Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday February 12th

For Today: Thursday February 12, 2015

Outside my Window- It's frigid cold. It's supposed to get down to 9 degrees tonight. Unfortunately the weekend is supposed to usher in yet another artic cold front too. I'm so sick of cold weather. Where is Spring?

Giving Thanks- For spending a wonderful day out shopping with my girls. Ax stayed with Mom and the girls and I went on a search for the perfect Military Ball Dress for Anika. I'm happy to say that we found it and didn't even break the bank. We also hit up Penny's for some cute goodies and had a feast at Applebee's

I am Thinking About- How I should go get my camera and upload some pictures of our day for you but I'm just not in the mood. I guess I'll do a random photo dump one day this week and load up everything I've not posted.

Around the House- Annalee is already sound asleep and Anika is in the bed. Ax is still up watching cartoons but he's getting tired. Both my lazy dogs are sound asleep on the couch. The night is definitely winding down.

In the Kitchen- Very little has been going on. I've worked all week and then it's just been the kids and I at night so cooking has been limited. There is boxes of Girl Scout cookies laying on the oven that were delivered yesterday.

I am Creating- A system that finally works for me. I keep a calendar and 2 notebooks with me at all times. To some that may sound insane but it truly has been life changing for my organization. I'll tell you more about it later.

I don't ever want to Forget- The times Anika and I have spent together. She's growing up on me and before long will be away at college or doing her own thing. I'm so going to miss these days when that happens.

I am Working On- A Title Abstract and hope to have the majority of it done tomorrow. 

I am Reading- Personal Growth tips- personal growth is my focus for 2015

I am Praying For- Guidance in my marriage and in raising my children

I am Struggling- Keeping up the housework. Between my job and the kids, I just don't have the time.

I am Hearing- Axle tell me I'm the best mommy ever. He is the sweetest boy :)

I am Clicking Around- On Pinterest- I've been pinning fashion, personal growth information and inspirational quotes like a mad woman :)

One of my Favorite things for the day: Tipping our waiter $30.00. It literally made his day and mine too! 

A few plans for the Rest of the Week- Tomorrow I'll be working, getting my nails done and finishing up Valentine's Day Shopping. Saturday (I'm hoping) Hubby and I will be staying in a nice hotel somewhere celebrating our Anniversary and Valentines Day. Sunday we will go to Church if we are home. If not, our day will probably be spent just chilling out. Monday is a work holiday for me so I'll be hitting the mall for some shopping. Lots of fun things coming my way :)

Happy Almost Friday Friends

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