Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Today's Wishes & March Recap

Just thought a few things I'm wishing today!!!

* I wish I was a morning person. It's never going to happen but I really wish it would

* I wish I had a tan. I need to hit the tanning bed but just can't find the time

* I wish Ax did as great every morning as he did this morning going to school. Boy walked in all by himself with NO tears. I was so proud.

* I wish School was out for Summer Break. It would make my life much easier

* I wish Anika had stayed on Home School. She just stresses in the school environment.

* I wish whatever this weird pain under my breastbone is would go away. I'm thinking it might be related to the iron tablets they put me on so I discontinued them. We shall see.

* I wish everyday could be as beautiful as today was. It seriously was a perfect weather day.

* I wish I didn't love these McDonald's pies so good. For real, I eat way too many in a day

* I wish I had my Husband's motivation. That man can get things done

* I wish the Courthouse was closed for Good Friday but it isn't....bummer!

* I wish gas wasn't so expensive but then again high gas prices help drive the industry I'm in

* I wish my job was more secure. It's the biggest downfall to it

* I wish I had more hours in my day but then again, don't we all?

* I wish I didn't have to pay bills. I hate stupid bills

* I wish I could find a responsible housekeeper but I'm beginning to think it's impossible

* I wish we could have been riding today instead of working. Real life problems!

* I wish my son's school had a better pick up system. The line up there is ridiculous

* I wish I didn't lay down with Lee when we got home because you know what happened. Yep, I took a long nap

* I wish Lee would quit peeing on everything like the beds and her car seats. She's potty trained but is getting lazy about it.

* I wish my Granny could see how well her dog Lady is doing. She would be so happy

* I wish Anika would get her license so that when she needed Rice Krispies she could go get them herself.

* I wish Anika would quit making Rice Krispie treats because she's making me fat as a cow

* I wish I didn't have to do two invoices for work now. It's really time consuming

* I wish Kelsey hadn't got voted off The Voice. I don't even have the desire to watch it now

* I wish I didn't still have a load of things to do tonight but I do so I'll wrap it up. Before I go though, here is my Monthly Recap for March. It's been an up and down month but all in all, no reason to complain :)

March 2015 Recap

1st- We took our old drive camper to the RV lot for them to sale

2nd- Anika got sent home from school due to her outfit being inappropriate. It was totally NOT inappropriate.

3rd- I overslept so the kids stayed home from school

4th- Anika left for North Carolina with my Mom to see her friend graduate from boot camp

5th- We got SNOW and I was not happy

6th- My daddy came down to visit with me since I was snowed in

7th- Went out and about with the Hubby and kids to Ponderosa and Walmart :) 

8th- I got our grocery shopping done

9th- Anika went to a ballgame and seemed to have an all around rough day. My heart broke for her

10th- I had a Dentist Appointment. It was a consultation visit and it did not go well

11th- Anika went to a college with her Journalism class to compete in a competition

12th- The kids and I had lunch at DQ on the picnic tables and enjoyed the nice weather

13th- Normal work/School day for us

14th- Hubby and I had an awesome date night

15th- We grilled out for the first time this year

16th- Anika had a CT Scan done

17th- I had scaling done on the top portion of my teeth and it hurt like heck

18th- Anika's CT results weren't as good as we hoped so they scheduled an appt with a surgeon

19th- My hubby left me the sweetest note. He's so my man crush!

20th- The kids and I hit up the mall :)

21st- Hubby, Kids and I just spent the day out loafing- we had fun!

22nd- Ax rode his motorcycle back on the ridge for the very first time

23rd- Lucy had puppies

24th- We got our driveway graveled- so much better!

25th- My Uncle had surgery and all went well. God is good!

26th- Annalee took an asthma attack and was hospitalized

27th- We spent the day at home resting

28th- Anika and I got a manicure and pedicure

29th- Lazy Sunday at home

30th- Anika had her surgeon's appointment and the news was good!!!

31st- I took a 2 hour nap with Lee Lee and it was so nice!

Lastly, I finished my March Photo Challenge. Here's the last of the photos!

