Monday, February 9, 2015

Recapping 4 days

Well the weekend got away with me once again and I'm just now getting around to blogging. Time flies when your having fun I suppose!!


Friday was a work day for me. Ax went to Mom's to spend the day and Anika, Lee and Megan hung out here. The kids were out for another snow day although I think they used it as a Professional Day so it didn't have to be made up. I figured Ax needed a break from the girls and the girls needed a break from him plus he loves hanging with his nan!

I had a pretty productive Friday morning. I got several errands ran before I even went into work. Work was pretty much just work. I'm a little more confident in what I'm doing but not totally. During my lunch break I thought it would be a great idea to go to Cato's and look around. You all know my love for shopping.

I've been pinning looks like crazy on pinterest. I have like 1,000's of them, literally. I figured instead of wasting my life away pinning, I should actually use some of them. I had this outfit in mind as inspiration.

I loved the color of the jacket and I was in bad need for some black jeans. I already had a similar bracelet and shoes. I didn't like the bag or the necklace but I did love the tank top. I'm happy to report that I found the jacket and the jeans at Cato's. I was over the moon excited!!! I'm still on the lookout for the great top but that was 2 out of 3 pieces found in one trip :)

Here is the one I found
The camera makes it look more blue than it is

I also grabbed a new leopard print blazer while I was there and a new tank top to wear out with my Hubby for our Valentines and Anniversary date.

I worked a little more after lunch and then left about 3:00. Our supervisor was supposed to show up but never did. It isn't no wonder things are so chaotic. We have no leadership.

On my way home from work I swung by Walmart and picked up a few things I had to have. While I was there purchased a new digital camera (notice this post has pics). I ran into the grocery store and came home. The girls were here with Lee and Mom was on her way to bring Ax to me. When I started putting all my stuff away, I realized I didn't have the camera. I called Walmart and luckily they had it. I ended up having to run all the way back down there (1/2 an hour) to pick it up. I was just thankful it was still there.

By the time I got home for the 2nd time, Ax was home with his daddy and so was Lee. Anika and her friend Megan had went home with my Mom to spend the night.

Hubby had saw a bathtub for sale on his way home so we loaded up the kids after he showered and went to look at it. It wouldn't fit. We stopped for some fuel and then came back home. By this time I was so over driving it wasn't even funny. As we turned down on to our road we noticed one of the neighbors down over the bank with a flashlight. One of the ladies up our road was out walking and fell over a place in the road. She busted her face up pretty bad and broke a bone in her leg. We called 911 and stayed with her till they arrived. Bless her heart, she was having a tough time.

The rest of the night we pretty much just hung out. I ordered us pizza from the pizza place for dinner. I did manage to get our dog Lucy bathed and boy did she need it. She stunk to high heaven. Hubby spent his time signing our daughters wall and watching a movie. Yes, my daughter decided it would be cute to have a signature wall. Teenagers, ugh!

The little one's fell asleep pretty early so I wasted a little time online and then watched a movie till I fell asleep. Poor Hubby didn't even get through the first part of the movie and he was out.


Hubby was up by 8:30 and ready to go to town to get his morning coffee. The man has suddenly developed a love for coffee. Don't ask me, I have no clue. While he was gone the kids and I got dressed for the day.

Here's what I wore (ignore the socks and double chin LOL)

We spent our morning at the Surplus Store. We found a bathtub that was damaged. It only had a chip on the side of it but I still thought it was too expensive. We ended up going to Lowes and finding one cheaper anyway which made me very happy. 

When we got home I cleaned for awhile. The place needed it. I even managed to clean out the refrigerator which was an absolute disaster. I made some burgers for dinner and cinnamon rolls for dessert. Hubby spent 90 percent of his day/evening working on the tub! He got it installed but was missing a few hoses to hook it up.

The blue is a protective covering

Anika and Megan came back home. They had spent the day out with my Mom. Anika got her nails and eyebrows done. She took the prettiest picture while she was out too. I just had to share.

I swear she should be a model

I spent the rest of my evening browsing Pinterest. I waste so much time on the site. Hubby watched television and the kids fell asleep with him. After everyone was out and it was quiet, I did a bunch of work related to my job. I think it was about midnight when I finally finished up and hit the hay.


I overslept for Church. I was just up too late the night before. It was a gorgeous day out. The high hit 64 degrees. Isn't that unbelievable for February? I wish it would stay that way. Hubby and Axle took off to Tractor Supply and Walmart looking for the fittings to finish up the tub. They didn't have any success. While they were gone I left Lee with Anika and went to the store. 

Around 2:00 Mom picked up Ax and took him to the new Spongebob Movie. He was one happy dude. He loved the movie and told me all about. Spongebob is his favorite. While he was gone I drove Hubby to the beer store. Nothing irritates me any worse than his drinking but it is what it is I guess. We came home and the girls were making some Potato Soup for dinner. I of course forgot the cheese though and had to run back to town to get some. I'm the worlds worst for forgetting one ingredient.  While I was out I picked up everyone some ice cream from the Dairy Bar! It was too pretty not too!

Our Sunday evening consisted of eating soup, watching television, playing online and lounging around. For real, it was a pretty lazy Sunday.


Anika woke me up around 6:30 to tell me there was no school due to the electric being off in town. I decided to sleep in and didn't get up till 9:00 am. I got up, got ready and went to work. Here's what I wore today.

I totally don't like it after seeing this photo!

Work was okay today. I actually got a lot done. Stacy didn't show up, she's working on a spreadsheet that is going to be a lifesaver. I had lunch in my car since I didn't get there till late. Literally this is the lunch of champions :)

I left work about 2:45 today and as I was getting in my car, I saw this. For real, that meter lady means serious business.

My drive home was very uneventful. It rained the whole way home. Much different than yesterday. It was cold today too. Made me sad. I stopped by the gas station on the way home and grabbed some pop and milk. I also ran into Rite Aid and did a little makeup shopping. I needed some new makeup.

Since I've been home I've managed to clean up the house, do laundry, fix the kids some fish sticks and see Anika off to a ball game. My Mom and Dad took her and her friend Charm to the basketball game tonight. It was preppy night so here's what she wore.

Look how cute she is

The remainder of my night will be spent changing our bedding, finishing up laundry, sending in my weekly invoice, doing some work (putting a file together) laying out everything for tomorrow and watching my two cutie pies play. Pretty much the same thing I do every week night.

That my friends is a wrap for the night. Hope you guys are having a great start to a new week.

Until Tomorrow (hopefully)

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