Monday, March 23, 2015

It's Okay- Weekend Edition!

Once again I'm behind on blogging, story of my life! I didn't post all weekend so I thought I'd do a little It's Okay post- Weekend Edition for you. Hope you all had a marvelous weekend and the week is starting off wonderful for you :)

It's Okay

* That I was giddy happy on Friday and all because it was the first day of Spring!

* That the only breakfast my family gets is from the American Grill here in town. At least it's yummy food :)

* That Anika was late again for school- Okay maybe not but at least we made it there!

* That I had to make an unexpected trip to the doctor to discuss my blood work. Apparently my iron was low, my Vitamin D was pretty much zero and my White Count was too high. They put me on iron and vitamin D supplements and did more blood work. They are checking for several things and dependent upon the results, I may or may not have to see even more specialist.

* That I'm over the moon thrilled to have a new cell again. For real, I missed my phone.

* That I'm totally hooked on Sweepstakes addicting

* That the kids and I took a spontaneous trip to the mall Friday. We just needed to get out and roam.

* That most of our mall time was spent doing this:

* That I made a special trip to Hobby Lobby looking for a tree that I could use as an Easter Tree and couldn't find one. Okay no it wasn't okay, I was devastated :(

* It's okay that I bought a bunch of unnecessary stuff for myself at the mall. I bought unnecessary stuff for the kids to so at least I wasn't selfish!

What girl doesn't need this color heels?

My new Floral Bag- IN LOVE!!!

This shirt in 3 colors! Hey I really liked it :) 

How Stylish is this?

Perfect Spring Cardigan

New Apron I bought for my Mommy!

Perfect Summer Skirt!

* That I felt like ringing Axle's neck in TJ Max. I'm not kidding that child has anger issues. I have no clue what I'm going to do with him. He's one tough cookie!

* That our dinner Friday night consisted of mall Pizza. It was mighty good too I might add. You know the kind that is NOT good for you, all covered in grease!

* That I spend countless hours planning and documenting my life. It's quite an obsession

* That I woke early Saturday morning of course I made up for it on Sunday morning!

* That Hubby decided he didn't really want to go to the lake this weekend. Instead we ended up spending our Saturday out driving around. It was a nice day for some rambling

* That we almost ran out of gas on our scenic drive and I got the blame for it. I got big shoulders, I can handle it.

* I'd rather decorate our camper than our house. No kidding, it's looking so cute. Pictures to come soon.

* That I didn't cook again Saturday night. The Mexican restaurant served us dinner.

* That I was super lazy Saturday evening. Between getting up early and our scenic drive, I was beat.

* That I watched chopped until 4:00 am Saturday night. I have no idea why I like that show.

* That we ALL slept in the living room Saturday night. Hubby and the little one's fell asleep in there and I totally didn't feel like moving them.

* That the highlight of our Sunday was making cupcakes. Seriously though, they turned out so cute and tasted so yummy!

* That I hired someone to do my Spring cleaning. I really just don't have the time or energy.

* That my Husband plays on my Facebook but I really wish he'd learn how to use it instead of asking me a million questions the whole time.

* That my kids fight like cats and dogs because sometimes (rarely) I see moments of pure love from them!

* That Ax painted my porch and a little of my house with black spray paint. I mean he thought he did good and I didn't have the heart to tell him he didn't!

* That I fixed Steaks Sunday evening and ate till I was I sick. I love steak

* That I didn't get to go watch Ax ride his motorcycle on the hill. It was his first time and I had to miss it but Anika took photos for me :)

* That hubs has to go to bed at 8:30 on dayshift weeks. It's totally worth it to have him home at night.

* That I'm always up till midnight. I manage and truly there aren't enough hours in my day

* That I always wait till last minute to do work. At least I get it done

* That my photos for my month long photo challenge aren't great. I enjoy doing them everyday!

Friday- Angel
This is my angel sound asleep :)

Saturday- Spring
My kids enjoying a Spring Day 

Sunday- Fabric
LOVE this Fabric on Anika's suitcase. I adore polka dots!

* That this post is long....if your still reading, thank you :)

Happy Week Friends


  1. Okay, now I want to go shopping. You got such CUTE stuff! I love that purse!!!!!

  2. You got some cute things at the mall. Love those shoes.

    Oh my goodness another Chopped fan. I am addicted to that show. I just watched the "Fry Day" episode. And I have a couple more recorded to watch later.

    No wonder you have been feeling so tired with that kind of bloodwork. Do just as the doctor says. I had the same thing and the iron tablets (although yuckky to take) worked well for me. Get out in the sun too to get that Vitamin D. I hope things turn around for you. Keep us posted.