Thursday, February 19, 2015

Frozen in Kentucky

Hey Friends....It's been a few days since I've posted. Trust me, I have not been busy but I have been trying to stay warm. We don't ever get much snow around here. Usually a few snow storms that drop 2-3 inches but that is about it. You know the kind that is enough to make the morning travel slick and to get school called off. Well that wasn't the case this time. We got lots of snow and ridiculously cold temperatures. This girl is ready to move South for real.

The Hubby left for work on dayshift. When he woke me at 4:30 am to tell me bye, it was already snowing. He suggested that if I was going to go to the gas station, I should do it early. Quite a smart suggestion I might add. When he left at a little after 5:00 am I woke Anika and had her sit with Sis and Bub while I made a quick trip down there and back. The roads were already covered by this point so I ended up driving super slow. I did a little blog reading and commenting when I got home. It was a good low key morning to do it. I figured our day was going to be pretty much inside so I headed back to bed. I didn't wake up again until after 10:00 am.

When I woke the snow was STILL pouring. I spent my day cleaning house. I got my floors mopped and swept, the bathroom cleaned, laundry done and a bunch of other chores. I fixed the kids a big lunch because I had nothing else to do and I even managed an hour conversation with my best friend who I never get to talk to these days. Anika pretty much lounged around all day while Annalee and Axle played and watched cartoons. Ax watched the Cars movie too, his favorite.

By the time Hubby got home, I had to wonder how he even got here. He did get off work an hour early but he had to drive so slow he still ended up getting home at regular time. Our State had been declared a State of Emergency. We had 10 plus inches of snow. It may not sound like a lot to those of you that get pounded with snow but in Eastern KY that is a lot of snow. It cripples the entire area due to the area being so rural with winding roads and lots of mountains.

Hubby informed me that he didn't have to work on Tuesday due to weather. I have never in my 16 years of being married to him known them to call off work at the underground mines due to weather. We weren't complaining though, that just meant he got a weekday home with us.

Our evening consisted of more lounging around. Hubby and the kids went to bed around 10:00 and I stayed up quite a bit later watching some show called "Castle". I'd never watched it before but it was actually really good.

I actually got dressed on the snow day

Eating the snow cream I made them

Snowy Yard

Looks like a Winter Wonderland

Everything covered in white powder

So much snow- I'm ready for Spring

We all slept in and why not? It was cold and our big warm bed felt pretty darn good. I think it was about 10:00 before any of us got up. When we did Hubby went to town to run some errands for me while I got myself and the kids ready.  

When Hubby returned we met up with his buddy Brandon and his boys and then went and picked up our neighbor Tasha so we could all head out to go snow tubing. We went back on the ridge where we knew where some triple layer hills were and let the kids have at it. Ax went down once and he was done. Apparently snow tubing isn't his thing. Lee didn't even try it. Every time we would ask her she of course said "NO". She's a big chicken. It was cold but they all had a blast. We left the trucks running and they all went to warm up every few minutes. I wanted to tube but chose not to because I was too lazy to walk back up the hill. Pathetic I know.

We spent a couple hours tubing and then went and picked up one of Anika's friend's Megan. She wanted to come spend some snow days with us. When we got home I made a kettle of homemade soup and cleaned up our tubing mess. My floors were muddy once again and there was snow clothes to be washed. Hubby hung out in the garage most of the evening and bubby hung out with him. He sure enjoyed his daddy being home. 

My goofy child did the snow challenge on Facebook which meant she ended up putting on a bathing suit and rolling down the hill in the snow. Only my teenager would do such an insane thing.

Hubs and the kids cuddled in the bed and watched television that evening. They all fell asleep pretty early. I played on Pinterest, did some writing and sent my work Invoice in before hitting the hay myself. Megan, Anika and Tasha were all up for awhile but I have no idea how long. I just go to bed and leave them. Those teenagers can definitely outdo me.

I really thought I might be able to get out and go to the mall on Wednesday but when Hubs woke me before he left for work, he told me it was snowing AGAIN!!! I just went back to sleep. I woke up around 10:00 am and suckered Megan into riding to town with me. I left Anika and Tasha here at home with the babies. The trip to town was definitely interesting to say the least. The roads were in worse condition than they were the day before. We made it though safe and sound!

The girls spent their day making Homemade Mac n Cheese, listening to music and texting. Ax laid around pretty much all day and watched television. It's not good for him but what are you going to do with this much snow. Lee Lee was sick all day vomiting. I'm thinking she has a stomach virus. I took care of her most of the day, did a few loads of laundry and managed to get a shower before Hubby got home.

When Hubs got home he went outside and fixed the chicken pen. He put board installation all around it and hung them a heat lamp. Our temperatures are getting dangerously low so we are trying to keep them safe. I fixed some Hamburger Helper for dinner, we all ate and lounged the rest of the evening. Hubby went to bed around 9:00 and I followed around 10:00. Definitely not a real interesting day.

Girls on Snow Day Number 3

Still Snowy

My friends it's now Thursday and while the snow has quit it sure hasn't melted. The temps got below -10 last night and tonight they are supposed to be -20. That is ridiculously cold. Today will be another day for us stuck in the house trying to stay warm. Wish us luck.



  1. The only thing I like about snow is that it looks good in photos! I hate to drive in it but thankfully we don't often get snow here and when we do the schools are usually closed so I don't have to teach. I'm impressed that you went out to play in it! Hope it thaws soon. Take care x

  2. I can't belive how much snow you have! You have more on the ground right now than we've had all winter - and I hope it stays that way - which is a nice change from the 36" we had last year.