Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday 02-26 Alphabet Style

A is for Awkward Phone Call- Anika has been talking to a Marine Boy. He's stationed in North Carolina and graduates from camp next week. Anika is wanting to go. She knows this boy through mutual friends but I've never talked to his family. I called his Mom today to ask if she cared for us being there. I mean I didn't just want to barge in on a family celebration. Luckily she was super nice so it was only awkward for a few minutes!

B is for Big Surprise- Which was TOTALLY what I got today. Yesterday Hubby and the kids went and picked out a camper. I told hubby what I was looking for but left it up to him. Well, they bought one and as far as I knew it was 5,000.00 financed. It was a bit cheaper (okay a lot) than what I expected so I just didn't have a good feeling about it. He said it just needed some work and the kids kept telling me that it was too small, it needed painted, the floors needed replaced, etc. I was morified but was trying to be a good wife and not say much. This morning we went to see it and him and the camper salesman (a friend of ours) showed me a camper. I thought I might die. The salesman redirected me to another and said we could try to finance it. It was SO NICE and I wanted it SO BAD. Hubby kept saying no that it was too much money. Finally after about a 1/2 hour they confessed and told me the one I wanted was actually the one my husband bought. I was over the moon shocked and THEN they told me it was paid for. We are talking 10 grand and paid for. I was so confused. My Hubby finally confessed he got a bonus check this year and had been saving it to buy me a new camper. I thought I was going to cry. He knows how much that family time and convenience of a nice camper with the kids means to me. OMG the Man earned massive brownie points.

C is for Care Package Ideas- I've been using Pinterest like a mad woman looking for new ideas. Anika sent her Marine friend one 2 weeks ago that said I'm Blue Without You. We filled it with all blue stuff. Now we are looking for St. Patrick's Day Ideas for the next one. I Love this one! Oh and if you know anyone in the military that would enjoy packages and letters, send me their info. I'm seriously loving doing this :)

You Shamrock My World
How Cute is that?

D is for Doctor Visit- Today Anika and I both went to the Doctor. I have bronchitis as usual. It's my normal every winter illness. I got a steroid shot and an antibiotic. Anika had a blood panel done for 2 reasons. Reason one, her iron was low when she had the finger poke done so they wanted to check it with a blood panel. She quit eating meat all together about 6 months ago so they are also going to check her folic acid, protein, etc. Secondly, Anika has had a small knot in her groin area for a little bit now. Upon examination today they were somewhat concerned about it. They put her on a 10 day antibiotic course and are doing a blood workup (white cell count). She will go back in 10 days and they will recheck the knot and order another blood workup if this one is high. If the knot is still present they will do an ultrasound. I'm sure it's nothing but if you don't mind, whisper a prayer for her.

E is for Energy- Which I have tons of tonight. Steroid shots do that to me. I feel like I'm bouncing off the walls. I'll be up all night long I'm sure. 

F is for Finding Myself- It's my Journey, It's my Goal. I made the New Years Resolution to take better care of myself and find who I REALLY am. So far I feel like I'm making progress. Some days it's one step forward and to steps back but I'm just not going to give up. 

G is for Gratitude- It's been a rough long week. It started out shaky and threw many obstacles in my way. I cried, I got angry and I felt like giving up but tonight I am thankful. I'm thankful for all my blessings, I'm thankful for knowing God is always on my side and I'm thankful just to be alive.

H is for Hunting Treasures- We stopped by our local thrift store today and scored a couple goodies. Not many but a few. What I did find only cost $7.00 so I'm happy with that.

Black Dress for Anika

Sparkly Pantyhose

Easter Basket for Care Pkg

Red Cardigan for Me

Camo Pants for Little Man

St. Patrick's Day Care Pkg. Decor

More Care Pkg Decor

Easter Care Pkg Decor

Spring Sign- Possibly for Camper

New Basket- LOVE

Anika's New Bow Tie- Don't Ask :) 

I is for Inspiration- I blogged about a girl in our hometown yesterday that was 21 years old and was having the lower portion of her leg amputated due to cancer. Praise God she came through surgery perfectly and today she was up and walking and her spirits were high. Such an inspirational young lady.

J is for Gratitude Jar- I've been wishing I made a Gratitude Jar the 1st of the year. I didn't though. Today I thought why do I have to wait till the beginning of the year to be grateful? This may be a project I work on soon!

K is for KFC Run- Chicken it was for dinner. Ax and I went up around 8:30 and grabbed some takeout. We had a late dinner tonight.

L is for Lunch- Which was take out also from the Dairy Bar. I am lazy, what can I say?

M is for My Nails- That I totally adore by the way. Red and Pink...Perfect combo!

N is for Naps- I took a 3 hour one today! Pure Bliss :)

O is for Organizing My Life- It's definitely still a work in progress but I'm doing better

P is for Pinterest- I have a REAL addiction friends!!!!

Q is for Quiet Time- It's one thing I've been trying to add to my daily routine and haven't done it yet. I need to figure out how to work it in. My soul needs it.

R is for Road Trip- Looks like Anika and I will be taking one to North Carolina next week. I'm totally not excited about it.

S is for Snow Day- The kids have been out of school again all this week. There is no school tomorrow either. They are going to be going all summer long again.

T is for Test Results- My Uncle is getting some very important info on his Health tomorrow. Please pray for him

U is for Unusually Tired- Which is what Anika has been lately. I'm anxious to see what her blood work shows

V is for Very Comfortable- Totally describes my outfit consisting of Leggings and a long Cardigan today :)

W is for Writing Lists- What I spend a ton of time on. It's a hobby of mine.

X is for Xtra Excited- For Spring that is....not too much longer

Y is for Yawning- It's 3:55 am...I'm finally getting sleeping. I'm going to be dragging tomorrow

Z is for Zero Housework- Which is what I've done all week. I need to play catch up

That my friends is a brief description of our day. Happy Friday- Cheers to the Weekend :)

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  1. I love this ABC post! SO fun! I don't know how you stay up til 3:55am! I was in bed at 8:30pm last night. lol. I'm not a night owl at all!