Saturday, January 17, 2015

Things I Know

It's been almost a week since I've blogged. You would think I'd have a great post for you today with tons of amazing pictures. You know me though, that just isn't how I roll. Today I've got for you the mundane everyday life stuff I always blog about plus a few shots that I managed to find a second or two to take. Hey I'm a busy gal!

Here's all about the Life of Angie in a Things I Know post!!

Things I Know:

I know that waking up late and thinking you overslept for work and school is no fun. I know that when you find out it snowed and there is no school, it's a huge relief.

I know that I despise winter and I despise driving in the winter even more. This new project I'm on has sucky roads so Tuesday's drive in the snow did not make me happy

I know that if you forget to pay your electric bill they shut it off. I know this because I woke up without power Tuesday morning. My bad!!!

I know that working a project where there is no communication or order is extremely frustrating. It's been a long week.

I know that having a 16 year old and two little one's at the same time has a huge perk to it. It's called live in child care when there is no school

I know that Homeschool was a great choice for Anika for awhile. I also know that public school seems to be the right choice for her now. I now know that the transition is horrible- she has had to work her tail end off all week trying to finish up her Homeschool stuff and she's still not done.

I know that every evening of my life (probably for the rest of my life) housework will be on my to do list.

I know that I love Journaling...I also know that I wished I had more time to do it regularly

I know that my daughter used to be Anti UK just because everyone else loved them. Apparently she's had a change of heart- she watches all their games now.

I know that I managed to do one night of blog reading this week and I enjoyed it so much. Just another thing I wished I had more time to do

I know that the Superintendent probably regretted having school on Wednesday. The High School hill was an icy mess. Traffic was backed up and buses were stuck.

I know that from now on I'll use the Walmart change machine to cash in all my change. Such an easy process and only costs a few bucks. Much better than rolling it all

I know that I love Bacon Egg and Cheese from Hardee's. I also know that I don't like their Ham and Cheese Biscuits. I ordered it by mistake.

I know that I'll never by papers again. Ordering coupons from a coupon service is the only way to go

I know that I need to find a spot for my coupon scores but I don't know where that spot will be. This house is too small

I know that I couldn't survive without my calendar. For real, it's my life line

I know that Hubby has been sick for way too many days and needs to go to the doctor. Initially it started out with terrible migraines and flu like symptoms and now has turned into stomach virus symptoms. He's one stubborn man

I know that spending that evening with my parent's is so enjoyable. Combine that amazing socialization time with mom's spaghetti dinners and you have a big time winner.

I know that I work from home almost as much as I work at the Courthouse. It's just easier for me to concentrate at home

I know that I was super happy that Hubs had retraining Thursday. That meant he was home and in the bed with us by 9:00 instead of working all night long.

I know that Friday might have just been one of the craziest, most rushed days I've had in a long time. I'd like to not repeat it anytime soon

I know that I am seriously enjoying having this 3 day weekend. No work or school for us Monday. Well for Me and the kids anyway. Hubs still has to work

I know that I hate having to send in two invoices now. It's complicated but it has to be done

I know that I might have been ridiculously lazy Friday evening but I had a rough day and didn't even care

I know that I'm so glad to be back in touch with my Millie. She's my Uncle's Ex and we just recently got back in touch. I've missed that woman

I know that I watched at least 10 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress last night. I like that show a little

I know that I HATE Anika staying away from home on Hubby's second shift nights. I'm such a chicken.

I know that staying up till 3:30 am is never good but I do it on occasion anyway

I know that I should have went to the cemetery today with the rest of the family but I just didn't want too. I just wasn't in the mood today

I know that they predicted the highs to be in the upper 50's today but they lied. I don't think it even got 50 degrees

I know that I should have done some work today that I brought home yesterday but I didn't. Oh well.

I know I have an Aunt in desperate need of prayers. Please remember her as your pray

 I know that my Hubby has spent his entire day outside but at least his truck is finally ready to drive

I know how much money I have in savings usually but today I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had more than I thought I did

I know Anika and her BFF Megan are together every weekend but at least they are here at my house where I can keep an eye on them

I know it's expensive but I love Mexican Food

I know I only have about 4 photos for the entire week but here they are:

Traffic backed up due to ice and snow at the school

Mail Order Coupons- Heck Yeah

Enjoying a milder day

Much Needed Outdoor time

I know tomorrow is Sunday and I have Church early so I probably should end this now and head to bed soon.

Night my Friends

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  1. Lovely to read what you've been up to. Take care of yourself.