Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Month Gone

My gosh, it seems like the months just fly by these days. The older I get the faster time goes. Isn't it funny how that happens?

It's time for a February Recap!! I started doing these the 1st of January and am so glad I did. Pretty much I just write one thing that happens every single day down on the side of my calendar for the entire month. It's been a very good practice for me. It allows me on bad days to quickly look at the month as a whole and realize, it's just a a bad day not a bad life :)


1st- Super Bowl Sunday- We all piled in my room, ate and watched the game!

2nd- I was wore out so I hit the bed at 8:30 pm

3rd- We found out my Granny's cat was pregnant and the vet helped us find her a home. Such a relief. My Granny would have been very happy

4th- Had a long work conversation with my boss...this project has about killed me this month

5th- Rough Day at work- Enough said!

6th- I hit up Cato's for some Shopping on my lunch break

7th- Hubby got Anika's tub installed and working...Woo Hoo!!!

8th- We had a Gorgeous 50 degree weather day :)

9th- Anika attended a basketball game dressed like a prep!

10th- The kids and I had dinner at my Parent's

11th- We got our Tax Refund Check!

12th- Went shopping and found Anika the perfect Military Ball Gown

13th- Hubby and I celebrated 16 years of marriage

14th- Date Night for Hubby and I- Shopping, Dinner, Movies and a Hotel Stay!!!

15th- Went to the store and prepared for the coming snowstorm

16th- Biggest snowstorm in years- we had about 15 inches of snow

17th- We took the kids snow tubing!

18th- Lee Lee got a stomach bug

19th- Anika put together her boyfriend's first military care package

20th- The girls and I (Me, Anika and Megan) had a day at the mall and I cut all my hair off!

21st- We had an Ice Storm hit

22nd- Miserable Day- Hubs and I were not seeing eye to eye

23rd- Another Miserable Day :(

24th- I took a long nap- totally exhausted

25th- Woke up sick with Bronchitis

26th- My Hubby gave me the surprise of a lifetime

27th- My Uncle Dave's test results showed NO CANCER! Praise God

28th- Kids and I went to Kmart and Bob Evans

As you can see, February hasn't been too bad of a month. I had some rough days and some great days. That's the way it is with life I suppose. You have to take the bad with the good! Hopefully March will be a rocking month that features NO SNOW!!!!!

I was going to write about our day today too but I've decided I'll just do it tomorrow and do a weekend post for you. It's been a good day though friends~ Hope yours has as well.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Time for Goals

It's going on 1:00 am so I thought I better get a post up if I was going to. Today's post is going to feature NO PHOTOS, I'm sorry. I don't know why I've found it so difficult to keep my camera handy lately but I have. I'm going to do better, I promise. Until then though, here's a little about my Friday.

Today- Friday, Feb 27, 2015

I Woke- At 9:45 am which was a shocker since I pretty much pulled an all-nighter last night. That crazy steroid shot had me bouncing off the walls. I literally did not lay down until 8:00 this morning and was back up an hour and a half later. Insane!

I Planned- On working from home today but my crew chief called and said our project was taking a new direction and she needed me to come in if I could. I went although I didn't get there till almost 1:00 pm.

I Wore- Jeans and a Sweatshirt with my Uggs today. It's Friday, what can I say?

I Drove- To and from work and that is about it. That little over an hour each way is pretty much enough driving for me

I Called- One of the guys I used to work with to find out how work was looking. He was extremely positive and this made me happy

I Didn't- Eat a single bit today before I went to work and by the time I got there I was starving

I Worked- Until 4:00 when they shut the doors on me. I literally was the last person there

I Talked- To my Mom and she said if I couldn't get off work to take Anika to North Carolina she would. I swear my mommy is the best!

I Ordered- From a place I grew up eating at but hadn't had there food in probably 5 year. It definitely was NOT as good as I remembered

I Stopped- At the Beer Store for my Hubby. I always feel like those people judge me when I go through there. I have no idea why

I Praised God- That my Uncle's test showed NO CANCER

I Appreciated- My Husband sweeping and mopping our floors today. I seriously HATE mopping

I Smiled- At a sweet text my Husband sent me. Sometimes he's a keeper (just sometimes lol)

I Sucked- At my To Do List today, for real

I Ate- A 1/2 pan of Rice Krispie Treats Anika made me and then I got sick. Serves me right!

