Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I made a CRAZY decision!!!

Oh my word friends, have I got a post for you. Let me just start by saying this post is going to be a lot of information in a limited amount of time because I'm in a total rush today. I'll just dive right on in I suppose.

Since I last posted, LOTS of things have happened :)

* Axle had an Easter Party at School which meant we had to fill plastic eggs with candy. The boy thought it was the coolest thing ever.

* Thursday the school festivities were full on. His class had a party and then did an egg hunt. Annalee went too and of course she enjoyed it. I think she's really going to like school next year. Axle did SO well on the egg hunt. He was like a wild man picking up eggs which is amazing for a kid who would barely participate in it last year.

Party Time

He loves his Annalee

She looks so grow up

Hunting eggs

Annalee didn't really care for the egg hunt

I was so proud of him

Go Ax Go!

My big boy

Everybody checking for candy

Annalee looks like part of the class

My sweet kiddos

* Hubby got sick on Thursday and had to make a trip to the doctor. Sick hubby means grumpy hubby!!!

* Friday we left for our Easter Camping Trip. We did more running errands and setting up than camping on Friday but that was okay since we had torrential downpours most all day.

Lady ready for her first camping trip

Bike riding with daddy

She likes our camper

My sweet gal reading

* Saturday was a quieter day weather wise so we enjoyed the day. I had to get onto Hubby a little about his attitude (remember he's sick) but that was just a bump in the road. Otherwise we had a nice time. Here's some photos!

Food Time

Daddy Cooking

Daddy had to give them a boost

All Smiles

Mrs. Athletic (NOT)

Playground fun

They love the playground

Isn't she adorable?

He's all boy

Catching his Sissy

The Hubs

Bub on the playground

She likes Bub's bike better than her's

Digging- this is her favorite

Dad bike riding

Getting prepared

He FINALLY took his training wheels off

I was so proud

He did great

Practice makes perfect

He will be a pro in no time

Look at that boy go

We decorated an Easter Tree

It turned out darling

See look :) 

I loved it

We colored eggs

Everyone had a lot of fun

I so enjoy being a mommy

Hubs built a fire

The view of our campsite

Our eggs

Smores Time

Cutest photo ever

Look at marshmallow face!

* Sunday was Easter and we had company. My Uncle and Aunt came down as well as my Mom and Dad. We had a BIG dinner and let the kids hunt eggs. We talked, laughed and just enjoyed time as a family never forgetting the reason for our gathering, HE is not Here, He has Risen.

The Bunny Ran

I must have some GOOD kids :) 

Easter Dinner

Lee always smiles 

Hubs relaxing 


Nana being a kid

Lee's turn

She's a cool Nan

My parent's I've been so utterly blessed with

Axle hunting eggs

He really gets into these egg hunts

He found one

Daddy helping Lee

My Dad!!!

Mom taking pictures

Hunt kids hunt

I think Dad and Lee are cheating

Lee could care less

Ax doesn't cut her slack either

Look how precious they are

Recovering from a busy Easter

Our fire!!

Lady had a Happy Easter

Someone was wore out by the end of the night

* I finished my Photo Challenge for March. I just had one left to do and I did it. Go Me!

Lee's Shoes

* I decided to do a photo challenge for April too. Here's what I've got so far.

1st- Purple
Purple Plastic Eggs

2nd- In my Hand
Steering Wheel- I spend most my time driving

3rd- Shapes
My sign that I adore!!!

4th- Good Together
Axle and Lee :)

5th- Not Mine
Not my creation but some delicious cookies my Mom had made for us

6th- A taste of Spring
Ditches and Trenches caused by recent flood water in our yard

7th- Where I'd rather be
On the lake but the water is still too high

* Finally friends, I think I might have made the craziest decision of my life. While camping we were approached and asked to Campground Host this year. After careful deliberation, we decided to do it. You only live once right?

What does this mean? We will be living in a camper from now till November 1st on the campground. It's an exciting/scary journey but I'll be sure to document so you can follow along with us. My posts will be more weekly now than anything as internet is limited there so I'll try to do them when I run home to check on the place. Send good vibes our way that this decision ends up being a wonderful thing for us as a family.

Here's a quick tour of where we are living!

Our bedroom well Ax and Lee's too

Kitchen Area/Dining Area

Living Room area

Anika's bedroom and an extra bed for company

Our bathroom

Yes it's a SMALL space but we will make it work :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful April so far
Wishing you all well