Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Day is Over....Finally!!!!

Guess I should get a post up if I'm going to. It's going on midnight, the day is almost over. I can't say that I'm not glad. It's been a very long day.

Here's a little random look into my day.....

* I overslept this morning and I mean really overslept. Like I didn't even roll over until 8:30 am.

* Axle seen his dad this morning and got sad. It's always harder for him to go to school on his dad's second shift weeks. He seems him staying home with Lee and gets a little jealous. He cried a little this morning but nothing major. I was pretty proud of him.

* I tried to pay my electric bill this morning and it was the biggest hassle ever. I put money on my prepaid credit card but yet it kept declining the payment. I ended up having to go to Rite Aid and buying a visa gift card. I was in a hurry so I sure didn't have time for that junk.

* Anika made it to school around 9:30- I know, seriously ridiculous!

* I rushed to work thinking my boss would already be there. Like for real, I should have knew better. It was after 1:00 today when she finally showed up.

* My outfit was not cute this morning. Just a sweatshirt and jeans. Oh well, I was in a hurry and you can't look fabulous everyday.

* Work was okay but long. I didn't take a lunch and ended up regretting it. I didn't get out of the Courthouse till 3:30 this evening and I was starving at that point.

* My boss clarified a few things today and I'm hoping it makes this project go a bit smoother from here on out.

* I got lucky today and parked at a tore up meter. I love when that happens :)

* I was rushed to get home this evening. Anika had Youth Group at 5:00 and I had to stop by Walmart and get a few Valentine's Supplies for Axle's party tomorrow. I ended up getting here about 10 after 5 and thankfully my mom had stayed. Anika was already gone and mom was sitting with the little one's till I got home.

* Annalee had speech therapy today right after I got home. I hadn't even hardly sat down when her therapist showed up.

* I ended up trying to relax for a bit but the kids wouldn't quit fighting. I tried to convince them a nap was a great idea but they just were not having it.

* Anika came home from Youth Group and chatted with me awhile. She decided to go shower and that is when the rest of the night went downhill. She couldn't get her water to come on in her bathtub but yet she heard water pouring underneath it. I went and looked & sure enough we had a major leak. I called my friend's husband and he and her son came and took a look at it. About an hour later they had it temporarily fixed until the Hubby can check it out tomorrow.

* I talked to my friend Christie on the phone tonight. Her and I have made a date, we are going to go watch 50 Shades of Grey. I can't wait.

* Anika helped Ax with his Valentines tonight while I cleaned the house up and laid out clothes for tomorrow. They turned out so cute. I'll snap a picture of them in the morning for you.

* Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Anika has a doctor's appointment, Ax has a school party and then we are going dress shopping. Should be busy but fun :)

* All my kids are sleeping now and I'm heading that way myself. You guys have a good night and Happy Hump Day.

Love Ang

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