I Entered- A few sweepstakes tonight. I have no idea why I've started doing that again. It's not like I have the extra time

I Watched- Say Yes to the Dress, Love Lust or Run and Style By Jury this evening. I love Fashion Shows

I Napped- About an hour and a half this evening. I needed it.

I Have Worried- All day about a mole on the inside of my leg. It's itching me to death. I think I'll make me a dermatologist appointment

I Did- Some laundry today but it's ridiculous how much I still have left to do

I Laughed- At Lee Lee for pouring out a 1/2 a gallon of liquid washing powders all over herself. It wouldn't have been so funny but she was so slippery and so was the floor that she couldn't even crawl on it. Poor Ax went to check on her cause she was crying and down he went to. They were a hot mess!

I Cleaned- Peanut Shells out of my floor all evening. Ax loves peanuts but only if he can crack them. This is a messy process for a 4 year old

I felt- Like a new woman when I put my pajamas on today. Seriously it felt so good

I Wrote- Out my 5 year Journal Prompts for March. It helps so much to do them ahead of time. It makes it easier for me to keep up with

I am Still- Reading and Learning about Self Exploration. It's an interesting but complicated subject

I Remembered- It's almost a new month so it's time to post my Goals update for Feb and my new Goals for March! I'll end this post with those :)

February Goals Update

1. Set aside personal quiet time for Meditation, Prayer, Etc
Unfortunately I've YET to do this an I really need to. I think I'd benefit greatly from it

2. Go on a February Date
Yes we did this- Hubby and I went to dinner, the movies and shopping on Valentines/Our Anniversary Weekend. We even spent the night in a hotel. So much fun :)

3. Read a Bible Verse or Inspirational Quote Daily- Remember it, Live it
I've actually read several a day but I'm not remembering or applying them like I should. I need to figure out a way to incorporate this into my morning routine

4. Menu Plan
Epic Fail- I've not cooked hardly any which costs us so much money :(

5. File Our Taxes- Start Tracking System for Expenses 
Taxes Filed and Refund pretty much spent! I've not been tracking expenses very well though. I really just need to make an appointment with a CPA

6. Keep my nails done and face waxed
This has been a success- I'm pretty proud of myself for the way I've been trying to keep up with my appearance

7. Buy at least one of Anika's two dresses she's needing
Done and might not have to buy a 2nd one after all

8. Get Dressed, Fix my Hair, Do my Makeup- Every single day
I'm so proud of myself here. I've done excellent!

9. Visit mama's grave
I've not done this- the weather has been so bad and mama was buried on top of a steep mountain. I'm going to have to wait till the weather breaks

10. Try to get ahead or at least on target with our bills
I'm semi proud here. We are not really on target nor are we ahead but we have managed to pay off a few things so we are in much better shape than we were!

March 2015 Goals

1. Find/Make time for that Quiet Time I've been putting off doing
2. Go on a March Date
3. Menu Plan and Actually Cook this Month
4. Pay the 1,000.00 we owe on our camper off
5. Hit the tanning bed
6. Complete the March Photo Challenge
7. Start looking into upcoming camping holidays and getting sites reserved
8. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
9. Start decorating and Organizing our Camper
10. Have a Security System Installed in our Home

Friends- I hope you guys have a great weekend. Not sure what our weekend holds yet but I'm sure something. Not too many days go by around here that we aren't busy.

Until Tomorrow- Angie

Thursday 02-26 Alphabet Style

A is for Awkward Phone Call- Anika has been talking to a Marine Boy. He's stationed in North Carolina and graduates from camp next week. Anika is wanting to go. She knows this boy through mutual friends but I've never talked to his family. I called his Mom today to ask if she cared for us being there. I mean I didn't just want to barge in on a family celebration. Luckily she was super nice so it was only awkward for a few minutes!

