Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Month Gone

My gosh, it seems like the months just fly by these days. The older I get the faster time goes. Isn't it funny how that happens?

It's time for a February Recap!! I started doing these the 1st of January and am so glad I did. Pretty much I just write one thing that happens every single day down on the side of my calendar for the entire month. It's been a very good practice for me. It allows me on bad days to quickly look at the month as a whole and realize, it's just a a bad day not a bad life :)


1st- Super Bowl Sunday- We all piled in my room, ate and watched the game!

2nd- I was wore out so I hit the bed at 8:30 pm

3rd- We found out my Granny's cat was pregnant and the vet helped us find her a home. Such a relief. My Granny would have been very happy

4th- Had a long work conversation with my boss...this project has about killed me this month

5th- Rough Day at work- Enough said!

6th- I hit up Cato's for some Shopping on my lunch break

7th- Hubby got Anika's tub installed and working...Woo Hoo!!!

8th- We had a Gorgeous 50 degree weather day :)

9th- Anika attended a basketball game dressed like a prep!

10th- The kids and I had dinner at my Parent's

11th- We got our Tax Refund Check!

12th- Went shopping and found Anika the perfect Military Ball Gown

13th- Hubby and I celebrated 16 years of marriage

14th- Date Night for Hubby and I- Shopping, Dinner, Movies and a Hotel Stay!!!

15th- Went to the store and prepared for the coming snowstorm

16th- Biggest snowstorm in years- we had about 15 inches of snow

17th- We took the kids snow tubing!

18th- Lee Lee got a stomach bug

19th- Anika put together her boyfriend's first military care package

20th- The girls and I (Me, Anika and Megan) had a day at the mall and I cut all my hair off!

21st- We had an Ice Storm hit

22nd- Miserable Day- Hubs and I were not seeing eye to eye

23rd- Another Miserable Day :(

24th- I took a long nap- totally exhausted

25th- Woke up sick with Bronchitis

26th- My Hubby gave me the surprise of a lifetime

27th- My Uncle Dave's test results showed NO CANCER! Praise God

28th- Kids and I went to Kmart and Bob Evans

As you can see, February hasn't been too bad of a month. I had some rough days and some great days. That's the way it is with life I suppose. You have to take the bad with the good! Hopefully March will be a rocking month that features NO SNOW!!!!!

I was going to write about our day today too but I've decided I'll just do it tomorrow and do a weekend post for you. It's been a good day though friends~ Hope yours has as well.



  1. This is an action packed post, I don't know where you find the time!! It is snowing right now at the jersey shore, and I am loving it!!

  2. You guys have been busy, busy! It's blowing my mind that the Super Bowl was already one month ago - time flies!