Sunday, October 18, 2015

Alphabet Weekend (Picture Heavy)

I haven't done an Alphabet Post in a long time. Figured I'd throw one together for you tonight to recap our weekend and share some of my weekend feelings!  Enjoy!

Annalee is going through a ridiculously whiny stage. I know it's the age but oh how I hope it passes soon!

Bub spent his Sunday down in the bottom with the Hubby riding his motorcycle. He's getting really good at riding. He's such a boy through and through.

Can't wait until my Momma comes home. I'm missing her and she's only been gone a few days. Boy are they having fun though. I talked to her earlier and they had been to the mall and to Red Lobster this evening. Lucky girls!

Didn't need to take a 4 hour nap this evening but I did. Bad part was Hubby and the babies did too. That Halloween Party last night wore us all out.

Excited to start my scrapbook project. Hopefully I'll get started on it this week!

Figured out what Axle is going to be for Historical Day at School. I ordered him this Davy Crockett outfit today. How cute is he going to be!

Glad we had party leftovers today. For real, I didn't cook a single thing today!

Halloween Party was a HUGE success. We didn't freeze to death thanks to my Husband who built an awesome fire. We had a great turnout of family and friends. All the food was a hit. Their was cornhole playing for the guys and socializing for us gals. The kids played on the swing, trampoline, hay and anything else they could find. We had cool glo sticks and a sensory bag game that was so fun. Everyone left with candy and extra cupcakes. I'd say it was a winner of a party :)

I've bathed the kids twice today trying to get the hair color out. Ax's looks pretty good but Lee is still sporting some pink!

Just couldn't resist buying a Milky Way Dark today. I haven't had one in forever!!!

Kids have played all evening long. They watched You Tube for awhile and then played trucks. Poor Lee is going to be such a tomboy!

Loving Facetime- I get to see my momma!!!

Missed Church this morning and I hated it. We are just getting too old to party late I guess, even if it's a kids party!

Nagging feeling for sometime now- Maybe I'll discuss it later

Ordered us a loaf of Zucchini Bread today off a friend of mine. Mom usually makes some every year but they didn't put out a big garden this summer so she didn't have any Zucchini. I can't wait to get it tomorrow, I love that stuff!

Plans for the week include: Basketball Practice, Two Meetings, Born Reading Program and who knows what else!! It's going to be another busy one.

Quality time with my family is the best. I love it

Recently been pinning these goodies!!!

I totally want to do something like this with my kids

Hot Fudge Peanut Butter Pie- Oh my yum!!!

Isn't this perfect for Christmas Decor!!

Broccoli and Cheese Soup is now on my menu

I'm buying another tree this year to leave up all year long
I want to do seasonal trees! I love this one!

Sis is not feeling well. Her anxiety has been out the roof for a couple weeks now. She talked to me about it yesterday so to the doctor we will go tomorrow. Please pray that we get it back under control.

Thankful for my life and everyone in it. God is good ALL the time!!!!

Unsure about vacation plans still. Hubby and I talked a little more today but still haven't set anything in stone.

Very excited for Sis and her upcoming trip to Indiana. She will be going with her school group, FCCLA. They will be staying 3 nights. Sis has never been to Indiana so it's just another place to mark off her to see list.

Watched Naked and Afraid tonight. Am I the only one who gets into the show and doesn't even realize their naked?

EXTRA worried about Lee and her speech. She's had a couple of really bad days. I'm calling an outside therapist this week.

Yawning, I guess my sleeping pill is finally kicking in

Zzz's is what I'm catching now, you all have a good night!!!


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  1. You have had a full weekend. What an awesome party! I know you put a lot of work into it and it sure shows. No wonder you slept in today.

    How cute that Davy Crocket costume is! Can't wait to see Ax in it.

    Have a good day today! Thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments you left.