B is for Big Surprise- Which was TOTALLY what I got today. Yesterday Hubby and the kids went and picked out a camper. I told hubby what I was looking for but left it up to him. Well, they bought one and as far as I knew it was 5,000.00 financed. It was a bit cheaper (okay a lot) than what I expected so I just didn't have a good feeling about it. He said it just needed some work and the kids kept telling me that it was too small, it needed painted, the floors needed replaced, etc. I was morified but was trying to be a good wife and not say much. This morning we went to see it and him and the camper salesman (a friend of ours) showed me a camper. I thought I might die. The salesman redirected me to another and said we could try to finance it. It was SO NICE and I wanted it SO BAD. Hubby kept saying no that it was too much money. Finally after about a 1/2 hour they confessed and told me the one I wanted was actually the one my husband bought. I was over the moon shocked and THEN they told me it was paid for. We are talking 10 grand and paid for. I was so confused. My Hubby finally confessed he got a bonus check this year and had been saving it to buy me a new camper. I thought I was going to cry. He knows how much that family time and convenience of a nice camper with the kids means to me. OMG the Man earned massive brownie points.

C is for Care Package Ideas- I've been using Pinterest like a mad woman looking for new ideas. Anika sent her Marine friend one 2 weeks ago that said I'm Blue Without You. We filled it with all blue stuff. Now we are looking for St. Patrick's Day Ideas for the next one. I Love this one! Oh and if you know anyone in the military that would enjoy packages and letters, send me their info. I'm seriously loving doing this :)

You Shamrock My World
How Cute is that?

D is for Doctor Visit- Today Anika and I both went to the Doctor. I have bronchitis as usual. It's my normal every winter illness. I got a steroid shot and an antibiotic. Anika had a blood panel done for 2 reasons. Reason one, her iron was low when she had the finger poke done so they wanted to check it with a blood panel. She quit eating meat all together about 6 months ago so they are also going to check her folic acid, protein, etc. Secondly, Anika has had a small knot in her groin area for a little bit now. Upon examination today they were somewhat concerned about it. They put her on a 10 day antibiotic course and are doing a blood workup (white cell count). She will go back in 10 days and they will recheck the knot and order another blood workup if this one is high. If the knot is still present they will do an ultrasound. I'm sure it's nothing but if you don't mind, whisper a prayer for her.

E is for Energy- Which I have tons of tonight. Steroid shots do that to me. I feel like I'm bouncing off the walls. I'll be up all night long I'm sure. 

F is for Finding Myself- It's my Journey, It's my Goal. I made the New Years Resolution to take better care of myself and find who I REALLY am. So far I feel like I'm making progress. Some days it's one step forward and to steps back but I'm just not going to give up. 

G is for Gratitude- It's been a rough long week. It started out shaky and threw many obstacles in my way. I cried, I got angry and I felt like giving up but tonight I am thankful. I'm thankful for all my blessings, I'm thankful for knowing God is always on my side and I'm thankful just to be alive.

H is for Hunting Treasures- We stopped by our local thrift store today and scored a couple goodies. Not many but a few. What I did find only cost $7.00 so I'm happy with that.

Black Dress for Anika

Sparkly Pantyhose

Easter Basket for Care Pkg

Red Cardigan for Me

Camo Pants for Little Man

St. Patrick's Day Care Pkg. Decor

More Care Pkg Decor

Easter Care Pkg Decor

Spring Sign- Possibly for Camper

New Basket- LOVE

Anika's New Bow Tie- Don't Ask :) 

I is for Inspiration- I blogged about a girl in our hometown yesterday that was 21 years old and was having the lower portion of her leg amputated due to cancer. Praise God she came through surgery perfectly and today she was up and walking and her spirits were high. Such an inspirational young lady.

J is for Gratitude Jar- I've been wishing I made a Gratitude Jar the 1st of the year. I didn't though. Today I thought why do I have to wait till the beginning of the year to be grateful? This may be a project I work on soon!

K is for KFC Run- Chicken it was for dinner. Ax and I went up around 8:30 and grabbed some takeout. We had a late dinner tonight.

L is for Lunch- Which was take out also from the Dairy Bar. I am lazy, what can I say?

M is for My Nails- That I totally adore by the way. Red and Pink...Perfect combo!

N is for Naps- I took a 3 hour one today! Pure Bliss :)

O is for Organizing My Life- It's definitely still a work in progress but I'm doing better

P is for Pinterest- I have a REAL addiction friends!!!!