This is Annalee's cute Booster Chair for the van

Miss Annalee's new shoes :)

Happy almost April Friends!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Extended Weekend

My weekend was extended a little since I didn't have to work today. I must say, it's been a nice weekend too! I've not got a lot of time tonight but here's just a few things about how we spent our weekend.

* Saturday was pretty chilly outside so we spent the biggest part of our day indoors. The girls (Anika, Tasha and myself) went and got manicures & pedicures. Oh my word, it was just what I needed. Talk about relaxation.
I love my nails and my toes match too :)

* While we were out and about, Hubby and the Little One's went to find a hitch for the camper & some bolts and screws. They all seemed to have a good time.

* The girls and I grabbed us some food at the Chinese place while we were out. I love the food and the fact that it's buffet makes it that much better. Poor Hubby and kids just got takeout from Subway but at least I didn't totally forget them.

My fortune from my cookie- at least someone thinks highly of me I suppose

* Saturday evening Tasha spent the night again and the girls babysit for Hubby and I while we went to his buddy's to get a piece of metal made for the camper. We ended up riding across the hill to his house and then him and his wife (my best friend) ended up riding back up to the top of the hill with us. We built up a bon fire at the cabin and sat and chilled till almost 2:00 am. Time definitely flies when your having fun!

My Saturday Photo for Photo Challenge
A picture of Myself

* Of course the kids were asleep when we got home Saturday night so we piled in the living room with them and went to bed. It definitely turned out to be a nice Saturday.

* Sunday Anika and Tasha went to Church with my Mom. After Church they went to Subway for dinner and then they went and watched Cinderella. Anika said it was a great movie! Anika went home with mom after the movie and spent the night with her.

* My Sunday was lazy. I did lots of sweepstakes, a little laundry and housework & made a trip to town. That seriously was about it other than watching a little television.

* Hubby and the kids spent the majority of the day outside. Hubby worked on the camper some more while the kids played outside, rode the side by side and Axle rode his motorcycle. They definitely enjoyed the day.

* We fixed chicken and ranch potatoes on the grill for dinner and boy was it yummy. I love grilled food!!

* Hubby worked in a Sunday power nap while I packaged up my blog swap package. I hope my recipient LOVES it :)

* My crew conked out pretty early Sunday night. Of course I was midnight or later getting in bed. You know me, I think I don't need sleep.

* This morning Ax had school and I met Mom and Anika in town. Anika had a surgeon's appointment at 9:30 this morning. We just took Lee with us.

* The appointment went well. He doesn't want to do anything right now other than just watch the lymph nodes. He said he was fairly certain that it was nothing to worry about. Talking about one relieved mommy.

* Us gals had lunch at Applebee's and I ate yet another ridiculous amount of food. I'm going to get fat as a bear!

My beautiful girl

Selfie- Dinner with my baby

Car in the parking lot- I loved it :)

* We finished our day out at the mall. I probably should have just skipped that trip. I ended up with 2 new outfits and a necklace. Anika got her a few pair of capris and a couple tops. It wasn't good for my pocket book. Mom enjoyed it though. I haven't been shopping with her in forever.

* Dad got Axle from school for me so I went to Mom's and picked him up when we got back. I'd planned on staying awhile but Anika had taken a bad headache and was feeling horrible so we came on home. 

* I came home to a completely clean house thanks to my Husband. He's a darn good man. Anika went to sleep as soon as we got home and she hasn't ever gotten up. Lee fell asleep about 8 and Ax about 10:00 pm. I watched the Voice and now I'm going to head to bed shortly myself too.

* Tomorrow is a work/school day for us. The rest of the week will probably be busy so I'm just going to brace myself and hit it full speed ahead. I mean really, what else are you going to do?

* Before I go, here is some more photo challenge pictures. One more day of this challenge and I've completed it. That is pretty impressive for me.

This is best friend love at it's finest :)

I got this new phone charging station/music player and I adore it

Something I wore
These leopard flats that are one of my favorite things

The Color Blue
Miss Lee sporting a coat and blue hat only! She looked too cute

That does it for me folks...I'll be back this week to give you another update
Have a Happy Week everyone :)


Friday, March 27, 2015

The Week I don't want to Repeat!!!!

