Friday, February 27, 2015

Time for Goals

It's going on 1:00 am so I thought I better get a post up if I was going to. Today's post is going to feature NO PHOTOS, I'm sorry. I don't know why I've found it so difficult to keep my camera handy lately but I have. I'm going to do better, I promise. Until then though, here's a little about my Friday.

Today- Friday, Feb 27, 2015

I Woke- At 9:45 am which was a shocker since I pretty much pulled an all-nighter last night. That crazy steroid shot had me bouncing off the walls. I literally did not lay down until 8:00 this morning and was back up an hour and a half later. Insane!

I Planned- On working from home today but my crew chief called and said our project was taking a new direction and she needed me to come in if I could. I went although I didn't get there till almost 1:00 pm.

I Wore- Jeans and a Sweatshirt with my Uggs today. It's Friday, what can I say?

I Drove- To and from work and that is about it. That little over an hour each way is pretty much enough driving for me

I Called- One of the guys I used to work with to find out how work was looking. He was extremely positive and this made me happy

I Didn't- Eat a single bit today before I went to work and by the time I got there I was starving

I Worked- Until 4:00 when they shut the doors on me. I literally was the last person there

I Talked- To my Mom and she said if I couldn't get off work to take Anika to North Carolina she would. I swear my mommy is the best!

I Ordered- From a place I grew up eating at but hadn't had there food in probably 5 year. It definitely was NOT as good as I remembered

I Stopped- At the Beer Store for my Hubby. I always feel like those people judge me when I go through there. I have no idea why

I Praised God- That my Uncle's test showed NO CANCER

I Appreciated- My Husband sweeping and mopping our floors today. I seriously HATE mopping

I Smiled- At a sweet text my Husband sent me. Sometimes he's a keeper (just sometimes lol)

I Sucked- At my To Do List today, for real

I Ate- A 1/2 pan of Rice Krispie Treats Anika made me and then I got sick. Serves me right!

I Entered- A few sweepstakes tonight. I have no idea why I've started doing that again. It's not like I have the extra time

I Watched- Say Yes to the Dress, Love Lust or Run and Style By Jury this evening. I love Fashion Shows

I Napped- About an hour and a half this evening. I needed it.

I Have Worried- All day about a mole on the inside of my leg. It's itching me to death. I think I'll make me a dermatologist appointment

I Did- Some laundry today but it's ridiculous how much I still have left to do

I Laughed- At Lee Lee for pouring out a 1/2 a gallon of liquid washing powders all over herself. It wouldn't have been so funny but she was so slippery and so was the floor that she couldn't even crawl on it. Poor Ax went to check on her cause she was crying and down he went to. They were a hot mess!

I Cleaned- Peanut Shells out of my floor all evening. Ax loves peanuts but only if he can crack them. This is a messy process for a 4 year old

I felt- Like a new woman when I put my pajamas on today. Seriously it felt so good

I Wrote- Out my 5 year Journal Prompts for March. It helps so much to do them ahead of time. It makes it easier for me to keep up with

I am Still- Reading and Learning about Self Exploration. It's an interesting but complicated subject

I Remembered- It's almost a new month so it's time to post my Goals update for Feb and my new Goals for March! I'll end this post with those :)

February Goals Update

1. Set aside personal quiet time for Meditation, Prayer, Etc
Unfortunately I've YET to do this an I really need to. I think I'd benefit greatly from it

2. Go on a February Date
Yes we did this- Hubby and I went to dinner, the movies and shopping on Valentines/Our Anniversary Weekend. We even spent the night in a hotel. So much fun :)

3. Read a Bible Verse or Inspirational Quote Daily- Remember it, Live it
I've actually read several a day but I'm not remembering or applying them like I should. I need to figure out a way to incorporate this into my morning routine

4. Menu Plan
Epic Fail- I've not cooked hardly any which costs us so much money :(

5. File Our Taxes- Start Tracking System for Expenses 
Taxes Filed and Refund pretty much spent! I've not been tracking expenses very well though. I really just need to make an appointment with a CPA

6. Keep my nails done and face waxed
This has been a success- I'm pretty proud of myself for the way I've been trying to keep up with my appearance

7. Buy at least one of Anika's two dresses she's needing
Done and might not have to buy a 2nd one after all

8. Get Dressed, Fix my Hair, Do my Makeup- Every single day
I'm so proud of myself here. I've done excellent!

9. Visit mama's grave
I've not done this- the weather has been so bad and mama was buried on top of a steep mountain. I'm going to have to wait till the weather breaks

10. Try to get ahead or at least on target with our bills
I'm semi proud here. We are not really on target nor are we ahead but we have managed to pay off a few things so we are in much better shape than we were!

March 2015 Goals

1. Find/Make time for that Quiet Time I've been putting off doing
2. Go on a March Date
3. Menu Plan and Actually Cook this Month
4. Pay the 1,000.00 we owe on our camper off
5. Hit the tanning bed
6. Complete the March Photo Challenge
7. Start looking into upcoming camping holidays and getting sites reserved
8. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
9. Start decorating and Organizing our Camper
10. Have a Security System Installed in our Home

Friends- I hope you guys have a great weekend. Not sure what our weekend holds yet but I'm sure something. Not too many days go by around here that we aren't busy.

Until Tomorrow- Angie

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  1. Goals are good things! They at least give us something to aim at!!!
    As always, I love catching up with you!!