Q is for Quiet Time- It's one thing I've been trying to add to my daily routine and haven't done it yet. I need to figure out how to work it in. My soul needs it.

R is for Road Trip- Looks like Anika and I will be taking one to North Carolina next week. I'm totally not excited about it.

S is for Snow Day- The kids have been out of school again all this week. There is no school tomorrow either. They are going to be going all summer long again.

T is for Test Results- My Uncle is getting some very important info on his Health tomorrow. Please pray for him

U is for Unusually Tired- Which is what Anika has been lately. I'm anxious to see what her blood work shows

V is for Very Comfortable- Totally describes my outfit consisting of Leggings and a long Cardigan today :)

W is for Writing Lists- What I spend a ton of time on. It's a hobby of mine.

X is for Xtra Excited- For Spring that is....not too much longer

Y is for Yawning- It's 3:55 am...I'm finally getting sleeping. I'm going to be dragging tomorrow

Z is for Zero Housework- Which is what I've done all week. I need to play catch up

That my friends is a brief description of our day. Happy Friday- Cheers to the Weekend :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Have an Excuse

Today your getting a Daybook Post and NO PHOTOS!!! I have an excuse, I'm sick.

For Today- Wednesday Feb 25, 2015

Outside My Window- There is STILL snow on the ground. It's a yucky slushy mess and there is another 1-2 inches of snow forecast for tonight. Where or where is SPRING????

I am Thinking- About all the things I need to be doing but don't feel like doing. Winter colds are the worst. I feel horrible.

I am Thankful- For my job and the flexibility it allows me. It pays good too so that is a bonus :)

I am Wearing- Plaid Pajama Bottoms and a Black Tee. I got dressed today though in such a cute outfit for work and forgot to take a picture. Such a shame!!

I am Creating- Lists Lists and More Lists- this is always my answer to this one. I'm addicted to lists

I am Going- To look at the new camper Hubby and the kids purchased today. I told them what I wanted and am excited/nervous to see what they picked out.

I am Wondering- If I can get by working from home tomorrow. I seriously think I need the day at home

I am Reading- Deeds, Assignments, Leases, etc for work. Not exciting at all.

I am Hoping- To get some much needed stuff done tomorrow. I've been slacking all week.

I am Learning- How to shop wisely for clothes and I'm loving it. My closet is looking great and so much more usable these days.

I am Pondering- Things I want to add to my bucket list

In my Kitchen- Is leftover pizza and breadsticks the kids ordered today while I was working.

A Favorite Quote Today:

Made Me Think Of My Granny

One of my Favorite Things- Shopping and Getting my Nails done....both of which I did today

I am Looking Forward To- Spring and Summer. I'm so over Winter already

Around the House- Lee and Anika are already asleep. Ax is watching Mickey Mouse and I'm chilling at the computer. The night is winding down.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week- Tomorrow we will go check out the camper and I hope to get some things done that I've been putting off here at the house. I'm also hoping to hit up the thrift store. Friday I'll be working, Saturday I'll probably get out and about for awhile with the kids and Sunday I'm hoping to make it to Church. Other than that, who knows.

I am Praying- For a 21 year old girl in our community who had to have her leg amputated this morning due to cancer. Just heartbreaking :(

I am Loving- Listening to Ax tell me how he loves to pet on his sister and she's the best sister in the world.

A Little about My Day- I woke up late this morning, like 9:00 late. I got ready for work, talked to the kids, kissed the Hubby and headed out the door. I grabbed Subway on my way to the Courthouse and ate it on the road. I worked only a couple hours and gave it up. I was sick and ready to leave. I stopped at Goody's, Goodwill and the nail salon on my way home. I grabbed a cute leopard top and a polka dot top while shopping. I came home, picked up my kiddos and went to the doctor's office. Anika needed to see him and I needed a shot. Of course, he wasn't in today. We left and told them we would come back tomorrow. I went to Mom's and got some money she had put up in the safe for me and then took Anika's friend Megan home. I grabbed myself some dinner at the Tea Room on the way home since the kids had just had pizza earlier. I came home and ate, talked with Sis and played on the computer. That about wraps it up.

