Friday, March 13, 2015

The Important Stuff

Good Morning Gang,

I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. I miss blogging regularly. I swear I don't know how some of you all do it.

Of course there has been lots going on this week but to spare you a HUGE post, I'll just tell you about some of the important things.

* My Hubby had retraining on Monday for his job. That means he got another whole week of dayshift this week. This makes me very happy. I love having him home at night.

* I've actually been keeping up with my Photo Challenge and I'm pretty proud of myself. 1/2 a month down and 1/2 a month to go. Wish me luck. Here's the latest photos.

Reflection- I must admit, I made Anika do this one for me
Mirror Pics aren't my thing

Water- The creek that runs behind my house

Trash- A pile of throw away stuff I got out of my closet

Metal- What I contend with everyday when I'm driving

Candy- My kids think bank suckers are the best :)

* I signed up to do an Easter Basket Blog Swap and I'm so insanely excited about it. I love to send and receive mail

* Speaking of mail, I also signed up to adopt a soldier. Since Anika and the Marine boy are no longer an item, he won't be getting mail from her. I had so much fun and it made me feel so wonderful to send out his care packages when they were dating that I decided to adopt a soldier. This soldier will be on deployment though and I know the items will be well appreciated. I cannot wait to get started.

* The weather here has been amazing. Even though we have had some rain, we have still had some sunshine. The temperatures have been GREAT. I'll take rain over snow any day.

Finally able to get outside

Someone is happy

My poor kids need a new trampoline

Even the rooster was out and about

Rainy drive to work!

* I'm beginning to think I'm a shopping addict. Purging so many OLD things in my closet and replacing them with new (more versatile) pieces has became an addiction for me. It's amazing though how much easier it is to get dressed when all my items mix and match. Best wardrobe decision ever.

* Speaking of clothes- I did take one outfit photo this week. I know, I'm going to do better.

* Work has been going well. I'm loving my co-worker Stacy and although this title is very tough title to run, I'm enjoying learning new things. I'm just hoping this project lasts awhile.

* My friend Mary's brother passed away this week. He was killed in an auto accident at only 33 years old. If you have time please say a prayer for this family. It was such a shock to them all.

* Anika and I both had a doctor's appointment on Monday and we waited forever. They are doing a CT of Anika's pelvic area next Monday due to the knot that she has. I'm praying everything comes back okay on it. As for me, I had a massive amount of blood work and an EKG done before I ever left the office due to my black out spell. They are scheduling me to see a Neurologist and scheduling a Sleep Study as well as referring me to my OBGYN to make sure this wasn't triggered by PMS. Sounds like A LOT of appointments to me.

Lee waiting patiently

* It must have been the week for appointments too because on Tuesday I had a dentist appointment. I thought it would be an in/out thing but I was wrong. The tooth that broke off was a baby tooth so they are unable to repair it. I also have gum disease, a few cavities and the bonding that I had done years ago is coming loose. The dentist has a plan though and I THINK I'm on board. I go back next Tuesday to have what they call scaling done. It's where they go in and clean my gums. Sounds very unpleasant to me :(

* Housework around here has been pretty minimal. I'm thinking of hiring someone to come in and do a major Spring Cleaning on this place. I'm telling you, I just don't have the time. I did manage to get the floors swept and mopped yesterday but that was about it.

* I'm still keeping up with the Voice every single time it comes on. I love that show or maybe I just love Blake Shelton. Either way, you will find me watching!

* Anika rode the Pep Bus to the Boys District Basketball Tournament on Monday. Our boys lost by one point. You can only imagine the sadness.

* On Wednesday Anika traveled with her art class to a nearby college (2 1/2 hours away) to be in a newspaper sculpture competition. Her class made a Dragon out of newspaper. I wish she had taken a photo for me but she didn't. Although they didn't place, they had a blast. Their teacher treated them to icecream afterwards. They ended up not getting home until about 7:00 that night.

* St Patrick's Day is quickly approaching. I need to get all my ideas in order and a To Do List made up. I love holiday's

* I finally made it to the vet yesterday to grab the dogs some flea/tick pills. It's getting to be that time of year.

* My Mommy has been sick. She went to the doctor on Wednesday and got shots and antibiotics. I'm hoping they help her feel better soon.

* Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day. The kids and I ran some errands and then had lunch at DQ outside on the picnic tables. Heavenly I tell you, I just love Spring and Summer :)

Well friends- that pretty much is the main things going on around here. I hope you guys are doing absolutely wonderful. Today is Friday so that always makes things a bit better. I'm hoping to check back in soon but this weekend is Date Night for the Hubby and I so I'm not sure. I guess when you see me pop up on your feed, you will know I'm back.



  1. I hope your mama feels better soon! You too!

  2. You are one busy lady. So much running and doctor appointments. I'm glad you went to see about your blackout spell. I was concerned about that. Now get better every one of you. From your mom down to Anika. Enough is enough with that sickness. I have spoken! LOL!!! Seriously I hope you all feel tons better in the next few days. Yay for your husband being on daywork another week!

  3. That creek behind your house is so pretty!

  4. What photo challenge are you doing?

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  5. God bless you, Angie on all your appointments. Pray you and daughter are well soon.