Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Have an Excuse

Today your getting a Daybook Post and NO PHOTOS!!! I have an excuse, I'm sick.

For Today- Wednesday Feb 25, 2015

Outside My Window- There is STILL snow on the ground. It's a yucky slushy mess and there is another 1-2 inches of snow forecast for tonight. Where or where is SPRING????

I am Thinking- About all the things I need to be doing but don't feel like doing. Winter colds are the worst. I feel horrible.

I am Thankful- For my job and the flexibility it allows me. It pays good too so that is a bonus :)

I am Wearing- Plaid Pajama Bottoms and a Black Tee. I got dressed today though in such a cute outfit for work and forgot to take a picture. Such a shame!!

I am Creating- Lists Lists and More Lists- this is always my answer to this one. I'm addicted to lists

I am Going- To look at the new camper Hubby and the kids purchased today. I told them what I wanted and am excited/nervous to see what they picked out.

I am Wondering- If I can get by working from home tomorrow. I seriously think I need the day at home

I am Reading- Deeds, Assignments, Leases, etc for work. Not exciting at all.

I am Hoping- To get some much needed stuff done tomorrow. I've been slacking all week.

I am Learning- How to shop wisely for clothes and I'm loving it. My closet is looking great and so much more usable these days.

I am Pondering- Things I want to add to my bucket list

In my Kitchen- Is leftover pizza and breadsticks the kids ordered today while I was working.

A Favorite Quote Today:

Made Me Think Of My Granny

One of my Favorite Things- Shopping and Getting my Nails done....both of which I did today

I am Looking Forward To- Spring and Summer. I'm so over Winter already

Around the House- Lee and Anika are already asleep. Ax is watching Mickey Mouse and I'm chilling at the computer. The night is winding down.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week- Tomorrow we will go check out the camper and I hope to get some things done that I've been putting off here at the house. I'm also hoping to hit up the thrift store. Friday I'll be working, Saturday I'll probably get out and about for awhile with the kids and Sunday I'm hoping to make it to Church. Other than that, who knows.

I am Praying- For a 21 year old girl in our community who had to have her leg amputated this morning due to cancer. Just heartbreaking :(

I am Loving- Listening to Ax tell me how he loves to pet on his sister and she's the best sister in the world.

A Little about My Day- I woke up late this morning, like 9:00 late. I got ready for work, talked to the kids, kissed the Hubby and headed out the door. I grabbed Subway on my way to the Courthouse and ate it on the road. I worked only a couple hours and gave it up. I was sick and ready to leave. I stopped at Goody's, Goodwill and the nail salon on my way home. I grabbed a cute leopard top and a polka dot top while shopping. I came home, picked up my kiddos and went to the doctor's office. Anika needed to see him and I needed a shot. Of course, he wasn't in today. We left and told them we would come back tomorrow. I went to Mom's and got some money she had put up in the safe for me and then took Anika's friend Megan home. I grabbed myself some dinner at the Tea Room on the way home since the kids had just had pizza earlier. I came home and ate, talked with Sis and played on the computer. That about wraps it up.

Happy Almost Friday guys :)

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