Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Know That

I don't know everything but there is a few things I do know this Tuesday

I know that- I did not sleep a wink last night. I'm not kidding. I was up and down all night long and at 4:00 am when the Hubby left for work I just got up and stayed up. Insomnia sucks!

I know that- I got a ton of blog reading done this morning but still got so much more I want to do. I'm pacing myself though. If I don't get to your posts, I'm sorry!

I know that- My Anika looked absolutely stunning this morning. She had to wear red & white for FCCLA week. She's vice chairperson so she had to sport the colors. Oh my word, she is so pretty!

I know that- My two cuties were adorable this morning too. The girls basketball team at their school was playing in the tournament tonight so they had to wear blue and white, their school colors, to show their support. Finding Ax something was no problem, he had a school t-shirt. Lee on the other hand had nothing so I dug through a bag of Anika's old stuff and found Anika's old cheer uniform from Kindergarten. We paired it with a tee and jeans and it was perfect for Lee Lee. How cool is that? She's wearing sissy's old clothes!

* I know that I totally wasted a trip to McDonalds this morning. Instead of going for my usual cappuccino, I elected to get a frappe. My first and last. Note to self, you do not like frappes. Yuck!

* I know that despite the rain, I had a really good day today

* I know that red shoes make me happy

* I know that I'm loving my new haircut. I went to a new stylist and I will be returning to her again

* I know that I truly don't know what I'd do without my Mommy. She picked up Lee Lee from school today for me so I could get my hair done. She's really the best.

* I know that my Husband isn't feeling well. When he left for work this morning he had a busting headache and when he got home this evening he still had it. He's been in the bed since he got home.

* I know that Anika is LOVING her new phone and I must admit I'm loving having an IPhone again even if it is her hand me down

* I know that the Mexican Food we had for dinner was delicious. Chicken, Rice and White Cheese Sauce- hello yummy!

* I know that Anika is busting her butt trying to make sure her grades are in check before report cards come out. She stayed after school today and will be staying again Thursday

* I know that Lee and Ax fight like cats and dogs one minute and love each other to pieces the next. Sibling problems I guess!

* I know that Anika isn't feeling well tonight either. Her boyfriend came over for a bit, she ate and then went to bed. It's unlike her to be asleep this early

* I know that Ax had a VERY good day at school today. He got entered into a drawing for making a pledge to read for an entire week and guess what, he won. I have to go pick up his prize tomorrow so I don't know what it is yet. What I do know is they announced his name during an assembly and he got to walk out on the floor and get his pic took for the newspaper. He was quite proud :)

* I know that school wears my poor Lee out and there isn't anything in this world more precious than this picture!

* I know that I have a list a mile long of things to do tomorrow. Another busy one for me!

* I know that I'm heading to bed myself shortly. I need the extra rest after last night. I'll do some last minute tidying up around here, pack lunch buckets, lay out work clothes and then I'll catch myself some Zzzz's

Dear Friends- Happy Tuesday! Hump Day is right around the corner!!!



  1. Your hair cut looks great! I love all that volume!

  2. Your new haircut really suits you.

  3. Love this post! I am sorry about the insomnia. That's the worst! Your haircut is lovely.

  4. Sleep is so important for us girls....i would never sleep without a sleep aide. i wish i did not rely on pills but i didn't sleep right for years without it.

    you have such a beautiful family, and i LOVE you new hair. it's perfect for your face!!!

  5. I hope your husband's headache is gone! What is FCCLA? Is it similar to FBLA?