Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday & Our Monday

Hey Friends....hope this Monday has found you all doing well and staying warm. Here in Kentucky it's so cold!

I'm just dropping by to tell you a little about our Sunday and Monday. Really nothing much to get excited about but I'll give you what I got.

Superbowl Sunday:

* I managed to make it to Church! Anika & her 2 friends went with me while Lee Lee stayed home with her daddy. Axle came with my mom since he had spent the night up there on Saturday night.

* I could not tell you one thing the church service was about except that I recall the pastor talking about how the bible should be our daily bread. It just seemed I was so easily distracted that morning & I wasn't feeling up to par either.

* After Church we hit up KFC/Taco Bell for lunch. We got take out and came home to eat with the Hubby and Lee Lee.

* Mr Axle wouldn't come home with me. He insisted that his daddy come get him in his truck so after we ate he went & picked him up. While he was gone, I managed to put away loads on top of loads of laundry.

* When Ax and Hubby returned home, they hung out in the garage. Little Lee hung out with them. The Hubby's buddy stopped by for a bit and they did whatever it is boys do. I did some work for my job.

* Hubs came in after being out a little bit. I think it was just too cold for him. While I finished up my work, he watched a movie and the kids ran wild. I'm not kidding, they are like yard apes these days.

* Sunday evening the girls and I went to Papa John's and the Dairy Bar for food. We got takeout so we could come home and watch the big game. We got pizza, breadsticks, wings, chips with salsa and cheese, deep fried pickles & deep fried mushrooms. I would have taken photos but Anika's friends had my phone all weekend long!!!!

* We watched the game! All of us piled in my bedroom and watched it on the big screen. I'm totally not a football fan. I usually watch for the 1/2 time show and the commercials. Hubby had a $60.00 bet on the Seahawks though so of course I was cheering for them. Obviously, we lost 60 bucks!

* While I was eating chips I chipped my tooth. It isn't hurting but it's driving me crazy. I can't wait to see a dentist.

* After the game, Hubby and the Little One's went to bed. I had a rough night and never even laid down until almost 6:00 this morning. I found myself just sad, confused, overwhelmed and so much more. I spent my night crying. It sucked!

Monday (Today)

* I was still up at 5:30 when Hubs went to work. I gave him goodbye kisses, turned on the news and watched the weather. They were giving snow/sleet to set in around 7:00 am and some schools had already cancelled. I decided that was good enough for me so I went to bed.

* At 7:30 am I woke up and realized they had not cancelled school. I woke the kids up and Anika's friends got ready. I made the decision to just let my kids stay home. They were calling for flash freezing as the day went on and I didn't really want them on the roads.

* We dropped Anika's friends off at school and then we hit up DQ for breakfast. We brought it home to eat only to have to eat it in the dark because I totally forgot to pay the electric bill again!!!

* After we ate we ran back to town so I could get the bill paid. Five minutes later we had lights again.

* We came home and I procrastinated doing anything all day long. I seriously watched 2 episodes of What Not to Wear and 1 episode of Cake Boss. I was so lazy.

* I managed around 3:00 to drag my butt up. I showered, tried to fix my hair and put on some makeup. My eyes were swelled out of my head and I was having a HORRIBLE hair day. I ended up slapping a beanie on. I am not a hat person. First time I've wore one in many years.

* I made it to the doctor before they closed. I talked to him about my mood lately and he assured me this was the prime time for the winter time blues. He said to just keep pushing on. He refilled my meds for me and then I was off to the pharmacy. I had been out of my meds for about 3 days which I'm certain has not helped my mood.

* I picked up my medicine and then ran to the grocery store. When I got home Anika had cleaned up the house for me. I'm thankful for that :)

* I fixed dinner. We had Fish Sticks & Mac n Cheese. Not a fancy dinner but it worked.

* I did some laundry and watched a little television with the Hubby. Him, Lee and Ax laid down around 8:30 and I planned on lying down them with for just a few minutes. I too ended up falling asleep and didn't get up till 5:30 this morning. I know my body needed the rest though.

* While we were sleeping, Anika made the BEST cookies ever :)

It's 5:30 am on Tuesday morning now. The weather out looks fine. The Hubs is already off to work and the kids & I will be doing the school/work thing today. Here's to hoping everyone has a wonderful rest of the week :)

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