Thursday, January 29, 2015

Six Days have Passed

I should be sleeping but instead I'm blogging. I knew I had to get this post up sooner than later or I'd just get totally overwhelmed & not blog. I've been procrastinating because six days has passed since the last time I posted. Oh well, nothing like a big catch up post, right?

Here's a few things I wanted to share today......

* We have a new sheriff in town and he's kicking butt and taking names, for real! He does a Meth Bust at least every couple of days. He kind of reminds me of the guy on Walking Tall. It's so nice to have someone in office though that actually cares about cleaning up this county!

* Axle took sick on Thursday of last week and had to miss school. We ended at the after hours clinic that night because he had a high fever. He tested positive for Type A flu. Luckily he didn't get too bad with it and it only lasted a few days. Anika ended up sick with it on Saturday night but was feeling much better by Sunday night. I'm just thankful it wasn't too hard on them. Ax did a lot of sleeping while he was sick though and Little Lee joined him.

* Our health insurance totally sucks. We pay for the insurance and then end up paying $300.00 for Tamiflu too. That's just stupid.

* I ended up not working last Friday because Ax was sick. I just couldn't stand leaving him and him with such a high fever. That is one perk of my job, I can miss when I need to.

* I've been eating breakfast everyday at Hardee's. It's on my way to the Courthouse so it's just an easy stop. I always get Bacon, Egg and Cheese but the other day I tried their Hash Rounds too. Oh my word, so good.

* There was a house fire on our road last week. Mom called me at work and told me but she didn't know where it was. I freaked obviously and called all my neighbors. It was actually an abandoned trailer up our road thankfully. Mom sure knows how to scare a girl though.

* I travel a lot these days for work. I'm just appalled at the way coal trucks totally disregard red lights. It's as if they don't even see them. It's no wonder so many people get killed on the road ways.

* My Aunt is struggling with severe depression. I saw her last week and she's just pitiful. She could sure use your prayers.

* Anika had counseling last week. She's been with her counselor forever and loves him. I used to go to counseling but quit. Lately I've felt the need to go back so I made myself an appointment for next Monday. I'm hoping it helps me sort things out in my brain.

* Anika's school had a blood drive the other day. Bless her heart, she went down to donate and couldn't due to low iron. I need to make her a doctor's appointment and have it checked out.

* Speaking of school, what is wrong with kids these days? The law stays at the school due to drug incidents, there is a fight every single day and they have to practice lock down drills. What is this world coming to?

* Saturday we got a little snow....very little but a little

* I got a new haircut and color last week and I love it. I feel like a diva!

Here's the Before

Here are some After

* My Annalee is a monster these days. She hits, bites, yells, won't listen and so forth. Oh my word I know it's the terrible 2's but she's wearing me out.

* I met a guy friend of Anika's on Saturday. We all went out and had Chinese and then went to Walmart. I liked him, he seemed like a good kid. Anika wasn't taken by him though so I'm assuming it was our first and last meet. She's got a new love interest now. He texted her this evening and asked her to go to the Valentine Movie with him on Valentine's Day. We shall see how well she likes him in the near future I suppose. Teen girls, ugh!

* Saturday night Hubby and I had a date night. We went and watched American Sniper. It was nice to be out just the two of us. I can't say enough about the movie. If you haven't seen it, go! It's a wonderful/sad movie. After the movie we drove his truck across the hill to come home. I enjoyed the alone time.

* We didn't go to Church Sunday- the kids had been sick and it wasn't the Hubby's Birthday. He's now 37 years old. That's so hard to believe. Anika made his cake, we sang Happy Birthday to him and then ate cake. We didn't do any kind of big to do but the kids enjoyed it. We got him a new Shop Vac, some ratchet straps and a cup holder thing for his truck. He seemed to have a good day. That's all that matters really.

* Megan spent the night with Sis Sunday and Monday night. Charm came over Monday night and stayed. Those girls are inseparable these days.

* Sunday night I went to my cousins to get some help on this project I'm working on at work. I'm so unconfident in what I'm doing and I hate that. I'm trying my best though and that is all I can do really.

* Anika finally got her Bavel Grades. I was so proud of her! She did so well.

* Tuesday it snowed while I was at work. Luckily the roads didn't get bad. It was a pretty drive home though.

* Tuesday after work I got my nails done. I adore them. They make me so happy just looking at them. Corny I know but true.

* Wednesday Anika had a field trip to WSAZ News Station with her Journalism class. She had so much fun. It was right up her alley because her dream job is to be a journalist.

* After the field trip their class went out to eat and to the mall. I got this photo. Someone is already preparing for prom although this isn't the dress she wants.

* Wednesday evening Anika went to Youth Group. They are hosting a Judgement House in April and she is so excited about it. She loves Youth Group.

* Our washer tore up on Tuesday. They were supposed to deliver it Wednesday but Hubby ran Annalee to mom's and missed them. Luckily they brought it today. I was so glad, laundry is piled sky high around here.

* Wednesday there was a lady called wanting to know if we wanted to sale our house. We had pretty much decided not to sale and buy my grandma's. After this lady called just out of the blue, I thought maybe god was telling me I was supposed to buy Granny's. She's supposed to come look at it tomorrow. I guess if it's meant to be it will be and if it's not it won't. It's just so ironic, we didn't even have ours listed for sale. She just ran into someone who knew we had talked about buying my Granny's and they told her to check with me.

* Ax begged me to lay down with him Wednesday evening so I did. He just laid beside me and watched cartoons. Lee ended up laying down too and falling asleep. It's hard to tell him no. I had a thousand other things to do but decided they could just wait.

* PMS has set in. I'm in crazy woman mode, for real. My poor family

* My boss lady emailed Wednesday night and said she would be having a meeting with us today. Well needless to say, she didn't show. She called and cancelled and requested we mail our docs to hr so I did. I decided tomorrow is going to be a work from home day for me. 

* This morning was a rough one. Ax threw a massive fit and he hasn't done t* hat in forever. I hope it's not going to become habit again.

* I had a slick drive to work. I ran into freezing rain on my way. Things got really bad out and even the Intersection shut down for awhile. It was one time I was happy to be at work!

* I only worked a 1/2 day today. I spent the day getting my docs ready so I could work at home tomorrow. 

* My evening has been spent doing laundry- literally that is all I've done. I was/am so behind

* Tomorrow they are calling for icy roads. I'm betting they won't be school. Sunday night they are calling for snow (possibly a significant amount). We shall see, it usually never pans out and misses us.

* This week I've been focusing on taking better care of myself (appearance wise). I'd love to tell you all about it but just don't feel like getting into it tonight. Maybe some other time. I do know I probably should be giving Lee Lee some tips though. Check out this get up she put on the other day.

* Friends I'd love to get back into a more regular blogging habit but I swear I don't know when it will ever happen. Life is just insane busy right now. I hope you guys are doing well though. I'm hoping to swing by some blogs tomorrow and catch up.

Take Care
Till Next Time

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