Monday, January 12, 2015

Just so you Know

* Just so you know, I'm still around. I'm not getting to blog or blog read remotely near what I'd like but I'm doing what I can.

* Just so you know, I ended up not having to work on Friday after all. I spoke with my boss and since it was the last day for me on that project, we decided to save the drive, I could just mail it.

* Just so you know I had a house full of girls all weekend long. Megan came home with Anika on Friday and then Destiny, Charm Megan and Tasha stayed Saturday and then Megan and Charm stayed Sunday!

* Just so you know, I had already dropped my kids off with my Mom on Friday so I took advantage of being kid free. I ran some errands, Bought some organization containers, paid some bills, cleaned up my kitchen and worked on a coupon storage system. I'm not real sure I like the coupon system though.

* Just so you know, Lee and I napped until almost 7:00 Friday evening. I didn't mean to fall asleep with her, it just happened. When I woke the Hubby was home and the girls had dinner cooked for us. They made Steak Tips, Mac n Cheese and Stuffing. It was good, I was impressed.

* Just so you know, my Friday night consisted of some late night journaling and couponing while the Hubs watched television and the girls let Lee and Ax give them makeovers. Exciting crew we are!

* Just so you know, Hubs and the kids decided to sleep piled up on the couch Friday night. Between them and the dog, there was no way I was going to attempt it. I slept like a baby in my big bed all alone!

* Just so you know, I did get dressed Friday and even remembered a photo

Friday's Outfit- LOVE IT
White Sweater and Boots- Gifts from my Mom
Jeggings- Walmart
Shirt- Peebles
Necklace- Cato's

Ax did Lee's makeup

Ax and Lee did Megan's Makeup

* Just so you know, we woke up with frozen water lines on Saturday morning. Poor Hubby had to conquer the cold to thaw them out for us.

* Just so you know, Hubs and I spent our morning out searching for him a vehicle. I mailed my work while I was out too. Luckily the girls stayed at the house with the little one's. It was so cold out.

* Just so you know, I took the girls to a basketball game and dropped them off at 1;00 on Saturday! I picked them back up around 3:30. Apparently they want to be part of the pep club!

* Just so you know my Dad is still cleaning out my Grandma's house. There is just so much stuff. One of the things he ran across was my Grandpa's old Toolbox. He brought it down for the Hubby to keep. Dad's having a very hard time still as we all are.

* Just so you know, my Hubs spent pretty much his entire evening on Craigslist and Facebook trading sites. The man is addicted

* Just so you know, Saturday nights dinner was Giovannis. I was lazy!

* Just so you know, I spent my Saturday evening journaling, updating my calendar, etc. I could spend hours just organizing my life. I love it.

* Just so you know, I fell asleep fairly early Saturday night. I laid down with Lee and I was out. I have no idea what time everyone else went to bed.
Friday Journal Page

Saturday Journal Page

They stole my camera

* Just so you know, Sunday was NOT a good day for me.

* Just so you know, we did attend Church Sunday morning. I took all 5 girls with me and left the little one's at home with my Hubby. We filled a whole pew

* Just so you know, I missed my Grandma being at church so very much

* Just so you know, the sermon was wonderful. It was on "Trusting God with all Aspects of your Life". I could definitely use improvement with this one.

* Just so you know, Hubby and I weren't jiving at all on Sunday. It was like we were on two different pages. I fixed some dinner when I got home from church and then took a hot bath to try and destress.

* Just so you know, Hubby broke down and bought alcohol on Sunday. It had been almost a year and he caved. I was so disappointed. Thankfully I don't think he drank but one or two and was back to drinking the non alcoholic kind later that evening. It was just the point of it. I hope he's not giving up the battle.

* Just so you know, Hubs spent his Sunday outside cleaning out his garage. It was a total mess. I slipped into my pajamas and lounged most of the afternoon.

* Just so you know, I did some couponing Sunday evening and got some good deals. I was proud!

* Just so you know my Sunday night consisted of some journaling, computer time and laundry. We finished out our night by watching Alaska Off Road- Hubby and My favorite show right now!

* Just so you know we all hit the hay around 11:00 Sunday night. We knew we had a new week ahead.

Cereal 2 for 3 Rite Aid Coupon
Children's Advil 7.99 on sale for 4.99
Used (3) 3.00 off coupons plus (3) 1.00 off peelie
Total cost of Advil .99 each
Total OOP Cost 6.00

* Just so you know, it's been a very rainy dreary Monday. Sleet and Snow is in the forecast for tonight.

* Just so you know, I got all the kids to school on time this morning. I'm doing good

* Just so you know, I started work on another project in a new county today. It went okay I guess. Lots of confusion and I'm stuck on a tract I'm working on but I'll figure it out

* Just so you know, my crew chief wasn't real sure what we were supposed to be doing today so we only worked till 1:00 and then came home. I love 1/2 days.

* Just so you know, I stopped at Goodwill today and got some really cute things

* Just so you know, I did another Rite Aid coupon deal today. Not great but still a good deal

* Just so you know, I took an hour nap today. Lee was supposed to be napping with me but I fell asleep first so she got up and hung out with her sissy instead.

* Just so you know, I was going to go to Ladies Auxillary with my Mom tonight but they cancelled it due to weather

* Just so you know, our evening has been spent doing some housework, laundry, organizing the bathroom and so forth. Anika has been doing homework and the little one's have been playing.

* Just so you know, we had pancakes for dinner. Hey, don't judge!

* Just so you know, it's 10;30 and I have a few things to finish up before bed. I guess I'll jump off here for now. Hope you guys are doing well.

Dreary Morning drive to work

Work Outfit
Pants- NY& CO
Shoes- Thrifted
Red Sweater- Christmas Gift
Scarf- Granny's
Jacket- Thrifted

Coupon Deal

Finish Tablets- 8.50 on sale B1G1 Free
Had (2) 2.50 off coupons
Price 13.00 for all 4

Glade Candles on sale 2/3.00
Had 1.00 off 2 coupon (2)
Total Price- 4.00 or 1.00 each

Total of everything 17.00

Dear Friends..thanks for taking the time to read
Wishing everyone a very blessed week



  1. I've never seen a post like this! How fun! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Ugh so sorry to hear about the frozen water lines and pancakes for dinner is always ok!

  3. Sounds as if you've been really busy. I don't think I could deal with five teenage girls. More power to you.

    Sorry about your frozen water lines. That's never fun.

    I often eat pancakes for dinner. Yum.