It's been one hell of a week. Pardon my language but friends it's so true. I didn't think I'd make it through. I did though and now I'm hoping to recharge my batteries this weekend. I can honestly say today TGIF :)

Here's just a brief summary of how my week went down. Don't be prepared for a lot of exciting things or your going to be disappointed.

Of course we overslept for school. Definitely NOT how I wanted our week to start out but oh well. I decided to keep the kids from being any later, I'd take them and then come home and get ready for work. Mr. Axle was one big hot mess. He threw a tantrum and a half. I have no idea why he's started doing this again. I managed to get him dropped off though and Anika to school. Lee and I then came home so I could get cleaned up.

I was giving a new housekeeper/sitter a trial run last week. She showed up on Monday morning and seemed eager to get started. I gave her a list before I headed off to work and told her if she needed anything to call me.

I delivered Lee Lee to my Mommy and went on to work. It was noon before I got there! My workday wasn't bad and I ran the surface on my title. It actually went fairly smoothly. The doctor's office called while I was working and informed me that they got Anika's appointment scheduled with the surgeon this coming Monday so I was glad to hear that.

After work Mom called wanting me to stop by Walmart for her so I did. She needed some stuff for supper. I went ahead and grabbed an already cooked chicken while I was there. I figured that would make my dinner much easier to prepare. Of course I also got Anika a shirt and some other misc. stuff. It seems like I can't walk in Walmart without spending $100.00.

I picked up the kids and boy was that a real treat. Ax took a fit on me like never before. It was bad my friends. I'm not sure what is going on with him but he's really gotten bad about fits. For the most part he's a great boy and I don't have any trouble with him till he gets mad. When he's mad though, he's mad. There is no talking to him or compromising. My mother was in shock at his actions. Apparently she thought I'd been lying to her all this time or something.

Needless to say Axle got grounded so there was no motorcycle or side by side riding when he got home Monday evening. That about killed his soul. Hubby was a little late getting home and was worn out. We talked for awhile, ate dinner and then he headed off to bed while I sat up and watched the Voice. You all know how I feel about the Voice!

We ended up oversleeping yet again. I seriously give up on trying to even get there on time. I'm not even kidding! My housekeeper/babysitter showed up before I left for work. I wasn't thrilled with her progress on Monday but decided to see how she did on Tuesday. She wanted to keep Lee Lee with her so I figured it was a good time to try the babysitting aspect out. It saved me time to not having to go to Mom's and drop her off.

Somehow I was still almost noon getting to work. It's a good thing my boss isn't mean! Work was frustrating to say the least. The title I'm working on is an heirship and those are never fun. I worked on the mineral chain on Tuesday and made some but not much progress. Other than that, work was pretty uneventful.

On my way home Tuesday evening I stopped by the Goodwill and found a few treasures! I love thrift shopping.

Since my sitter had kept Lee, Mom dropped Ax and Anika off at home after school. It was definitely nice to not have to run all the way up there and pick them up. The kids seemed to have had a good day but my house still wasn't what I was expecting.

We ordered dinner out Tuesday evening before our gravel came. Hubby and I decided it was high time to gravel our driveway. The winter had made it one big horrendous mess. A big truck and $750.00 later, we had pretty nice rocks. My shoes are thanking me daily :)

Our Tuesday evening consisted of raking and shoveling grave. Yes, I shoveled too. Anika and I actually shoveled ourselves a new walkway. Let me assure you though, my arms felt it the next morning.

We also found Lucy. She had been missing a few days and she came off the hill looking much skinnier. I mean like she had pups skinnier. After climbing to the top of the mountain (literally) we found 4 puppies under a rock under a huge rock cliff. Yep crazy dog walked 300 miles to have babies. Way to go dummy! We decided it was too late to move them so left them there for the night.

I finished out my night watching The Voice while Anika read and everyone else slept.

Started off on a bad note when the girl who was supposed to pick up Anika from school was a no show. Since I hadn't gotten up yet and neither had the babies, this meant she was late once again. I rushed her to school and then came home to get ready for the day. Somehow time slipped away from me and I found myself not even leaving my house till 11:30. Yes, crazy I know. I don't know how that happens to me.