Happy Almost Friday guys :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Loving and Loathing

It's been quite a few days since I've blogged. Life hit me full speed and knocked me down for a day or two. I'm back up and going again now, it can't keep me down long. I decided to not even try to catch up and disclose some way to personal information. Instead, I'm just going to do a love & loathe post for you. Here's a few things I've been Loving and Loathing over the past few days!

Loving: Shopping...the kids and I went to the mall on Saturday and had the best time. I also hit up Factory Connection yesterday and found a few great things. Shopping (for clothes) is a passion of mine.

Loving: Cracker Barrel- It's one of my favorite places to eat. I was totally bummed that they were sold out of Chicken n Dumplings but the Shrimp was divine!!!

Loving: My new haircut- I went super short my friends. I was at the mall and having a bad hair day so I walked into a salon I'd never been into before and told the woman to cut it off. I think it's me.

Not the best photos but you get the idea!

Loathing- Winter time, the snow, ice and slushy mess it's left. We still have snow piled up everywhere and the ground is a wet sloppy mess. We got pounded by an ice storm and then rain. The creeks looked like a scene out of Antartica with ice floating everywhere. It's still bitter cold and the kids have been out of school for almost 2 weeks. More snow is in the forecast. This girl is so ready for Spring.

Loving- Organizing or well not totally. I don't even enjoy organizing but I do love the finished product. This week I got my shoes organized and I bought some really cool hangers for my pants and skirts. I'm loving how much space this has saved me.

Loathing- Sick babies- My poor two little one's have had the stomach bug. I think they are finally on the mend. Poor Lee had it so bad she didn't eat for days and her bottom hurt her from using the potty so much. I'm so thankful they are feeling better.

Loving- Sleeping in which is pretty much what I did most all week last week and over the weekend. Winter is the perfect time to sleep in.

Loving- Teenagers, I know sounds strange doesn't it. I truly do. Meg has been with us since last Monday and I'm thinking I should adopt her. I love having her around. We went to the mall last week just us girls and had a blast. Teenagers are the best :)

Loving- My parent's and ALL they do for me. They truly are my life line and my biggest supporters I am so blessed.

Loathing- Arguing, Crying and Swollen Eyes. Hubby and I have had a tiff but it's better now. It did lead to some sleepless nights, crying on my part and swollen puffy eyes in the mornings. I am not an arguer, I'm such a peaceful person.

Loving- Lists of every sort. I have online lists, lists in notebooks, lists on my phone....I just love lists.

Loving- Getting dressed everyday. I'm still working through wearing every piece in my closet and so far I'm doing good. I have really enjoyed dressing up everyday. It makes me feel so much better about myself.

Loathing- PMS and everything about it. It seriously makes me a psychotic bitch. Pardon my language but it's for real.

Loving- My office area even though it's not complete. I still want to add an inspiration board and command center to it. Everything I've read says the command center needs to be in the center of the house but I know that won't work for me. I need it in my bedroom where I can sit down and look at it everyday and where it is out of my kids reach. The girls put my desk together for me and they did a great job :) 

Loving- My Co-Worker/Crew Chief Stacy. Not only is she our crew leader but she's also my friend. She's a sweetie. Makes work so much better.

Loving- Anika's new hair although I'm not real sure what color it is. I'll let you be the judge.

Loathing- Parking Tickets...I got another one today. 

Loving- Long talks, sometimes I just need to talk. I'm a talker by nature

Loving- The show ever! So excited to see our own hometown girl perform on there next week :) 

Loving- Naps and especially when your body can do NO more!!!!

Loving- My Little Lady....she is a constant reminder of my granny

Loathing- Obama because he's just an idiot. Sorry if I offend anyone but he's really an idiot!

Loving- That we finally got our boat back. We sold it several months ago because we were in a bind. I swore if I ever got the money I'd buy it back and today I did. Just in time for Spring!!!!

Friends that is my list- Hope you guys are doing well
I'll get over to blog read one of these days.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Twenty Things about Thursday

Here's thirty things about our Thursday did you spend your's?

1. Hubby worked dayshift and left at 4:30 am. It was so super bitter cold when he left. I got my poor daddy on my mind. He had to work outside in these temperatures all day. He did okay though. When I was asking him how he stood it "He said he was tougher than 2 nights in jail". Only my daddy!

