Sunday, October 4, 2015

All Aboard

Guys this weekend has been a whirlwind so I'm going to do a recap in bullet points. Hopefully that will keep me from boring you to death.

* Friday Axle was the only one who had school. Lee doesn't have Preschool on Friday's and Anika was home not feeling well. Axle had a GREAT day though. They did their apple tasting party and he loved it. The Apple Slider (Cider) was his favorite.

* Anika, Lee and I had errands to run on Friday so I convinced them to let me go to the Thrift Store. I found Anika and Lee both a couple cute things as well as myself. I also found Lee a Halloween Costume if it fits. I've yet to try it on her.

* I got Axle's tye dyed shirt rinsed, washed and dried. He has to take it back to school so they can finish it up. I don't know what they are doing to them but I bet they will be darn cute.

* My Aunt Karen ended up in the ER Friday. She lost an enormous amount of blood and had to be taken by ambulance. They initially thought it was Cervical Cancer but later ruled that out. They really haven't found out what the issue is yet but they have more tests ordered. They gave her two pints of blood on Saturday which perked her up some but she's definitely not out of the woods yet. If you pray, please pray for her.

* I had planned on taking the kiddos to the movies Friday Evening. Our community center is hosting free Halloween Movies for kids on Friday nights. Unfortunately we didn't get to go because I still had a lot of packing to do.

* Friday when the Hubby got home around 7:00 we headed out for our trip. Sadly my Anika didn't want to go. Her and the boyfriend had other weekend plans so she stayed with my Mom. We were hoping to drive to a hotel very close to our destination but that didn't work out. Axle got sick an hour into the trip and was throwing up non stop. We had to find the first motel we came too and bed down. I was so glad it ended up being a decent place. Ax slept pretty good once he was in the bed but Lee was up all night throwing up. Definitely a stomach virus.

* Saturday morning Hubby was up bright and early. He went and cleaned out the car while we were still sleeping & got the kids some 7up

* The kids and I slept till a little after 9:00 am. When I got them up I wasn't sure if we should travel on or turn around and go home. After both getting baths though they insisted they were fine and we should travel on so we did. Fortunately they were right and we had no more sick issues!

* We stopped at a gas station on the way to our destination for some fuel and snacks. Wouldn't you know Axle found a huge jug of Apple Slider (Cider) and he just had to have it. That kid cracks me up.

* It was about a 2 hour drive to our destination and the kids did so well. Lee used to hate car rides but she did much better on this trip. I was pretty proud of them.

* When we arrived, the kids were shocked. We wouldn't tell them what we were doing just that it was going to be fun. We pulled into the Kentucky Railway Museum and whoa they went wild. They neither one have ever ridden a real train. Actually Hubby and I hadn't either.

* I had pre-ordered our tickets so we picked them up at the box office. The lady told us to feel free to browse the museum and kill some time till our ride. We did just that. The museum was super interesting and had all kinds of old train stuff. There was even two train tables set up for the kids to play with and they loved them. They played for a good 1/2 hour or longer.

* After browsing the museum we still had a little more time to kill so we ventured around the gift shop. I bought a new ornament for our tree. I used to buy an ornament every new place we went and I slacked off for awhile. I want to get back into the habit of it though.

* We also ventured around outside and let the kids play. It was chilly but they didn't mind a bit.

* Finally it was time for us to load the train. My kids just thought it was the coolest thing ever. The train ride was about 45 minutes long and it held their attention the whole time. We saw some pretty scenery and the staff on board handed out candy to all the kids. I was amazed at how much a train sways back and forth.

* The train stopped by a local park after our ride and we all got off. They had all sorts of cool activities set up for the kids. They even had Charlie Brown and Snoopy there. The kids had a ball picking pumpkins, riding the mini train, pumpkin bowling and so forth. We spent an hour at this location which was enough time to do everything and then load back up on the train! Such a fun time!

* The ride back to the station only took about 15 minutes so we just sat back and relaxed. The staff brought all the kids certificates stating they had completed the train ride. A great keepsake!

* After our Train Station visit we went across the street to a little cafe to eat! The food was good and the service was great. We had the sweetest little waitress ever and they had the best Peanut Butter Pie ever!

* Our ride home was pretty non eventful (thankfully). Both kids slept the majority of the way and hubby and I just chatted. We stopped for fuel, snacks and me a capaccino but other than that we drove straight through. We actually got home around 10:00 last night.

* The little one's played awhile after we got home and Hubby tinkered outside in his garage. As for me, I uploaded pics and that was about it. We all hit the hay about the same time. We were exhuasted.

* I had plans of going to Church this morning. I even had my clothes laid out. Those plans fell threw when I woke at 7:00 this morning with a stomach virus. Thanks kids for sharing.

* Anika went to Church with Mom and Dad and after Church they fixed a dinner together and made some potato candy

* I spent my morning on the couch feeling like death. I updated my Life List and made it all digital and pretty much just lounged around till 1:00. Hubby was such a blessing and kept the babies outside the whole time for me.

* I did manage to make a trip to town for some lunch for the family. While I was out I stopped and got myself some new foundation, a new polish and a new calander. I hadn't planned on buying a calander but I couldn't help myself. Isn't it cute?

* I've done laundry today and straightened the house a little but not much. My energy just isn't here today.

* We laid down today and took a nap. I napped longer than anyone. I was hoping to wake feeling 100 percent better but I didn't. My body is still aching and my stomach is still so sick.

* My daddy brought Sis home for me. She made her dad a Honey Bun Cake as soon as she got here. He's been asking her for one forever. He loves them

* My Niece and her Boyfriend stopped by. I wish I could've been more social but I just wasn't able.

* We ordered out for dinner because this Mommy couldn't cook....blah the sight of food makes me gag

* I did accomplish a lot of blog reading today though so I guess it wasn't all a loss

* The kiddos and Hubby are tucked in for the night and I'm heading that way myself shortly

Tomorrow starts Fall Break for my Kids- Let's hope I feel better when I wake because we got all kinds of stuff planned.

Hope you all had a good weekend
Here's to a great week ahead :) 


  1. Thanks for dropping by Nanaland today, what a weekend. So glad the kiddies were feeling better! We have taken all our grands on short train rides and we all had a blast!!

  2. your kids are so adorable, i love the inclusion of more pictures!! it's apple cider time, good eye on axle finding it!!!

    i am still a train lover, we had a nice long train ride just recently. it seems to be a great fall activity!!!!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your first ever train ride. It seems strange to me that you haven't been on one before because I used the train regularly throughout my life ... just shows how our lives are different, doesn't it.

    Enjoy the break from school and hope you feel much better soon.

  4. My, the railway museum and train ride sound like such fun!

    Sorry you and the kids had a virus. Hope this week goes well for you.

  5. Hi Angie! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    It looks like you had a full, but mostly fun weekend - until that bug hit. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.
    Your kids are adorable and I love the apple slider name. :)