Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Giving Thanks

Hey Friends...I'm super tired tonight so I'm just going to cut to the chase. Here is my Tuesday Thankful's

Today I'm Thankful For:

* A good night's sleep. I was in bed by 9:00 last night and sound asleep. I felt so much better today.

* My Anika- She baked cookies while we were sleeping and cleaned house. She's an awesome teenager!

* Time to update my blog. I've been doing pretty good at it the past few days :)

* Lists...without lists I'd be insane!!

* Laundry Progress- It's almost ALL DONE!!!!

* My hair cooperating. A good hair day is always a good day :)

* A job that allows me to dress cute. It's done wonders for my self esteem

* My job....a ton of my crew is laid off and thankfully I'm still working. Such a blessing.

* My Co-Worker Stacy. She's quickly becoming a friend!

* Text messaging and being able to stay in touch with my kids while I'm away working

* Warmer Temps in the forecast for tomorrow. I need sunshine

* Thrift Stores- cheap prices, cute clothes...enough said :)

* My Mom babysitting. No one takes care of your babies like your momma will

* My Granny's Presence- even if I can't see her, I know she's with me

* Pinterest for real- so many great ideas in one place

* Heat on these cold days. Breaks my heart for those that don't have it.

* Our new sheriff and his effort to clean up this county

* My Husband's job- too many out of work coal miners right now :(

* Little Treasures that used to belong to my Granny. I miss her so much

* Easy dinners such as spaghetti

* Ax eating a big dinner. He doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive normally

* Medicine....like seriously thankful

* My Life- God has blessed me with so much more than I deserve

Have a good rest of the week gang!

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