Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Morning Thoughts

Morning Friends:

I thought I'd share some Thursday Morning thoughts with you all about this past week! My blogging these days is still hit and miss so this post will contain several days worth of stuff. I really wish I could find more time for blogging but right now my schedule stays so busy that I feel like I'm drowning. Maybe one day!

Thursday Morning Thoughts

1. We overslept for Church on Sunday. I hate when I do that. It makes me feel horrible.

2. We did have a nice Sunday Breakfast at American Grill. It was Hubby, Myself and all the kids including Anika's friend Megan.

3. I went to my Granny's and got a few more things. I brought her vanity set home. I'm hoping to get it arranged nicely in my bedroom soon. I also brought home some dishes that belonged to her and her cigarette case. Gosh I miss that lady with every fiber of my being.

4. SJ and I have discussed purchasing Granny's house a few times. We have went back and forth with how we feel about it. One of my main reasons for wanting it is that if we don't purchase it, the man who is wanting to will tear it down.

5. I had a whole house full of teenagers from Friday until Tuesday. Three of Anika's friends came and spent the night. They are pretty much regulars here each weekend. It's so funny, they call themselves the "Quad Squad"

6. I did some couponing this weekend at Rite Aid and Dollar General. My best buy was on diapers though. I got Huggies Overnights for $5.99 a pack. That my friends is a steal.

7. Hubs worked Saturday night so he only really had Sunday off. He spent most of it outside tinkering with his truck and cleaning out his garage. He did manage to get the Christmas lights down finally. This made me happy :)

8. I had Monday off work due to the holiday. Poor Hubby was not so lucky. The kids and I spent the entire day at home. I should have been very productive but I'm not going to even lie, I wasn't.

9. I made lasagna this week and it was the first time in forever that I had made it. It was so good. I make a mean lasagna.

10. Hubs and I watched the last episode of Off Road Alaska this week. I've so enjoyed the season. I hated for it to end.

11. We almost overslept for school on Tuesday but luckily we didn't

12. Wednesday we weren't so lucky, we did oversleep. The kids didn't get to school till 10:00 am. I had taken the day off anyway so at least I wasn't late for work.

13. Tuesday was a boring work day for me. I was pretty much at a standstill until I received further direction.

14. Tuesday evening I had a late lunch at Gino's Pizza and then a Work Meeting at 3:30 pm. I'd like to tell you I got further direction but I didn't really.

15. My job is frustrating me. I feel like I'm drowning. The things this company is asking for is much different that what I've been doing.

16. My Uncle (dad's brother) got a bad doctor's report. He has had part of his colon removed already due to colon cancer. He was having some issues so he went back to the doctor. They found several tumors on the outside of his gall bladder. He is seeing a specialist in February. He needs prayers.

17. I was so glad Mom cooked Wednesday. She sent home with me a big bowl of beans, pickled corn and cornbread. It was so yummy.

18. Ax got a haircut Wednesday evening. He needed it, he was starting to look very shabby

19. I was just exhausted on Tuesday night and ended up in bed around 9:00 pm

20. Wednesday morning started really pissy (literally). Ax didn't have an overnight on and peed all over me. Makes for a good wakeup call.

21. Our neighbors got a new doublewide. I must admit, I'm pretty jealous

22. Mom had a doctor's appointment in Lexington Wednesday which is why I took the day off. I just didn't feel like chasing down another sitter.

23. I've been kicking the laundry's butt....for real

24. Axle has talked non stop about Paddington the Bear. He went with Mom over the weekend to watch it and he LOVED it!

25. Anika attended Youth Group Wednesday Night. She was so excited to find out that they will be hosting a Judgement house at the end of March- first of April.

26. I spent my Wednesday evening watching Pawn Stars and then House Hunters. I was pretty lazy all day. I just didn't feel well.

27. I've battled a tooth/head ache all week. I'm thinking it my sinuses

28. Here it is Thursday Morning all ready. My day will be spent in West Virginia working. I'm hoping for a good day.

29. This weekend should be a good one- it's the Hubby's Birthday

30. Friends- I hope you all have a blessed day.


  1. I had off from work on Monday also and did absolutely nothing. It mus have been that kind of day. I took off from work yesterday also to take Joe to an appointment. We ended up at Rite Aid and I got a new Christmas tree. 6 foot tall for $25. We seem to be leading parallel lives (LOL!). Ah, back to work for me today too. So don't want to go. i can't wait to retire. Have a good weekend. Think of me working on Saturday.

  2. It would be wonderful if you could get your Granny's house.