Wednesday, February 4, 2015


For Today: February 4, 2015

Outside my Window- It's dark and the sky is clear. It's been a nice day in the 50's with some sunshine. I soaked it all up. Tonight we are supposed to have a system blow in though that will be bringing cold air and snow. Winter isn't over yet.

I am Thinking: About work and this project I'm on. It's complicated and I mean very complicated. Things are a mess, there is no direction and I only 1/2 know what I'm doing. It's frustrating for sure.

I am Thankful: For so many things. I'm truly blessed in so many ways.

In the Kitchen: There is a big pot of chili I just made that needs to be put in the fridge and a mountain of clean clothes on the kitchen table that I need to put away.

I am Wearing: My night gown but I have got dressed everyday this week. Go Me!!!

I am Creating: A list of articles of clothing I need (want) in my closet.

I am Going: To the dentist tomorrow and hope he can do something with this tooth I broke off. It's not cute.

I am Wondering: What goes through my teenagers mind. She seriously doesn't talk much about anything these days and it drives me crazy

I am Reading: Quotes on top of quotes- they inspire me

I am Hoping- To have a little getaway with the Hubby during Valentines Day. It's our Anniversary weekend too 

I am Looking Forward To: Spring/Summer and camping

I am Hearing- Cartoons and Annalee snoring

Around the House- Anika's watching television, the dryer is running, I am on the computer, Hubs and Lee are asleep and Ax is watching cartoons. I think both my dogs are asleep in the living room too

I am Pondering- Different ways to focus on me

One of my Favorite Things: Writing, I love to write

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week- Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist and then maybe work depending on the weather. Anika has a counseling appointment tomorrow evening. Friday will be a work day for me and maybe a shopping trip for us to Walmart. Saturday I've got either a babyshower or a movie to attend. It depends if mom can/will do the movie for me. Sunday is church.

Friends- I promise I will be posting photos again. I'll be buying a new camera charger this weekend and I seriously can't wait.

Hope you all have a good Thursday :)



  1. You have a lot on your plate!!!
    I always like peeking in on your day!

  2. You are a busy lady. Hope you figure out your job.