I got a text from Anika wanting fries and a smoothie for lunch so I went to McDonalds and got it for her. I also got the babies some lunch while we were there. Anika's school is stupid and they wouldn't let her drink the Smoothie inside the school. She actually had to walk to my car to sit and drink it. Apparently they have banned all open containers even if your parent's bring it to you. I guess a bunch of crazy kids added alcohol to drinks or something. Maybe they should punish them, not everyone. I could rant for hours about this but I won't.

I did manage to get both kids to mom's and dropped off. Their cousin Chase was there too so I knew they were going to have a good day. I think I made it to work around 1:00 Wednesday. I did what I had to and made copies of a bunch of stuff to bring home and work on. I do my best work late at night from home. It was a very uneventful work day.

On my way home from work I swung by RAC and paid a washer/dryer payment. I also ran into Factory connection real quick and looked around. I ended up buying myself a dark denim vest but that was it.

I picked the kids up from mom's and then we stopped at the store before heading home. Anika climbed to the top of the mountain and got the puppies brought down to the house. While she was out doing that Ax, Lee and I cleaned up the yard. There was stuff everywhere.

Hubs got home from work and he and I did some measuring for a shed he's wanting to build. He hung around outside with the kiddos the rest of the evening while I cooked supper. We had cheeseburgers and pasta salad both of which was quite good. I did some evening planning and decided I was going to call it an early night or at least I thought. No sooner than I laid down, Ax woke up crying. I'm not sure if he had a bad dream or what but it took forever to calm him down. I finally dozed back off and Anika come running in my room with Lee saying Lee couldn't breath. I jumped out of bed and she was right, Lee was gasping for air. We thought about calling an ambulance but I figured I could get her to the ER quicker so we loaded up the car and Anika and I headed off to the Emergency Room with her. I think it was around 11:30 when we arrived there.

 Poor Lee was put through the wringer at the ER. They took several tubes of blood from her (twice), gave her a shot and put in an IV. She also had 4 X-rays. About 3:00 am they finally decided that she had most likely taken an asthma attack. Strange since she's never had problems with asthma. I'm almost in agreement with them though, it was super scary watching her try to get her breath. We were kept overnight so by the time they got us into a room and the admission papers filled out, it was way late. I made a quick trip to Walmart about 5:00 am to get Sis and myself some sweat pants to sleep in. Sis is such a trooper, she never left my side. We of course didn't get any sleep for them needing to take more bloods, change medicines, take vitals, etc. I think we finally dozed off around 8:00 am and by 10:00 am Hubby and Ax were at the hospital checking on us. It was a long day at the hospital. Mom and Dad came to visit her too. Finally around 4:00 they released us to go home. They ordered her an Inhaler, Nebulizer, Antibiotics and Steroids. I ran through the drive thru at KFC on my way home and picked up dinner while Hubby was at the Pharmacy getting her meds. We ate and I tried my hardest not to go to sleep but it just didn't happen. By 7:30 I was out cold on the couch and Anika was out cold in her recliner. Hubby put the kids to bed with him around 8:30 he said!

Lee was up full speed ahead at 1:00 am. I'm assuming it is the steroids making her so wild. I woke Hubby for work about 4:30 and Lee didn't lay back down until about 7:00 am. We ended up sleeping from 7:00 am till 10:00 am this morning! We got cleaned up, went to town and ran a billion errands and then came home and cleaned house. I got my Easter Swap Package put together and ready for the mail in the morning. Hubby came home from work and watched television. I ordered take out from the Tea Room tonight for dinner. We are all just still totally exhausted. Anika has a friend over tonight so she's still up but the rest of my crew has been asleep for a good 2 hours. I'm heading that way myself soon.

Not sure what we will get into this weekend but I'm betting not much. We just need some relaxation time!!!!

Before I go though here is a few Photo Challenge Pictures I need to share:

A Photo of You
Let me just say I threw this whole outfit in the donate pile when I got home
I wore this to work and after this photo realized how bad I hated it!

Up Close
An up close shot of Lucy and her 4 puppies

A red open sign hanging in the check cashing place window :)

I have a few more but haven't uploaded them to share yet. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend. 

Well folks, your all updated!!!! I'll leave you with these pictures of my cuties today. You would never know the child was in the hospital yesterday.

