Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This Week so Far

Here it is Wednesday morning and my kids are out of school again due to high water. I'm going to try to work today but plan on going in a bit late. Since I had some extra time this morning I thought I'd get caught up on some blogging. Here's just a few random things that has went on in our world this week so far!

1. I've really been enjoying some morning quiet time. It's Hubby's dayshift week and so after he leaves in the mornings the house is still for a couple hours. It's probably my favorite part of the day.

2. Monday Ax did so good going back to school. He had been out so long that I figured he'd have a complete meltdown on me. He did shed a few tears but nothing major. I think the fact that he's waited for weeks to get to take his Valentine's and finally the time had come didn't hurt matters any.

3. I finally got myself a dentist appointment scheduled for this Thursday and wouldn't you know we are supposed to have horrible weather conditions. I can't win for losing.

4. Anika didn't get to go to school on Monday but no fault of mine. I took her and they called me to come get her within 10 minutes. Apparently they felt her outfit was inappropriate. The child had on shorts with tights under them and a sweater. Seriously folks, not one single part of her skin was showing I was so annoyed that I didn't even bother sending her back. I made the remark that my child can't attend school due to inappropriate clothing but cheerleaders can represent the school in slutty uniforms. Don't get me wrong, I love our cheerleaders but it's true. Ridiculous if you ask me.

5. Since Anika didn't go to school Monday, she hung out with Mom and Annalee instead. They ended up going to Walmart and a few other stores. Anika got her nails done all patriotic for her boyfriend's military graduation and Annalee scored a new pair of kicks from her nana!

6. I called the doctor's office on Monday to get Anika's blood work results and everything checked out fine. She will go back next Monday to have the knot they found rechecked. Just hoping the antibiotics make it go away.

7.  I'm going to see the doctor myself one day this week. I had quite the scare Monday on my drive to work. I started feeling really bad, almost like I was in a dream. I realized that my mind wasn't clear enough to drive so I pulled over at Walmart to try and compose myself. I have no idea what happened but the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was an hour later. Anika had been texting like crazy trying to see if I made it to work or not. I don't recall anything after pulling into the parking lot and when I did wake/come to, my car was still running. Definitely freaked me out a bit.

8.  Monday and Tuesday both have been fairly warm days. Monday we did get some sunshine but Tuesday not so much. Regardless, the temps made it into the 40's which is a huge improvement from what they have been. Unfortunately, it's going to be short lived, snow is on the way. Hurry up Spring!

9.  My washing machine has been going non stop this week and I still have dirty clothes. How is that possible?

10.  We overslept for school on Tuesday so all three kids ended up staying home. My Mother called and gave me her two cents which I wish she had kept to herself. Anyway, it happened and it's over with.

11.  I've been eating Arby's a lot lately. Maybe it's because it's convenient as I drive right by it to work everyday. I love their food but not a fan of their shakes. I got a vanilla shake the other day and didn't like it at all.

12. I actually managed a photo of my outfit for you for the past two days. I'm on a roll this week friends!

I actually really liked this outfit!

I was hesitant about this one but actually think it turned out super cute!

13.  I've been on a self discovery journey since January. I'm so proud of my progress although I still have a lot of work to do. One thing I wanted to spend a little more focus on is my marriage though so I'm trying to be intentional to hug more, play more, smile more, flirt more, etc. The other night after Hubby went to bed, I decided to decorate our bathroom mirror in post it notes of little things I love about him. When he woke for work that morning he found it. I think it made him super happy!

14.  I finally finished off the last of my cake pops and it's a good thing too. I ate 2 dozen all by myself. Now that is ridiculous but oh my they were so good.

15.  Monday evening we took the Hubby's truck to the camper dealership and left it. This week is his buddy's week to drive so it was the perfect week to do it. They are putting on some electric brakes, sway bars, etc on it so it will be ready to haul. I seriously cannot wait to go camping.

16.  I managed to knock off 100 things (not really but a lot) on my To Call List on Monday. I seriously was on the phone my entire drive to and from work.

17.  Our house has been glued to the television from 8-10 this week watching The Voice! Did you all see Miss Kelsey May perform? She went to school with my daughter. Our house is supporting her all the way. Oh and Blake Shelton is the man of my dreams, for real :)

18.  You all have no clue how time consuming my planning is. Seriously people would probably think I'm nuts if they saw how much stuff I write down in a days time. It is so helpful though and I enjoy it so much. One day I'll share how I keep up with my planning.

19.  I made a trip to Cato's yesterday after work. I scored 2 pair of really cute shoes, a cute tank top, a belt and a pair of pantyhose. I also found a pair of pants I've been looking for forever but when I got them home they didn't fit. I thought I was going to cry. That Cato's didn't have another size in them so I'm thinking this weekend I'll run to the other Cato's near me and see if they do. I really want those pants!

20.  I'll probably be online quite a bit the next two days. We are supposed to have some nasty weather. It's supposed to start with flooding today and we are already getting heavy rain. It's supposed to transition over to sleet and ice this afternoon and then snow overnight. I think we are supposed to get about 3 inches. I'm totally over winter but what are you going to do? I'll probably be working from home the rest of the week after today so you will probably see me around here!

21.  Friends I'll leave you with these photos of Ax and Lee. They are so mean but so darn cute!

Happy Hump Day Y'all

Love Ang


  1. Hi Angie. Bet you thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth. I just have not had time for blog reading. Glad to catch up with everything with you, but I'm really concerned about your blacking out. Please see a doctor soon. We are getting a major snow storm here and they closed the city so I came home from work after one hour. It's supposed to be record lows tomorrow and everything will freeze. But next week is supposed to go up to 50*. I can't wait.

  2. I love my "me time" too :) My favorite time of the day is the hour between my husband getting out of bed and me waking up. I get the entire bed to myself and it's blissful :)

  3. I think we can all use some good quality "me time" from time to time!! :)

  4. I think we can all use some good quality "me time" from time to time!! :)