Friday, February 20, 2015

Twenty Things about Thursday

Here's thirty things about our Thursday did you spend your's?

1. Hubby worked dayshift and left at 4:30 am. It was so super bitter cold when he left. I got my poor daddy on my mind. He had to work outside in these temperatures all day. He did okay though. When I was asking him how he stood it "He said he was tougher than 2 nights in jail". Only my daddy!

2. The kids and I snuggled up until about 7:30 am. Annalee decided she needed to get up and pee. I've got to be happy that she actually woke to pee but the little rat wouldn't go back to bed. This made me not so happy.

3. I fixed Sausage and Eggs for breakfast and I was the only one who would eat. Oh well, it was good so their loss!

4. Ax cracks me up with food these days. If he decides on something he wants to eat, he always asks if it has to cook. If it does he doesn't want it. The child is seriously that impatient.

5. I managed to get a good hot bath yesterday. It sure beat the heck out of the lukewarm one I took the night before.

6. I wore a sweater and jeans yesterday. I hated the sweater. It went in the throw away pile as soon as I got home. It's amazing how much I've threw away since trying to wear every piece in my closet. I don't like 1/2 that junk as well as I thought I did.

7. The kids and I left the house yesterday. We were going stir crazy. We went to town to both Dollar Stores and the gas station. It was better than nothing.

8. I spend too much time on Pinterest. 1/2 my day yesterday was pinning stuff. I'm totally addicted.

9. Anika and Megan put together a care package for a boy Anika is sort of talking to who's in the Marine's. Actually he's just in basic training right now. She did such a good job. It is a I'm blue without you package and has all kinds of goodies in it. I'll be mailing it for her today. I think he's going to love it.

10. I made homemade chili and mexican cornbread for dinner. Honestly, nothing is better on a cold day than mexican cornbread!

11. My kids played and fought pretty much all day. Those two crack me up. I don't know if they like each other or not. It depends on the second you ask.

12. I bought a new desk while I was out and about. I'm excited to get it put together and start using it.

13. My husband got home a little later yesterday than normal so he didn't get too much done. He did manage to get the garbage unloaded from his truck but that was about it.

14. Annalee seemed to feel much better yesterday. She didn't eat much but she was able to drink and hold it down. Hopefully it was just a 24 hour bug she had and none of the rest of us get it.

15. Our town is still snow covered. Here's what it looked like yesterday. I swear I feel like I'm in the North Pole and I hate it.

16. I spent the evening organizing my shoes. While out and about I picked up 2 plastic crates to store my shoes in. I think it's going to be a good system. I plan to hang my boots and put my flip flops in a basket. My shoe organization before was a mess so I'm helping this helps!

17. I swear my kids are something else. Anika sported stars on her face yesterday. Don't ask me why, I have no clue.

18. My little two can cause me lots of headaches but boy do they bring lots of joy to my life.

19. I'm such a sucker when it comes to Anika. At 8:30 last night I trudged out in the cold to go pick up yet another friend of her's. She better know how much I love her.

20. I ended up staying up till about midnight last night. That seems to be my usual bedtime these days.

Friends that wraps up our Thursday. It's 7:30 am Friday morning and it's already been a rough one. Our temps are in the double digit negatives and I've already been out to assist the Hubby. His truck broke down on his way to work so I had to go pick him up so he didn't freeze to death. I brought him home and he got the car so he could go to work. He of course had to shovel forever just to get it out of the driveway. I think I'll lay back down for a bit before the kids and I head off to the mall for the day. Figure we better get out today, we have yet another storm coming in tonight and tomorrow that will bring heavy wet snow and ice. Fun Times- NOT!!!!!

Hope you all are staying warm


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  1. I'm loving all your posts Angie. Hope you don't have anymore snow and it soon warms up for you.

    I like your idea of wearing every item of clothing etc and will try this myself later in the year as part of my decluttering project.