Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday's Ten Things

Not too much to tell today really. It's been a busy day but nothing out of the ordinary, just daily life stuff. Thought I'd do a little 10 on Tuesday for you!!

#1- School is back in session
After being out of school for almost a week, the kids finally went back today. I thought I'd have a time with Axle but I was wrong, he did so good. Ax is funny like that. You never know what to expect from him really. It's all in what HE feels like doing that day. He and I even stopped and got a Gatorade on the way to school this morning and still no tears. I was pretty proud of him.

#2- Another normal work day
Okay, not really but only because my job is pretty much anything but normal. I don't have normal hours, a normal schedule, a normal boss and so forth. It's definitely a strange field. Today was about as normal as it ever is though. I completely finished with the title I was working on and have been investigating another. It's going to be one major headache I do believe. I'm hoping my answers just pop right up tomorrow morning but I'm doubting it. Our supervisor is supposed to meet with us tomorrow. We hear that about every week and never see her so I'll believe it when I see it.

#3- What I Wore and New Inspiration
The only photo I managed today was an outfit picture. The reason mainly is because I forgot my camera at home. I know, way to go me! Anyhow, here is what I wore today.

I think I'll find many ways to wear that jacket. The shirt is black and silky and so versatile. The jeans are my new black ones I bought and I love the. The boots are a wardrobe staple in my closet, I wear them with everything. This outfit is a keeper :)

Here is my new outfit inspiration. Of course I'll still be looking for that black tank from the last outfit too.

I chose this because I need a great white blazer for the upcoming Spring/Summer months and I do not have one. I also need some new denim and I love a dark wash so that will be on my list. The red tank is gorgeous, I love lace! It would be a good transition piece for Spring/Summer too and finally, I NEED a red shoe!!!! I'm not going to look for the purse or jewelry! Wish me luck!

#4 Nothing like Momma's Cooking
My dear mommy picked my kids up from school today and watched them till I got home. She sent me a text at lunch and said "eat light, I'm cooking dinner." She made Chicken n Dumplings, Cornbread, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans. I had two whole plates. No one can cook like my Momma!!!

#5 The Day of Love
Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I have picked out what Ax and I will be doing for his class. I just need to get the supplies and get them put together tomorrow night. I ordered my mom a Spring Bouquet today and it will be delivered on Valentine's Day! I ordered Anika Cake Pops and my Kids suckers yesterday along with Mom's Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Daddy. I'll be picking them up on Friday. For the Hubby I've planned a week of little things for him. Last night he came home to a note on the garage door detailing how many years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes we have been married! Tonight I placed love coupons in his wallet and he will find them sometime tomorrow. I've still got a few more tricks up my sleeve too. As far as other Valentine's ideas and plans, they are still in the making :)

#6 New Nails
It's almost time to get my nails did again and of course I'm going with something that will fit into the whole Valentine's theme. Call me corny, I don't care. Here's what I think I'll do!

#7 Miss School Spirit
Anika is really enjoying watching the Basketball Games at her school this year. She was gone to one last night. My dad took her and picked her up for me last night. She really wanted to go to the one tonight too so I compromised and took her so dad would only have to pick her up. I think deep down she misses cheerleading.

#8 Hubby went and looked at campers today before work. We are getting ready to trade our RV in. Tip from someone who knows, if you camp a lot not locally DO NOT buy an RV. Repairs for them are expensive, insurance on them is expensive and gas for them are expensive. We are looking at buying another pull behind but much smaller than the last one. Honestly, a pop up would be ideal but I'm afraid our family has just outgrown them. There is always 5 of us and counting Anika's friends sometimes, 6 or 7 of us.

#9 Taking a Day Off
I'll be taking off work on Thursday. Anika needs to go to the doctor and have some blood work done so we will be doing it on Thursday morning. Ax has a Valentine's Party at school at noon that I wouldn't miss for the world. I figured since we were already out and about we might go do some prom dress shopping Thursday evening. It should be a good day out with my kiddos.

#10 Wrapping it Up
Friends, I guess I should wrap it up now. I need to get my behind in the bed. All three of my kids are already sleeping and I should be. Tomorrow I have a busy day ahead. Between work, A Walmart Trip, Getting my Nails done, A Counseling Appointment, Anika's Youth Group, Putting together Valentines and getting everything prepared for Thursday, I'm going to need my rest.

Wishing you all a great remainder of the week

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