Sunday, March 8, 2015

Crazy Busy Life

Gosh friends, I feel like I've been away forever. I can't believe it's already Sunday and I'm just now getting around to blogging. I've had good intentions but I just haven't found the time. I'm telling you, life is crazy busy for me these days. I continue to work on finding a balance but it just never seems to pan out. I'm about to decide this whole balance thing doesn't exist.

Here's just a little catch up post for you on what has been going on around here and what the immediate future looks to hold.

* Last week we got hammered by MORE SNOW. I was already ready for Spring and then the snow started flying. I was not happy about this!

* On top of all the extra snow we got, we got tons of rain too. This made for not only a slick mess but severe flooding and mudslides. Lots of people around here lost their homes. Definitely a sad situation.

* Today (Sunday) the weather has faired up and it's nice outside. The temps are supposed to hit the 50's this week. Definitely hoping it's a sign of Spring on it's way.

* I didn't work on Thursday or Friday due to the weather. I was so happy QVC was having their fashion days. It definitely helped pass the time

* Anika left on Wednesday to spend a day or two in North Carolina with her boyfriend Eddie. He graduated boot camp and she attended. My Mom took her and they planned to stay Wednesday and Thursday and head back Friday. Due to the weather they ended up not coming home till Saturday. They had a great time. They went shopping, out to eat and the movies. I sure was glad to have my Anika home though :)

* Have I told you lately how much I LOVE "The Voice"? I cannot wait for it to come back on next week.

* I've actually gotten a little cleaning and organizing done these past few days. I guess snow days are good for something.

* I made my Husband a Lucky Jar the other day. I hide gold coins around and he has to collect them and put them in his jar! On St. Patrick's Day I'll give him a prize list and he can cash them in. Just a little something fun to celebrate the holiday!

* I've actually remembered to take a couple (like 2) outfit pics. I'm still working my way through my closet and abiding by my rules. If it don't fit, I can't find something to wear it with or it doesn't add to my staple collection I'm getting rid of it. I'm finding that my closet is becoming much more versatile!

* On Friday the kids and I HAD to get out of the house. We were going stir crazy. We hit up the Dollar Store and hung out with my dad awhile. They were just happy to be free and I was just happy the sun was shining.

So Ready for Summer they were pretending the basket was a boat!

* Hubby and I picked his truck up from the camper place on Saturday morning. They added all the towing package to his truck for us. Now we are just waiting on them to get the electric jack and the distribution bars on the camper and it will be ready to come home with us. We cannot wait!

* We went to Walmart and Ponderosa on Saturday. Ax got a new BB Gun and a new pair of Boots like his Dad's. He was over the moon happy. Lee and Anika got a few things too but they weren't quite as excited as Axle. Dinner was good and it was a good day out with the Hub's and kids. I seriously got the cutest shoes (like I needed them) I can't wait till Spring to wear them!

* An old childhood friend of mine passed away this weekend. He was 34 years old which is a year younger than me. He left behind a beautiful son and a dad who loved him more than life. Please pray for this family. Such a sudden tragedy.

* I've been participating in the March Photo Challenge. Here is my photos thus far. Please don't judge on quality. I am participating for the fun of it and to remind myself to take more photo's, not to be a professional photographer!

Day 1: Your Shoes

Love my Grey Boots

Day 2: Round

Following a log truck on my way to work

Day 3: In Your Car

39 degrees this March Day

Day 4: 10:00 AM

A quick stop at Family Dollar for a new phone charger

Day 5: Numbers

Spent the day writing down Item Numbers of things I love on QVC

Day 6: Animal

Lazy Lucy

Day 7: Plant

Cactus- Anika has had these for about 2 year now!

* Today the temps have been perfect. The kids have played outside on the trampoline, rode their side by side, Ax has shot his BB Gun and Hubby has put two new tires on his boat. Anika has laid around all day. I think that NC trip wore her out. I've accomplished some laundry, planning and grocery shopping. It's been a NICE SUNDAY!

* The upcoming week should be busy but fun....stay tuned for more details :)

Till Next Time,


  1. I always love it when I see a post from you!!!

  2. Hi Angie, its Crystal from the #BBSwap. I am just checking out your blog and getting familiar with it. Your kids are gorgeous, I love shoes, crappy weather here in WV too and we ONLY have a dollar store in town to go to. LoL. My 2 boys have always considered that a treat! Great blog, Yes, I am snooping. This is fun. I followed so I can keep up with my new friends!
    A Day In The Life

  3. I love the idea of the jar! I meant to tell you that when I posted before. Its a great idea! Thanks!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of snow! I hope the weather has warmed up for you! I love The Voice too! I got hooked on it last season and now I can't get enough!