Saturday, January 31, 2015

All in January

Today consisted of nothing all that thrilling- just another day! It was a pretty good day though...definitely blog worthy! 

Here's our day ABC Style

A- Anika has 2 friends over for the weekend. They stay here most every weekend so I'm pretty use to them.

B- Believe it or not Ax is still at my Mom's. I tried every way in the world to get him to come home tonight but he just didn't want to. He never stays away from home for 2 nights in a row. I miss him.

C- Curled my hair today and really liked it. Actually I didn't curl it,  I just used gel and scrunched it. It was super easy to do. I think I'll be wearing it like that more often.

D- Dinner tonight was Baked Ravioli, Garlic Bread and Salads. It was very good

E- Every word that has came out of my Husband's mouth tonight has been negative. He's killing me.

F- Found out that they cancelled the snow event for tomorrow night. This made me sad. I was kind of excited about a 1/2 way sizable snowfall

G- Got a few new things at the local thrift store today. Scored some new boots for Lee that are just precious.

H- Haven't done any work today & should have. I have to get on the ball tomorrow

I- I got our taxes filed today. Our refund was more than I expected. This made me happy

J- Just don't understand men....period!!!!

K- Kind of really loved my outfit today. It was Pinterest Inspired!

L- Lost Hubby's W2's earlier today. Ended up figuring out I threw them in the trash bin at the car wash. I went back and dug through the bin and found them. Yes, I dug through trash. Gross I know!!!

M- My Husband cleaned our bedroom this evening and griped the entire time he did it. I wish he would have just left it alone. I'd rather it had been dirty than have to listen to me.

N- Needed to be in the bed two hours ago....I'm such a night owl

O- Other than laundry, I haven't done much around the house at all. You can tell it too

P- Probably going to spend tomorrow watching the Super Bowl and eating Super Bowl food!!!

Q- Quickly paid my electric bill this morning. I swear if I don't start remembering to pay it, we are going to be sitting in the dark!

R- Really need to make a To Do List for tomorrow but think I'll go to bed after this post instead.

S- Seriously looking forward to my first counseling session Monday. Isn't that sad?

T- Took Hubby's cell phone and had his number put on another one today up at Appalachian Wireless. That man goes through more phones than anyone I know.

U- Usually got a whole list of things to write about but for some reason tonight my brain feels like mush and nothing is coming to me

V- Very irritated with some situations in my life- I just need to learn to give up control and give it to God.

W- Wondering if I'll ever get up in time for Church tomorrow

X- Has very few words that start with it......for real!

Y- You wouldn't believe the things you learn from hanging out with teenagers. Today has been a learning experience

Z- Zero things left to say so I'm going to give you my January Recap and close this post. 

January 2015 Daily Recap

I decided the first of the year I'd notate something important about each day on my calendar. I think it will be fun to look back on year after year. Here's how we spent 31 days of January.

1st- We went to Mom and Dad's for Cabbage Rolls and to celebrate their 40 year Anniversary 

2nd- We took our Christmas Decor down. Axle hated to see it go

3rd- I had a Doctor's Appointment to get my medicine refilled

4th- We met with all the family at my Grandma's to discuss issues such as the house, her things, etc. It was a tough evening.

5th- Anika went to work with me and we had Mexican for Lunch! We got our nails put on and she paid for mine. Sweet present for her mommy!

6th- Anika started back into Public School

7th- Snow Day- I stayed home from work and cleaned out closetss

8th- I bought a new journal and started journaling

9th- I took a long nice nap :)

10th- Anika had 4 girls over for the weekend

11th- Sad day- my Hubby broke over and started drinking again after a year of being sober

12th- I started a new work project in West Virginia

13th- The kids were out of school for a Snow Day

14th- I received coupons from an online coupon clipping service. So very cool!

15th- The kids and I spent the evening at my Parent's house

16th- I had a long talk with my Aunt (well used to be my Aunt)

17th- My other Aunt overdosed. So scary

18th- The Hubby, Kids and I had Breakfast at DQ together

19th- Hubby and I watched the final episode of Offroad Alaska

20th- I had a work meeting at the pizza place

21st- Anika attended Youth Group

22nd- Axle got sick and tested positive for Type A Flu

23rd- I started working on a personal reinvention plan

24th- I got my hair cut and colored & then Hubby and I went on a movie date night

25th- Hubby turned 37 years old- We celebrated with cake and presents

26th- A local guy I knew passed away- so sad

27th- I got my nails done- black & white polka dots :)

28th- Anika had a Field Trip to the New Station

29th- We had a freezing rain event and I was out driving in it

30th- Ax spent the night with my Mom and Dad

31st- I got our income taxes just waiting on that refund!!!

Guys that's it for me for the night
Happy 1st of February


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  1. You are such a busy person! I love your hair in your outfit photo (and I like the outfit!) ... it really suits you.