been planning a pumpkin carving party for us for two months now and tonight was the night. We spent the rest of our evening hanging out in dad's garage eating pizza and carving pumpkins. It was so much fun! The kids had an absolute blast! Lee didn't care much for the pumpkins but we had threw all the pumpkin guts in a bin and that child played in it for over an hour. She called it a sandbox ha ha! If your looking for a Fall Sensory Bin idea, Lee loved this one!!! Our pumpkins turned out so cute. I was so impressed!

It was almost 10:00 when we got home tonight. Poor Hubby was already in the bed so he didn't even get to see us. He bought the kids a Go Kart today and it's sitting in the garage so I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of that tomorrow! Hubby works tomorrow and then he's off the rest of the week. He took a Personal Day for Thursday and Friday (yay)!!! The kids got a quick bath and then headed to bed. We didn't even get Axle's homework done tonight so we will have to get up even earlier tomorrow and do it before school. It's been a busy day for sure but it's been a good one. I love the Holiday Season.

Tomorrow I'll be shopping for party stuff and Science Board Stuff but other than that, not a whole lot planned. I must say, I'm glad.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Til Tomorrow,

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  1. I love that brain dump idea, I am going to have to try that =)