Monday, March 16, 2015

Letters of Days Gone By

It's been yet another few days since I've posted. Keeping up with life stuff plus fun stuff is a real struggle friends!!!

I thought I'd do a little catch up post with some Letters- Enjoy!

Dear Mornings- I truly have a LOVE/HATE relationship with you. I love the quiet time you offer me, it's probably the favorite part of my day. I hate the actual waking up early part though. I'm not an early riser by nature.

Dear Job- Do you know my invoices to collect my pay are the hardest part of what I do? Can't we find an easier way?

Dear Internet- Sometimes you help me find the coolest things like these cards. My kids are going to go wild!

Dear QVC- Can you not just show fashion and fashion related items ALL the time? I'd never get up from the television.

Dear Self- You seriously need to quit going back to sleep in the mornings. Tardies are frowned upon

Dear Clothes- I love you, you make me happy!!!

This jean jacket is one of my favorites for this Spring

Loving the lace!!!

Black & White Combo!

Dear Mom: I'm sorry you have been so sick. You sounded a little better today. I hope you get well soon and get your energy back 

Dear Subway- Your Italian BMT is the Bomb!!!!

Dear Weather- You are making me so happy. 60 Degrees and Sunshine is just perfect. Even the rainy days haven't been bad because you have still been warm. I love you, please don't go away!

Dear Goody's- Your prices are ridiculous. I don't think I'll be shopping you much anymore

Dear Family- I get that you love Little Ceaser's but I'm totally not on board. Sorry!

Dear Anika: Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? Your such an amazing young lady. Your beautiful, kind and so smart. Seeing you in the newspaper the past two weeks makes this mommy feel truly blessed. Your going to go far sweet girl!

Dear Feet- I'm wearing heels this summer. Get Over It! You need to quit hurting me already and just adjust.

Dear Pajamas- You very well could be my favorite thing after a long day at work

Dear Camper- I'm so excited to have you paid off and more excited to get you home. I'm totally most excited about getting to use you very soon though :)

Dear Chinese Food- Oh my, I have no words. You complete me!

Dear Nail Salon- You did a great job on my St. Patrick's Day nails. I love them. Anika's look great too although she didn't do the whole festive thing!

Green and White for Me

Purple for Anika

Dear Hubby- I totally enjoyed our date night this weekend. I cannot wait to do it again :)

Dear Sunday- You were the perfect day for a 2 hour nap!

Dear Closet- Can you double your size PLEASE!!!!

Dear Olive Garden- I'm totally addicted to fried zucchini now thanks to you!

Dear Summer- Please hurry- I just fired up the grill the first time this weekend and it made me crave you even more

Dear Bucketlist- I'm totally marking items off of you all the time. I'm kicking butt and taking names

Dear Photo Challenge- I'm still doing you every single day. Okay, I confess I missed one day but still that is pretty good.

Someone Else
My boy :) 

This is my Grandpa and Grandma's Stuff that passed away

Yummy Hot Dog from Dairy Cheer!

Dear Kids- I'm so blessed that you guys have such an amazing daddy that loves you more than the world :)

Dear Coal Trucks- I hate you, you scare me!

Dear Winter- You destroyed the roads. Because of a pot hole you caused, I now have to buy a new tire and rim for my car. Thanks a lot!

Dear Maurice's- Thank you for having this black bag on sale for 10.00. I adore it

Dear CT Scan Guy- Thank you for making Anika feel so comfortable today. You were great!

Dear Lee- Watching you try to drink a thick milkshake may be the funniest thing I've ever saw.

Dear The Voice- I love you, you make my Monday's and Tuesday's happy. Our hometown girl is rocking it out this season too :)

Dear Crafty People- You irritate me. It took me 1/2 the night to make these skittles for Axle's school. The note says "Having you for a friend is a real treat"

Dear Ax and Anika- You two fight like cats and dogs but sometimes you all can be the sweetest!

Dear Blog Friends-You all have a Happy St. Patty's Day. I'll be spending mine in a dentist office, no fun!

Have a good rest of the week

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