Friday, January 30, 2015

Okay Friday

Tomorrow is the last day of January. This month has felt like a long one. I'm assuming it just all the changes that have taken place in my life recently. I'm excited for February though. Turning my calendar page to a fresh month always makes me happy and hopeful!

To begin tonight I'm going to post my Monthly Goal Update and my new February Goals!

January Goal Update!

 * Set aside personal/quiet time each day- Meditation, Reflection, Prayer, Etc
This hasn't been successful at all really. I did well the first few days and then fell off the bandwagon. The only real quiet reflective time I've had lately has been driving to work. I need to do better about this
* Cut and Color my Hair
This one was a success! I got a new cut (and it has a style now) and color that I absolutely love. I just have to keep it up now :)

* Have our January Date Night
We actually did have a date night. It wasn't exactly what we planned but we had sick kids and no babysitter so our night consisted of a movie (American Sniper) and a drive home through the hills. It was actually quite nice.

* Celebrate my Husband's Birthday
I really kinda slacked here but the celebration did happen. It just consisted of cake and presents but hubby was happy so win/win!

* Make some housing decisions (more on that later)
This one hasn't really been 100% decided yet. Mostly because we are still waiting on some info from the lawyer. I'm leaning more towards just staying here though and doing some work to our double wide. I'm just letting God sort this one out for me :)

* Buy Hubby a dependable work vehicle
Done- He bought a truck and it runs!!!

* Clear up a local financial debt and work on our current financial position
I'm thinking this got worse this month- This was an EPIC fail

* Read a bible verse every morning to start the day
Another fail and something I really would like to do

* Menu  Plan
Yet another fail of major proportions :(

* Come up with a working system for business expenses and talk to an accountant
This too my friends was a failure

Okay so I didn't do as well as I thought- Let's hope next month is more successful. Here's my February Goals!


1. Set aside Personal Quiet Time- Mediation, Prayer, Etc. I think my soul really needs this
2. Go on a February Date- Hopefully to celebrate our Anniversary and Valentine's Day
3. Read a bible verse or inspirational quote daily- remember it throughout the day, live it!
4. Menu Plan
5. File our Taxes- Start a tracking system for receipts
6. Keep my nails up and get my Face waxed
7. Buy at least one of Anika's two dresses she's needing
8. Get dressed, Fix my Hair, Do my Makeup and feel pretty- EVERY SINGLE DAY!
9. Visit my Grandma's Grave
10. Try to get ahead or at least on target with our bills

Okay and that my friends is my goal update. Tomorrow I'll have a January recap for you so tune in for that. Now onto today's stuff. I decided I'd do a little It's Okay Post for you today!!! Enjoy :)

It's Okay Friday:

It's Okay that I thought we overslept this morning. Luckily we did not. I woke and there was no snow but thankfully school was cancelled. Shortly after the snow started coming down and laid down a good 1/2 inch in less than 30 minutes!

It's Okay that I was excited when the weather man said we had the potential for a blizzard in February or March. I'm not a snow lover but my kids have never saw a lot of snow. They would love it!

It's Okay that I'm totally excited to have a washer again. You don't know what a luxury it is till it tears up

It's Okay that I miss my husband. He slept in this morning till 11:00 am and then had to leave at noon for work. He had a training today. Seems he always has training's BUT I'm thankful he has a job. Things aren't looking good where he works

It's Okay that I have an entire mountain of clean laundry on my table. I'll put it away tomorrow. It's better than the mountain of dirty laundry I had 2 days ago

It's Okay that when I shaved my legs today it looked like I murdered a wild animal in the bathtub. I hate shaving my legs and only do it when I have to

It's Okay that I ask my teenager to do my eye makeup. She's seriously a freaking pro at it

It's Okay that I wore a dress today and no where to go really. I'm working my way through my closet one piece at a time and today's piece was a black dress! I must admit, I like the outfit but I'm not so sure about the boots with it. I looked a little young I thought.

Don't look at the goofy sideways head picture. 
I have no clue what I was looking at

It's Okay that I was sad when I stopped at the store and realized it was closed. They had the funeral of the owner today. He was such a wonderful man and so well loved in our community. He will be missed.

It's Okay that we usually cook two meals everyday for dinner in our house. One for us and one for Anika. She doesn't eat meat but we do!!!

It's Okay that I complain about my Axle but I miss him so much when he's gone. He went to my Mom's to spend the night and it's been so quiet around here. He called just a few minutes ago and said that he just wanted to tell me goodnight and he loved me. That boy melts m heart.

It's Okay that I took a 3 1/2 hour nap today and Little Lee has been asleep since about 5:30. I'm praying she sleeps on through the night. I was so tired though. I just needed the rest

It's Okay that the only housework done today has been done by Anika. She straightened up while I was asleep. She's such a good girl! I don't know what I'd do without her.

It's okay that my evening has consisted of sleeping, watching Say Yes to the Dress, doing laundry and looking at prom dresses. A perfect Friday evening if you ask me.

It's okay that I have to buy two formal dresses for Anika this year. One for prom and one for the Military Ball. She's only young once, right?

It's okay that my To Do List is a mile long. I'll get to it eventually

It's okay that this brought tears to my eyes. So very true. I miss my grandma so incredibly much.

It's okay that my guilty pleasure these days is looking at outfits on Pinterest. I can't help it. I want to be fashion forward

It's okay that people disappoint me, I'm getting used to it

It's okay that we have zero weekend plans. It's supposed to snow big time Sunday anyway

It's okay that the only photos I have today are just random photos. I'll share them anyway

A selfie Anika took today. I swear she should be a model

My Momma's house all snow covered

Lee Lee and her sucker! Makes car rides much quieter

More snow at Mom's.....her house is always like the North Pole
Coldest place in the county, I'm telling ya!

What Ax does on car rides! Typical guy!

It's Okay that I don't have anything else interesting to tell you. It's been a lazy, quiet Friday and I've enjoyed it very much!!!

Hope you all have a good weekend,

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