Friday, February 6, 2015

Ten Things on Thursday

Just getting my Thursday post up this Friday morning. I'm trying to do better about regular blogging but honestly, it's tough to fit it all in. I'm hoping to eventually figure out how to schedule time to blog read but right now I just don't know how. Anyway, here is Ten Things about my Thursday.

1. Work is Stressing me Out
Seriously, it's taking it's toll on me. All this time I thought I had it all figured out (at least somewhat) and then yesterday a light bulb went off in my head. I was totally doing it all wrong. The project I'm on is disorganized to say the least and up until about 2 days ago we had no clear direction on what the were wanting done. While I know this shall pass, it's been tough on me mentally. I have a meeting today with the boss lady and have nothing completed to turn into her so that should be fun.

2. Addicts Frustrate Me
I know I'll probably take a lot of heat for posting this but it's so true. Our community is overrun with prescription drug addicts. I've lost a many of friends to the addiction & it only seems to be getting worse. I cannot for the life of me understand it. I'm aware addiction is a disease although I think it's more of a choice but whatever. It's just that these people seem to not even notice or care at the shape they are in. Yesterday I stopped at a gas station. There was a lady in front of me that bought over $100.00 worth of junk. No kidding, it was candy bars, ice cream and so forth. Not one healthy thing to make a meal. She paid on her foodstamp card. Now please don't think I'm against government assistance, I'm not and especially if it's used correctly. The problem was this lady could not even stand up or hold her eyes open enough to punch in her pin number. She was in such bad condition that the cashier (at a gas station mind you) had to pack her stuff to the car for her. This same woman sat down behind the wheel and drove off. Oh my gosh, it infuriated me. If they are going to get in that kind of shape then they need to stay home. Rant over!!

3. Another Realignment 
Hubby's work had yet another realignment. Some lost jobs, some transferred to another location, etc. We again were so super blessed. God has allowed my Hubby to keep working and miss numerous layoffs. Even though we know it's inevitable and will happen at some point, we are so thankful for this extended time he has been employed.

4. No School
We got snow yesterday. Not a massive amount, about an inch. We live in the hills though with lots of narrow winding back roads so a little snow is enough to call off school. I went to work about noon and was home by 4:00. Apparently the entire time I was gone Anika and Axle fought. Those two could not get along to save their lives yet they love each other more than anything. School is cancelled for today to so I'm going to take Axle to Mom's and let Lee Lee stay with Anika. I'm hoping it will give them both a break.

5. Nice Weekend Ahead
The weather is saying that the weekend ahead is going to be a nice one. We don't have any plans as of yet but I bet you will find my kiddos outside playing. They need some fresh air. I'm so over winter already. I'm ready for camping, boating, swimming and so forth :)

6, Love Day
You know, Valentines Day, the day of Love. Well it's coming up and fast. It's also the same weekend as my 16 year anniversary. I need to make plans, I need to buy gifts, I need to purchase school cards, etc. I need to get on the ball.

7. Being Selfish
This January 1st I vowed to spend the year focusing on myself. From my outer appearance and mental health to becoming more of the person I want to be and loving myself. It's a quest I'm on and as of right now, I'm pretty proud of myself. I started my quest with my outer appearance because I wanted my outward appearance to reflect who I was on the inside. I've been dressing up everyday, wearing makeup, keeping my nails and hair done, etc. I've also scheduled an appointment to go back to counseling, I've been trying to get more organized and I've been pondering quotes that speak to me. I try to start each morning with an inspirational quote and remind myself of it multiple times throughout the day. While some may say it's selfish, I say it's healthy. I need to love me before I can accomplish anything.

8. Pictures Coming Soon (I Hope)
I stopped yesterday and purchased a cord that I thought might charge my charge my camera. I was wrong, it was still to big. I'm going to take it back and get another one today. This time I'm going to take my camera with me so hopefully I'll be back to taking pictures soon. While I do have an IPhone, I hate taking photos with it!

9. Megan's Home for the Weekend
I joke Megan because she spends just about every weekend here with us. I picked her up yesterday from her house which is out in the boondocks by the way. She's settled in with us until at least Monday I'm sure. Of course if the weather forecast doesn't change she might be here till Tuesday since they are calling for snow Monday. I don't mind one bit though. She's Anika's best friend and we love her dearly!

10. Unexpected Cash
I did my taxes the other day and we are expecting more money that I ever thought. I'm not complaining, trust me. Just trying to figure out what we want to do with that money is the thing. I know the kids are going to get some new Spring clothes but other than that we are just really undecided! I know, you feel sorry for me and my tough decisions, right?

Well friends- time to hit the shower and get ready for work. I'll be back though, never fear!

Happy Friday Y'all

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