Thursday, March 19, 2015

Twenty on Thursday

I'm sitting here in the quiet of my house listening to it rain. It's rained pretty much all day and from my understand it's supposed to rain up until tomorrow night. Saturday is supposed to be a glorious day though, highs in the 60's and sunshine. This girl is all about that.

I didn't post yesterday. It was just a rough day. That means I'll be catching you up on two days tonight. I decided not to do anything too complicated tonight. It's already 11:30 and I'm getting tired. Here's 20 Random Thoughts for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy :)

1. We cannot get to school on time. No matter how hard I try, it just doesn't happen. The attendance lady at Anika's school is a tough cookie too (I'm being nice) and she cuts us no slack. Apparently today she told Anika if we didn't do better she was giving her ACR or After School Detention. Isn't that a little much for being 15-30 minutes late? Schools have changed so much since I went.

2. Ax hasn't done well for me this week at school either. He's fine once he gets there but boy oh boy does he throw his fit in the morning on our way. Literally we drag him into his classroom and walk off with him screaming and crying. It sucks but he has to adjust. He starts Kindgeraten next year.

3. Work Wednesday was tough. I overslept and didn't shower or wash my hair so I pretty much felt like I looked like crap. My mouth was so sore from the scaling I had done Tuesday and even my face under my eyes and around my nose was sore. It was just a bad day. To top it off, I bruised my arm like no other by getting it pinned in between a ridiculously heavy deed book and the cabinet. No kidding, I look like someone beat me.

4. The doctor gave me Anika's CT Results on Wednesday and unfortunately they were not what I was wanting to hear. She has excessive fluid in her lower abdomen so they are referring her to a gynocologist for that. Her CT also showed that the lumps in that area where in fact lymph nodes that weren't responding to antibiotics. They are referring her to a surgeon. I will keep you posted but please keep my baby in your prayers.

5. Mom got her test results Wednesday too. Something in her blood had elevated dramatically. I'm not sure what it was called. The doctor said it could be an indicator of a heart issue. He is sending the results to mom's specialist as well as going to talk to a Cardiologist about it. Please keep her in your prayers as well.

6. As far as my blood work, no word yet. Apparently hormone testing takes a VERY long time.

7. After work Wednesday I was supposed to go pick up the kids but because I was early I thought I'd run home for a few minutes first. That was a big mistake, I fell fast asleep and didn't wake till after 6:00 pm. Luckily my sitter is also my Mommy and she knew what a rough day I had so she didn't mind.

8. Today has been a MUCH better day thankfully. I think in part it was because I woke to the sweetest most thoughtful note that I've ever received from my Husband. My Husband is and has always been one of those people that assume I know how he feels. Well, to see/hear it was such an amazing feeling. I truly felt so loved and special this morning. He truly is a blessing in my life.

9. I've been working on a tract at work for 2 days and I just cannot figure it out. My job is like working a puzzle sometimes.

10. I did take an outfit picture for you today. I hadn't wore this dress in forever but I put it on and I think it will definitely be staying in my wardrobe. I really like it. I also LOVE my denim jacket. I've already wore it a ton.

11. My mom fixed the best dinner today. She had soup beans, cornbread, mustard greens and pickled corn. I'd be ashamed to tell you how much I ate. Isn't it funny how no one can cook as good as your mommy :)

12. I've been dabbling in Sweepstakes again. It's such a time waster probably but I so enjoy it and I usually win some pretty cool things. My poor Hubby is all for it. He thinks one day I'm going to win something awesome that he wants.

13. Hubby has been on 2nd shift this week and it sucks. I hate him not being home with us at night. He's been talking about finding a job outside of the mines. I think if he could find something he'd take it. After 16 years I think he's ready to give it up. Honestly, I can't blame him.

14. I love making lists and my bucket list (or life list as I call it) is constantly getting added to. There is SO much I want to do in my lifetime. I'll never accomplish it all but it's good to have goals, right?

15. I've started reading some of the Devotional that my friend gave me the other day. I'm only about 30 pages in and it is already making so much sense to me. I definitely think it's going to be a good read for me.

16. Hubby and Annalee packed the camper with some stuff this week. They put in the tools, propane, screen tents, etc. We are ready for camping. Our first trip will be Easter Weekend and we cannot wait!

17. I'm so excited about the blog swap I joined too. I've got so many fun ideas and can't wait to send out my partners box next week!

18. I'm still doing good with my photo challenge. Here is Wednesday's and Today's Photos!

Fire Hydrant- This one is the closest to my house and it's about 
2 miles away. I guess that happens when you live in the country.

Looking Up- Cloudy and Rainy Skies 
View from my front yard.

19. Tomorrow I'm not working. Well technically I'm working from home but still, I don't have a set time to do my work. Since tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring, I think the kids and I will do some Spring activities. 

20. This weekend we are hoping to get the boat on the water for the first time this year. It will probably be chilly on the water but nothing long sleeves can't handle :)

Friends...I'm off to watch a little QVC Fashion- Happy almost Weekend 



  1. Sounds like you have several concerns on your heart and mind. I have missed many of your posts lately - are you still working?
    Love and prayers for you and yours from Texas!

  2. I'm glad today is better than other days this week :)!