Tuesday, October 27, 2015

365 Days- Something New

Just a quick update on my 365 Days of Doing Something New Project!

Here is 15-21 of 365

Day 15- Attended a Born Learning Program. This is a new program that is being offered at my kids school. I enjoyed it so much and will be going each month!

Day 16- Ordered Dumplings from the Tea Room. I eat the Tea Room quite often and usually stick to one of two things, a Chef Salad or a Club Sandwich. This particular day their special was Dumplings so I thought why not. I was pleasantly surprised, they were so good!!!

Day 17- Made Homemade Sugar Cookie Dough. I always store buy mine so this was new for me

Day 18- I worked concessions. Now I used to work concessions a lot when Anika was younger but I hadn't done it in years. I might be the only person who actually enjoys working concessions!

Day 19- Made Halloween Cookies with the Kids. I don't think we had ever done this before. I let them cut them out with their Halloween Cookie Cutters and then ice them with colored icing. They had a blast.

Day 20- Apologized for the sake of being kind. Now while I'm quick to apologize when I'm wrong, I usually don't apologize if I feel I'm right. This particular incident, I felt I was completely in the right for doing what I did. However, in my venture to be the best me possible, I bit the bullet and sent out an apology. Unfortunately it wasn't welcomed as I'd hoped but I was the bigger person and my heart is clear.

Day 21- Hosted a Ladies Group- It was our first meeting and although quite unsuccessful, I"m not giving up on the idea yet. I was nervous that the idea would be rejected and no one would show which was what basically happened but I survived it and I'm still going strong!

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  1. Good for you trying something new every day. I like #16. Isn't it great when you reluctantly try something new and it turns out to be delicious? I don't know if I'm brave enough to make cookies with kids. Good for you. And good for you apologizing. That's a really hard thing to do. Especially if the other person rejects your apology. But you did what was right.