Monday, March 2, 2015

It's Okay (Weekend Edition)

Well the 1st weekend in March has came and gone. Although we didn't do anything to write home about, overall it was a very nice one! Here's a little of how we spent it, It's Okay Style of course!

It's Okay

* That my Saturday morning started out chaotic, it got better as the day went on

* That my Husband spent $400.00 on a gun Saturday. He's going to a concealed carry class this upcoming weekend and needed it.

* That I ran out of shampoo on Saturday and didn't know it. We had a bottle of dry shampoo I used to get me by.

* That I almost forgot to go to the bank and get some money. Literally I was pulling in at 11:50 and they closed at noon. I made it though, that is all that matters.

* That my Hubs and I both are seriously way excited to get the new camper home. We have so many little things we want to add to it. It's going to be a great together project I think!

* That my Axle is a hypochondriac and feels the need to take medicine daily. I bought him some vitamins this weekend and we just call it medicine.

* That my style isn't anywhere as awesome as Anika's....okay it's not okay but I'm old, what can I say?

Only she could rock shorts with pantyhose

* That I totally dressed for comfort on Saturday. We were going shopping, what can I say?

* That Axle is still really backwards about wearing his glasses in public. He's doing better at wearing them at home though.

* We didn't really need to go shopping Saturday. We did it anyway and had fun!

* That I'm not taking Anika to North Carolina. My Mom is doing it instead and they are both super excited about it

* That everyone ate a light meal at Bob Evans on Saturday but me. I had Turkey and Dressing and it was delicious too.

* That I'll probably never complete the March Photo Challenge but I'm going to try anyway

* That I bought an outfit specifically for date night. It's all part of my taking care of me goal this year!

* That I spent too much money shopping this weekend. I always do, nothing new.

* That I found these shoes and loved them but couldn't walk in them. Anika could so she bought them!

* That I took a LONG Saturday evening nap with Annalee. Isn't that what Saturday nights are for?

* That it takes me a hour a day to do my planning. I love it though and it does help me be more intentional 

* That I have an ongoing bucket/life list- goals are good

* That I'm a Pinterest addict- could be addicted to worse things

* That the melting snow is leaving a big muddy mess. I'm just ready for it to be melted. I'm sick of snow!

* That I didn't get to sleep in on Sunday. At least we got some things done

* That it took us forever to get the old camper back to the lot. We took it up so they could sell it for us. It's there now though and out of my yard. I will never own another RV.

* That I jumped up and down in the floor when Jimmie won the race yesterday. I love me some Jimmie!

* That housekeeping around here is minimal. It just gives it the "lived in" look

* That I pay more for food at the gas station because I'm too lazy to go into the grocery store 

* That I'm getting fat eating cake balls. I just love them so good though :)

* That my Mom took Anika to the mall Sunday and spoiled her. She was an only grandchild for 12 years :)

* That I didn't make it to Church Sunday. At least one of us did.

* That my kids drive me crazy sometimes. Their cuteness totally makes up for it.

* That we planned on going out for dinner Sunday night but decided to order in instead. Our food was so good.

* That today is Monday and I'm really hoping for a good day. Monday's can be rough my friends!

Hope all of you have an amazing week
Till Tomorrow



  1. Many of those things sound like my house!

  2. You're always so busy ... I don't know how you do it!