Happy Weekend Everyone

Monday, March 23, 2015

It's Okay- Weekend Edition!

Once again I'm behind on blogging, story of my life! I didn't post all weekend so I thought I'd do a little It's Okay post- Weekend Edition for you. Hope you all had a marvelous weekend and the week is starting off wonderful for you :)

It's Okay

* That I was giddy happy on Friday and all because it was the first day of Spring!

* That the only breakfast my family gets is from the American Grill here in town. At least it's yummy food :)

* That Anika was late again for school- Okay maybe not but at least we made it there!

* That I had to make an unexpected trip to the doctor to discuss my blood work. Apparently my iron was low, my Vitamin D was pretty much zero and my White Count was too high. They put me on iron and vitamin D supplements and did more blood work. They are checking for several things and dependent upon the results, I may or may not have to see even more specialist.

* That I'm over the moon thrilled to have a new cell again. For real, I missed my phone.

* That I'm totally hooked on Sweepstakes again....so addicting

* That the kids and I took a spontaneous trip to the mall Friday. We just needed to get out and roam.

* That most of our mall time was spent doing this:

* That I made a special trip to Hobby Lobby looking for a tree that I could use as an Easter Tree and couldn't find one. Okay no it wasn't okay, I was devastated :(

* It's okay that I bought a bunch of unnecessary stuff for myself at the mall. I bought unnecessary stuff for the kids to so at least I wasn't selfish!

What girl doesn't need this color heels?

My new Floral Bag- IN LOVE!!!

This shirt in 3 colors! Hey I really liked it :) 

How Stylish is this?

Perfect Spring Cardigan

New Apron I bought for my Mommy!

Perfect Summer Skirt!

* That I felt like ringing Axle's neck in TJ Max. I'm not kidding that child has anger issues. I have no clue what I'm going to do with him. He's one tough cookie!

* That our dinner Friday night consisted of mall Pizza. It was mighty good too I might add. You know the kind that is NOT good for you, all covered in grease!

* That I spend countless hours planning and documenting my life. It's quite an obsession

* That I woke early Saturday morning of course I made up for it on Sunday morning!

* That Hubby decided he didn't really want to go to the lake this weekend. Instead we ended up spending our Saturday out driving around. It was a nice day for some rambling

* That we almost ran out of gas on our scenic drive and I got the blame for it. I got big shoulders, I can handle it.

* I'd rather decorate our camper than our house. No kidding, it's looking so cute. Pictures to come soon.

* That I didn't cook again Saturday night. The Mexican restaurant served us dinner.

* That I was super lazy Saturday evening. Between getting up early and our scenic drive, I was beat.

* That I watched chopped until 4:00 am Saturday night. I have no idea why I like that show.

* That we ALL slept in the living room Saturday night. Hubby and the little one's fell asleep in there and I totally didn't feel like moving them.

* That the highlight of our Sunday was making cupcakes. Seriously though, they turned out so cute and tasted so yummy!

* That I hired someone to do my Spring cleaning. I really just don't have the time or energy.

* That my Husband plays on my Facebook but I really wish he'd learn how to use it instead of asking me a million questions the whole time.

* That my kids fight like cats and dogs because sometimes (rarely) I see moments of pure love from them!

* That Ax painted my porch and a little of my house with black spray paint. I mean he thought he did good and I didn't have the heart to tell him he didn't!

* That I fixed Steaks Sunday evening and ate till I was I sick. I love steak

* That I didn't get to go watch Ax ride his motorcycle on the hill. It was his first time and I had to miss it but Anika took photos for me :)

* That hubs has to go to bed at 8:30 on dayshift weeks. It's totally worth it to have him home at night.

* That I'm always up till midnight. I manage and truly there aren't enough hours in my day

* That I always wait till last minute to do work. At least I get it done

* That my photos for my month long photo challenge aren't great. I enjoy doing them everyday!

Friday- Angel
This is my angel sound asleep :)

Saturday- Spring
My kids enjoying a Spring Day 

Sunday- Fabric
LOVE this Fabric on Anika's suitcase. I adore polka dots!

* That this post is long....if your still reading, thank you :)

Happy Week Friends