2. The kids and I snuggled up until about 7:30 am. Annalee decided she needed to get up and pee. I've got to be happy that she actually woke to pee but the little rat wouldn't go back to bed. This made me not so happy.

3. I fixed Sausage and Eggs for breakfast and I was the only one who would eat. Oh well, it was good so their loss!

4. Ax cracks me up with food these days. If he decides on something he wants to eat, he always asks if it has to cook. If it does he doesn't want it. The child is seriously that impatient.

5. I managed to get a good hot bath yesterday. It sure beat the heck out of the lukewarm one I took the night before.

6. I wore a sweater and jeans yesterday. I hated the sweater. It went in the throw away pile as soon as I got home. It's amazing how much I've threw away since trying to wear every piece in my closet. I don't like 1/2 that junk as well as I thought I did.

7. The kids and I left the house yesterday. We were going stir crazy. We went to town to both Dollar Stores and the gas station. It was better than nothing.

8. I spend too much time on Pinterest. 1/2 my day yesterday was pinning stuff. I'm totally addicted.

9. Anika and Megan put together a care package for a boy Anika is sort of talking to who's in the Marine's. Actually he's just in basic training right now. She did such a good job. It is a I'm blue without you package and has all kinds of goodies in it. I'll be mailing it for her today. I think he's going to love it.

10. I made homemade chili and mexican cornbread for dinner. Honestly, nothing is better on a cold day than mexican cornbread!

11. My kids played and fought pretty much all day. Those two crack me up. I don't know if they like each other or not. It depends on the second you ask.

12. I bought a new desk while I was out and about. I'm excited to get it put together and start using it.

13. My husband got home a little later yesterday than normal so he didn't get too much done. He did manage to get the garbage unloaded from his truck but that was about it.

14. Annalee seemed to feel much better yesterday. She didn't eat much but she was able to drink and hold it down. Hopefully it was just a 24 hour bug she had and none of the rest of us get it.

15. Our town is still snow covered. Here's what it looked like yesterday. I swear I feel like I'm in the North Pole and I hate it.

16. I spent the evening organizing my shoes. While out and about I picked up 2 plastic crates to store my shoes in. I think it's going to be a good system. I plan to hang my boots and put my flip flops in a basket. My shoe organization before was a mess so I'm helping this helps!

17. I swear my kids are something else. Anika sported stars on her face yesterday. Don't ask me why, I have no clue.

18. My little two can cause me lots of headaches but boy do they bring lots of joy to my life.

19. I'm such a sucker when it comes to Anika. At 8:30 last night I trudged out in the cold to go pick up yet another friend of her's. She better know how much I love her.

20. I ended up staying up till about midnight last night. That seems to be my usual bedtime these days.

Friends that wraps up our Thursday. It's 7:30 am Friday morning and it's already been a rough one. Our temps are in the double digit negatives and I've already been out to assist the Hubby. His truck broke down on his way to work so I had to go pick him up so he didn't freeze to death. I brought him home and he got the car so he could go to work. He of course had to shovel forever just to get it out of the driveway. I think I'll lay back down for a bit before the kids and I head off to the mall for the day. Figure we better get out today, we have yet another storm coming in tonight and tomorrow that will bring heavy wet snow and ice. Fun Times- NOT!!!!!

Hope you all are staying warm


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Frozen in Kentucky

Hey Friends....It's been a few days since I've posted. Trust me, I have not been busy but I have been trying to stay warm. We don't ever get much snow around here. Usually a few snow storms that drop 2-3 inches but that is about it. You know the kind that is enough to make the morning travel slick and to get school called off. Well that wasn't the case this time. We got lots of snow and ridiculously cold temperatures. This girl is ready to move South for real.

The Hubby left for work on dayshift. When he woke me at 4:30 am to tell me bye, it was already snowing. He suggested that if I was going to go to the gas station, I should do it early. Quite a smart suggestion I might add. When he left at a little after 5:00 am I woke Anika and had her sit with Sis and Bub while I made a quick trip down there and back. The roads were already covered by this point so I ended up driving super slow. I did a little blog reading and commenting when I got home. It was a good low key morning to do it. I figured our day was going to be pretty much inside so I headed back to bed. I didn't wake up again until after 10:00 am.

