Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015

For Today: Wednesday April 1st 2015

Outside my Window- My husband has the entire driveway blocked. He has the camper hooked to the truck and the boat hooked to the camper. He's seriously going to look like he's pulling a mobile home down the road this weekend. Don't worry, I'll take photos. Let's just hope this idea of his doesn't end bad.

I am Thinking- About what a ridiculously rushed day I'm going to have tomorrow. I've got to get the kids to school, go to work, be back to town by 1:00 for Axle's Easter party, Attend Axle's Education Plan Meeting and then come home and pack our camping stuff. Heaven's help me!

I am Thankful- Anika worked a wonderful Church Event tonight. It was called "A Walk With Jesus" and was a Judgement House type thing. She seemed to really enjoy herself. She makes me a proud mom for sure :)

I am Wearing- Pajamas because it's midnight but I did dress up for work today. I wore the cutest floral cardigan. I'm totally loving floral for Spring. Now I just need these items in my wardrobe!

I am Creating: Nothing at the moment other than lists of things I need to remember. You guys know me and my ridiculous lists habit :)

I am Going: To pay the electric bill before bed. I seriously just about forgot!

I am Wondering: How people get their lives messed up as bad as they do. We had a lady arrested in our town today for a Meth Lab. She is (was) a beautiful lady with everything imaginable. She came from a wonderful family. It's just so sad to see people spiral down the wrong path.

I am Reading: Nothing although I'd really like to be reading more blogs. Not enough hours in my day friends.

I am Hoping: To have a nice relaxing family weekend!

I am Learning: That my Momma was right, the older you get the more aches and pains you have

Around the House: All three of my babies are asleep. 

In the Kitchen: There was no action today. I brought dinner to Mom and Dad's on my way home from work and ate with them.

I am Pondering: Vacation plans- I'm getting travel fever!

One of my Favorite Things Today: Hitting up my first Yard Sale of the season and Filling Plastic Eggs with candy this evening with Axle. He had so much fun.

A Few Plans the rest of the Week: Weeks over but here's what on the agenda through the weekend:
Tomorrow: Work, Axle's Easter Party, Education Plan Meeting and Packing Camping Stuff
Friday- Work and then Camping
Saturday- Camping
Sunday- Easter Egg Hunting and Cookout at the Campground

A Favorite Quote: 

A Few Random Thoughts about the Day:
- The weather today was just amazing. I love Spring
- Axle did so good this morning at school. Makes my day so much smoother
- My new assignment at work might just be the death of me
- I love Walmart's Coin Star, such an easy way to cash in change
- My husband left me the sweetest note and even included a picture he drew of my Little Lady :)
- I might have a shopping addiction- for real!
- My house isn't spotless but it's fairly clean tonight. Mom win!
- I should have been in the bed 3 hours ago

That my friends is all I got today. Not a lot of good stuff but you know how it is sometimes!

Hope you all had a great 1st day of April!


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  1. Interesting to see how your husband's idea turns out! Enjoyed your daybook.