Monday, March 30, 2015

Extended Weekend

My weekend was extended a little since I didn't have to work today. I must say, it's been a nice weekend too! I've not got a lot of time tonight but here's just a few things about how we spent our weekend.

* Saturday was pretty chilly outside so we spent the biggest part of our day indoors. The girls (Anika, Tasha and myself) went and got manicures & pedicures. Oh my word, it was just what I needed. Talk about relaxation.
I love my nails and my toes match too :)

* While we were out and about, Hubby and the Little One's went to find a hitch for the camper & some bolts and screws. They all seemed to have a good time.

* The girls and I grabbed us some food at the Chinese place while we were out. I love the food and the fact that it's buffet makes it that much better. Poor Hubby and kids just got takeout from Subway but at least I didn't totally forget them.

My fortune from my cookie- at least someone thinks highly of me I suppose

* Saturday evening Tasha spent the night again and the girls babysit for Hubby and I while we went to his buddy's to get a piece of metal made for the camper. We ended up riding across the hill to his house and then him and his wife (my best friend) ended up riding back up to the top of the hill with us. We built up a bon fire at the cabin and sat and chilled till almost 2:00 am. Time definitely flies when your having fun!

My Saturday Photo for Photo Challenge
A picture of Myself

* Of course the kids were asleep when we got home Saturday night so we piled in the living room with them and went to bed. It definitely turned out to be a nice Saturday.

* Sunday Anika and Tasha went to Church with my Mom. After Church they went to Subway for dinner and then they went and watched Cinderella. Anika said it was a great movie! Anika went home with mom after the movie and spent the night with her.

* My Sunday was lazy. I did lots of sweepstakes, a little laundry and housework & made a trip to town. That seriously was about it other than watching a little television.

* Hubby and the kids spent the majority of the day outside. Hubby worked on the camper some more while the kids played outside, rode the side by side and Axle rode his motorcycle. They definitely enjoyed the day.

* We fixed chicken and ranch potatoes on the grill for dinner and boy was it yummy. I love grilled food!!

* Hubby worked in a Sunday power nap while I packaged up my blog swap package. I hope my recipient LOVES it :)

* My crew conked out pretty early Sunday night. Of course I was midnight or later getting in bed. You know me, I think I don't need sleep.

* This morning Ax had school and I met Mom and Anika in town. Anika had a surgeon's appointment at 9:30 this morning. We just took Lee with us.

* The appointment went well. He doesn't want to do anything right now other than just watch the lymph nodes. He said he was fairly certain that it was nothing to worry about. Talking about one relieved mommy.

* Us gals had lunch at Applebee's and I ate yet another ridiculous amount of food. I'm going to get fat as a bear!

My beautiful girl

Selfie- Dinner with my baby

Car in the parking lot- I loved it :)

* We finished our day out at the mall. I probably should have just skipped that trip. I ended up with 2 new outfits and a necklace. Anika got her a few pair of capris and a couple tops. It wasn't good for my pocket book. Mom enjoyed it though. I haven't been shopping with her in forever.

* Dad got Axle from school for me so I went to Mom's and picked him up when we got back. I'd planned on staying awhile but Anika had taken a bad headache and was feeling horrible so we came on home. 

* I came home to a completely clean house thanks to my Husband. He's a darn good man. Anika went to sleep as soon as we got home and she hasn't ever gotten up. Lee fell asleep about 8 and Ax about 10:00 pm. I watched the Voice and now I'm going to head to bed shortly myself too.

* Tomorrow is a work/school day for us. The rest of the week will probably be busy so I'm just going to brace myself and hit it full speed ahead. I mean really, what else are you going to do?

* Before I go, here is some more photo challenge pictures. One more day of this challenge and I've completed it. That is pretty impressive for me.

This is best friend love at it's finest :)

I got this new phone charging station/music player and I adore it

Something I wore
These leopard flats that are one of my favorite things

The Color Blue
Miss Lee sporting a coat and blue hat only! She looked too cute

That does it for me folks...I'll be back this week to give you another update
Have a Happy Week everyone :)



  1. Such good news about Anika! I know you must have been scared! Sounds like a really good weekend!

  2. Glad to hear the news about Anika, you must be so relieved.