Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Good Day

I find I'm very tired tonight but it's all my own fault. I've had myself on a good sleep/wake schedule and last night I threw caution to the wind and stayed up way too late. It's only 8:44 now and I'm dragging. I've got a feeling my Saturday night is going to come to an end fairly early. This gal needs sleep!

It's been a good day, no complaints from me. The only thing I wish is that my husband hadn't had to work tonight but he did and we are just thankful he has a job. 

Here's a few things that made up our good Saturday!!!

* Sleeping in till 9:30 am. Now that school is in session, 9:30 feels like a real treat.

* Getting my Fodder Shocks and Hay bought and home. Our neighbors are selling Fodder Shocks and Hay this year so the Hubby and I ran over there and got some today.

* A good lunch for a good cause. A friend of mine was selling dinners (spaghetti) to help out a friend of her's with cancer. We bought three for lunch today. The food was delicious so it was a win/win

* Spending my day out with these three cuties

* A new black and white polka dot sweater I found at Kmart. OMG I'm in love with it :)

* Getting one of two Halloween costumes bought. Axle found what he wanted today but Lee couldn't find anything that tickled her fancy.

* Finding all the stuff to decorate my yard. I can't wait to get started on it tomorrow!

* Watching Cake Boss- I love that show

* Having my two little one's in the bed by 8:00. Silence for momma

* A semi clean house. I'm really keeping up with things around here these days

* Perfect Fall temperatures even if it was a little rainy

* Chocolate Chip Cookies

* Blog Reading

Yes my friends, that is pretty much what our day consisted of. Definitely a pretty good Fall Saturday. Tomorrow we are decorating so stay tuned for those pictures.

Happy Weekend!!!