When I woke the snow was STILL pouring. I spent my day cleaning house. I got my floors mopped and swept, the bathroom cleaned, laundry done and a bunch of other chores. I fixed the kids a big lunch because I had nothing else to do and I even managed an hour conversation with my best friend who I never get to talk to these days. Anika pretty much lounged around all day while Annalee and Axle played and watched cartoons. Ax watched the Cars movie too, his favorite.

By the time Hubby got home, I had to wonder how he even got here. He did get off work an hour early but he had to drive so slow he still ended up getting home at regular time. Our State had been declared a State of Emergency. We had 10 plus inches of snow. It may not sound like a lot to those of you that get pounded with snow but in Eastern KY that is a lot of snow. It cripples the entire area due to the area being so rural with winding roads and lots of mountains.

Hubby informed me that he didn't have to work on Tuesday due to weather. I have never in my 16 years of being married to him known them to call off work at the underground mines due to weather. We weren't complaining though, that just meant he got a weekday home with us.

Our evening consisted of more lounging around. Hubby and the kids went to bed around 10:00 and I stayed up quite a bit later watching some show called "Castle". I'd never watched it before but it was actually really good.

I actually got dressed on the snow day

Eating the snow cream I made them

Snowy Yard

Looks like a Winter Wonderland

Everything covered in white powder

So much snow- I'm ready for Spring

We all slept in and why not? It was cold and our big warm bed felt pretty darn good. I think it was about 10:00 before any of us got up. When we did Hubby went to town to run some errands for me while I got myself and the kids ready.  

When Hubby returned we met up with his buddy Brandon and his boys and then went and picked up our neighbor Tasha so we could all head out to go snow tubing. We went back on the ridge where we knew where some triple layer hills were and let the kids have at it. Ax went down once and he was done. Apparently snow tubing isn't his thing. Lee didn't even try it. Every time we would ask her she of course said "NO". She's a big chicken. It was cold but they all had a blast. We left the trucks running and they all went to warm up every few minutes. I wanted to tube but chose not to because I was too lazy to walk back up the hill. Pathetic I know.

We spent a couple hours tubing and then went and picked up one of Anika's friend's Megan. She wanted to come spend some snow days with us. When we got home I made a kettle of homemade soup and cleaned up our tubing mess. My floors were muddy once again and there was snow clothes to be washed. Hubby hung out in the garage most of the evening and bubby hung out with him. He sure enjoyed his daddy being home. 

My goofy child did the snow challenge on Facebook which meant she ended up putting on a bathing suit and rolling down the hill in the snow. Only my teenager would do such an insane thing.

Hubs and the kids cuddled in the bed and watched television that evening. They all fell asleep pretty early. I played on Pinterest, did some writing and sent my work Invoice in before hitting the hay myself. Megan, Anika and Tasha were all up for awhile but I have no idea how long. I just go to bed and leave them. Those teenagers can definitely outdo me.

I really thought I might be able to get out and go to the mall on Wednesday but when Hubs woke me before he left for work, he told me it was snowing AGAIN!!! I just went back to sleep. I woke up around 10:00 am and suckered Megan into riding to town with me. I left Anika and Tasha here at home with the babies. The trip to town was definitely interesting to say the least. The roads were in worse condition than they were the day before. We made it though safe and sound!

The girls spent their day making Homemade Mac n Cheese, listening to music and texting. Ax laid around pretty much all day and watched television. It's not good for him but what are you going to do with this much snow. Lee Lee was sick all day vomiting. I'm thinking she has a stomach virus. I took care of her most of the day, did a few loads of laundry and managed to get a shower before Hubby got home.

When Hubs got home he went outside and fixed the chicken pen. He put board installation all around it and hung them a heat lamp. Our temperatures are getting dangerously low so we are trying to keep them safe. I fixed some Hamburger Helper for dinner, we all ate and lounged the rest of the evening. Hubby went to bed around 9:00 and I followed around 10:00. Definitely not a real interesting day.

Girls on Snow Day Number 3

Still Snowy

My friends it's now Thursday and while the snow has quit it sure hasn't melted. The temps got below -10 last night and tonight they are supposed to be -20. That is ridiculously cold. Today will be another day for us stuck in the house trying to stay warm. Wish us luck.