Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Today's Wishes & March Recap

Just thought a few things I'm wishing today!!!

* I wish I was a morning person. It's never going to happen but I really wish it would

* I wish I had a tan. I need to hit the tanning bed but just can't find the time

* I wish Ax did as great every morning as he did this morning going to school. Boy walked in all by himself with NO tears. I was so proud.

* I wish School was out for Summer Break. It would make my life much easier

* I wish Anika had stayed on Home School. She just stresses in the school environment.

* I wish whatever this weird pain under my breastbone is would go away. I'm thinking it might be related to the iron tablets they put me on so I discontinued them. We shall see.

* I wish everyday could be as beautiful as today was. It seriously was a perfect weather day.

* I wish I didn't love these McDonald's pies so good. For real, I eat way too many in a day

* I wish I had my Husband's motivation. That man can get things done

* I wish the Courthouse was closed for Good Friday but it isn't....bummer!

* I wish gas wasn't so expensive but then again high gas prices help drive the industry I'm in

* I wish my job was more secure. It's the biggest downfall to it

* I wish I had more hours in my day but then again, don't we all?

* I wish I didn't have to pay bills. I hate stupid bills

* I wish I could find a responsible housekeeper but I'm beginning to think it's impossible

* I wish we could have been riding today instead of working. Real life problems!

* I wish my son's school had a better pick up system. The line up there is ridiculous

* I wish I didn't lay down with Lee when we got home because you know what happened. Yep, I took a long nap

* I wish Lee would quit peeing on everything like the beds and her car seats. She's potty trained but is getting lazy about it.

* I wish my Granny could see how well her dog Lady is doing. She would be so happy

* I wish Anika would get her license so that when she needed Rice Krispies she could go get them herself.

* I wish Anika would quit making Rice Krispie treats because she's making me fat as a cow

* I wish I didn't have to do two invoices for work now. It's really time consuming

* I wish Kelsey hadn't got voted off The Voice. I don't even have the desire to watch it now

* I wish I didn't still have a load of things to do tonight but I do so I'll wrap it up. Before I go though, here is my Monthly Recap for March. It's been an up and down month but all in all, no reason to complain :)

March 2015 Recap

1st- We took our old drive camper to the RV lot for them to sale

2nd- Anika got sent home from school due to her outfit being inappropriate. It was totally NOT inappropriate.

3rd- I overslept so the kids stayed home from school

4th- Anika left for North Carolina with my Mom to see her friend graduate from boot camp

5th- We got SNOW and I was not happy

6th- My daddy came down to visit with me since I was snowed in

7th- Went out and about with the Hubby and kids to Ponderosa and Walmart :) 

8th- I got our grocery shopping done

9th- Anika went to a ballgame and seemed to have an all around rough day. My heart broke for her

10th- I had a Dentist Appointment. It was a consultation visit and it did not go well

11th- Anika went to a college with her Journalism class to compete in a competition

12th- The kids and I had lunch at DQ on the picnic tables and enjoyed the nice weather

13th- Normal work/School day for us

14th- Hubby and I had an awesome date night

15th- We grilled out for the first time this year

16th- Anika had a CT Scan done

17th- I had scaling done on the top portion of my teeth and it hurt like heck

18th- Anika's CT results weren't as good as we hoped so they scheduled an appt with a surgeon

19th- My hubby left me the sweetest note. He's so my man crush!

20th- The kids and I hit up the mall :)

21st- Hubby, Kids and I just spent the day out loafing- we had fun!

22nd- Ax rode his motorcycle back on the ridge for the very first time

23rd- Lucy had puppies

24th- We got our driveway graveled- so much better!

25th- My Uncle had surgery and all went well. God is good!

26th- Annalee took an asthma attack and was hospitalized

27th- We spent the day at home resting

28th- Anika and I got a manicure and pedicure

29th- Lazy Sunday at home

30th- Anika had her surgeon's appointment and the news was good!!!

31st- I took a 2 hour nap with Lee Lee and it was so nice!

Lastly, I finished my March Photo Challenge. Here's the last of the photos!

This is Annalee's cute Booster Chair for the van

Miss Annalee's new shoes :)

Happy almost April Friends!!!!

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  1. You had a lot happen this past month. I hope some of your wishes come true. Have a good night.