Friday, January 9, 2015

Trying to Stay Warm

Checking in this morning from the insanely cold Eastern Kentucky. I don't know about where you live but here it is bitter cold and everything is in a hard freeze! I'm not enjoying it. You all know by now that cold weather and I do not go hand in hand.

It's been a few days since I've updated so I just wanted to give you a rundown of our week so far. TGIF- it's almost the weekend. Does that make anyone else happy?

Here's a few of the weeks happenings!

* I enrolled Anika back into public school on Monday. This was her choice. I personally think her education would be better at home (I know it would) but she was missing the socialization aspect of school so bad. She didn't get to officially start until Tuesday. Her day was good and she talked about it non stop when she got home. The downside, let the teenage girl drama begin!

* Anika went to work with me on Tuesday since she couldn't start school. We had Mexican food for lunch and then when to the nail salon together. We both got a set of nails put on and sweet girl paid for mine. She said she wanted to treat her momma! She used her Christmas money. I love them and I love her sweet soul!

* Hubs and I spent our Tuesday night catching up on our favorite show, Offroad Alaska. He and I both love it and try to never miss an episode!

* We went through some of my Granny's stuff this week and talk about absolute heartbreak. I hate everything about this situation so much. It is unreal how much I already miss my Granny.

* I've been dabbling in coupons again this week. I wish I could master the art of it. Right now though I'm just starting out slow. I figure if I save any money it's a good thing, right? I've been thinking of using a coupon clipping service. Have any of you ever used one?

* The kids got a snow day on Wednesday and Thursday. It was just a dusting but enough to get them out of school. We have been in the smack dab of a polar blast and let me tell you, it's been cold. I think it was 2 degrees at 10:00 am yesterday. Even Axle thinks it's cold, he hates wearing clothes!

* I didn't work on Wednesday due to the weather. Everyone I talked to said it was best to stay off the roads if I could. That is the wonderful thing about my job, I set my own days and hours. Instead of working, I spent the day at home with the kids. I managed to get some chores done and my Master Closet cleaned out. That is always a big accomplishment.

* Hubs and I are considering doing some major home renovations should we be unable or decide not to purchase my Granny's house. I'm actually excited about it. I proposed a plan to him this week and I think he liked it. It would add an 2 additional bathrooms, a family room, a laundry room, a home office and a pantry to this place plus I'd like to add a wrap around deck. I see big dollar signs though so we shall see.

* Thursday I only worked a 1/2 day. The project I'm working on ends next Wednesday so they have already pulled me from it and gave me a new assignment. I had some loose ends to tie up on Thursday but that was it. I'll start at a new location (about the same distance) on Monday. I'm a bit nervous about it but I'm hoping for the best. At least I'm not laid off like many around here are.

* Destiny spent the night with Anika last night. I think they thought there would be no school today but they were so wrong. I dropped both of them off before 8:00 this morning.

* I bought a new journal yesterday and I think I'm going to love it. I did my first page last night and it was so much fun!

* Hubs and I spent our evening yesterday scouring Facebook Auto Traders. He's in the market for a new/used vehicle. We haven't found anything yet but I'm sure we will. As much as I despise looking at vehicles, I considered it quality time with him so why not.

* I didn't get to bed till late last night. I sat up and finished up my work until 2:00 am. I have to turn it all in today. I'm dragging today but I might as well get over it, I have things to do.

* Additional Random Photos for you:

The only Valentine Decor I have so far but I love it

My dog- This is Lady! She was my Granny's dog 
and now has a forever home here at my house

One of this week's work outfits

* Leaving you with my daily bible verse!

Happy Friday Friends- Hope you all have a good one!


  1. For saving money, I like For us, not going out to eat is paramount. I do not coupon except for CVS, where I get all of our toiletries for free, as I shop at Aldi's and Costco. That's how I save the most money.

  2. Ooo! Fancy nails! I like them! And how sweet of your daughter to treat you. So nice. :)
    Have a fantastic weekend! And stay warm!

  3. I live in northern Michigan, so it's been ridiculously cold lately. We had three snow days last week with lots of snow and wind chills below zero. Yuck! But I'm a teacher, so the snow days are pretty nice.