Friday, September 25, 2015

To Blog or Not To Blog

I know, I bet you about had a stroke when you saw me show up in your news feed. Yes, I've been gone a long time. I really didn't know if I was going to come back to blogging or not. It's something I've been tossing around in my head for a few weeks now. You see, I have sort of an obsessive personality. Unfortunately it's not obsessive about cleaning but it is obsessive about other things like blogging, sweepstakes, etc. Sometimes when I start something of this nature I spend WAY too much time on it and that is the one thing I don't want to do this time around. I love to blog because I love to write but I also love to live in the real world and over the past month or so I've found that it is very important for my mental well being to NOT sit in front of a computer screen so much. With that said, I'm back to blogging however I don't know how often I'll be posting or how much reading I'll be doing. I'm really going to try to limit myself.

I'm not going to even bother trying to catch you up on everything. The last post I made we had just moved onto a campground for the Summer and that was right after Easter. Let me just tell you that it was definitely an experience. I thought it was a great decision for our family and while we did have some good moments, I was definitely wrong. We have been home now about 3 weeks so we stayed a total of about 4 months. By the end I was just so done and over it. Our summer consisted of LOTS of drama and I'm not going to even go into details. Let's just say it was one summer and one experience I NEVER want to do again.

Just to fill you in a little on how we all are now, I'll give you just a brief update!

I'm now officially a stay at home mom again. I've been unemployed since around April. While I literally hated it all summer long, now that we are home I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I do have an application in with our local Headstart/Preschool Program to substitute but other than that I'm totally not looking for work. I've been working on my mental health and learning how to battle my depression better. I must say, I'm doing really well. I'll post more on that later though. I'm filling my days with as much as I can and keeping my brain as busy as I can. I'm home enough to rest and relax but not enough to fall into a depressed state. It's all about balance and I think I'm finally figuring it all out.

SJ is still working. He's still at the same place and still rotates shifts weekly. He works more than he's home but we are just thankful he still has a job. So very many in this area are out of work so we consider ourselves extremely blessed. He still likes to trade and even bought a truck today to tinker with as he says. He needed it like a hole in the head but whatever, it's just who he is.

Anika is so growing up on me. She's turned into a beautiful young lady and she's really blossomed over the summer. She has a new boyfriend which she's crazy about and they spend most of their time bowling. He's completely obsessed with bowling and wants to bowl league one of these days. He's a good kid and we couldn't be happier for her. She's still attending church and is in public school again this year. She's doing very well in school and is even President of the FCCLA Club. She still doesn't have her permit and I don't know if she ever will. The girl just don't want to drive. I'm so blessed to call her my daughter though. She's such a good girl.

Axle has done a complete 360 over the summer. He started Kindergarten this year and the kid LOVES school. We are talking about the same kid I drug in Headstart for two years kicking and screaming. He's no longer shy and backward. He's involved in everything coming and going, never meets a stranger and loves everyone. He truly has came out of his shell. He even says he's going to play basketball this year. I never dreamed he would make such a turnaround but he definitely has. It's like he turned 5 over the summer and turned into a little man!

Annalee is now enrolled in Headstart. It's hard to believe all three of my babies are in school. She's still sweet as sugar but she's most definitely going through the Terrible Three's. She's absolutely the whiniest child I've ever met and she drives this momma crazy. I know it will too pass and so I bear with her. She's not adjusting to school quite as well as Axle has. She cries for me throughout the day but it's been less and less each day so I think we are getting there. She's became my shy one and hides behind me every time someone speaks to her. She's funny as a monkey though and keeps me laughing. She truly is my littlest big blessing!

I'm going to share some photos with you....I truthfully didn't take many over the summer because I was so depressed I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Since I've been home I've definitely taken more!

The Husband and I took a weekend trip to TN without kids
Look how relaxed he looks!

Axle rode a horse at VBS

Playing on the campground playground

Kindergarten Orientation Picture

Bike Parade at the Campground

More VBS fun!

Battle Scar from Golf Cart Accident

She should be a model

At church with his Nan and Pa

Pa and his boy at VBS

Bike Riding at Nan's House

Sissy and her Boyfiend Cody

Eye Appointment for Ax

Swimming Fun

Pajama Day for these two

Little Lee riding the motorcycle for the 1st time

Football Game Night

She went blonde

A day at the Mall

1st day of School

Chilling at the Campground


Mom and Ax's Silly photo

Cody got her a new kitten

A visit with my Great Niece Willow

Me and my Great Aunt Darlene

Dinner at McDonalds

Swinging at the Park

Me and my Mommy

Daddy playing putt putt

Hopscotch for Lee

Hillbilly Day at School

Cornhole Fun

Axle's first time watching a ballgame at his school

Sissy at the Parade

Grease- Decades day at School

Lee loves swinging

Kindergarten Health Fair..Ax performing the Skeleton Dance

Parade in our town

First Dance- The Glo Dance!!

I'll leave you with that my friends! I hope you all are doing wonderful. 



  1. Good to see you back online and to catch up with your news. It sounds like you were put through the mill with the summer camp job, so hope life stays calmer for you now and that you can get the depression under long term control. Sounds like you're heading in the right direction with that.

  2. Angie I am SO HAPPY to see you back. You have no idea how much I have missed you friend. I know your summer wasn't the best, but in a way it was if it is getting you to where you need to be. I will be emailing you soon -- like probably today. Loved seeing all the pictures and hearing about your summer and your family.

  3. Hi Angie..I am SO Glad you're back. I very nearly took you off, b/c you weren't updating...but i kept you on b/c I love your blog so much. So, I am glad you're back!!! I am sorry to hear that your summer sucked. I gotta admit, I am curious as to what all happened, b.c I am nosey like But seriously, I am glad you're back. I am blogging on and off, too. Glad to hear you're a Stay At Home Mommy again. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. hi was fun catching up and i really enjoyed all the pictures. 4 months of camping does not interest me, not even a little....i am surprised you are all alive!!!

    the kids have gotten so big, everyone looks great and i LOVED being a stay at home mom. now i am a stay at home person/wife!!! i LOVE that as well!!!!

  5. I'm glad to see you're back. I pray that you overcome your depression. It is not easy to do but definitely possible! Being a SAHM is great, but like you said, you need to keep busy and interacting with others. I look forward to your posts when you're able!