Saturday, January 31, 2015

All in January

Today consisted of nothing all that thrilling- just another day! It was a pretty good day though...definitely blog worthy! 

Here's our day ABC Style

A- Anika has 2 friends over for the weekend. They stay here most every weekend so I'm pretty use to them.

B- Believe it or not Ax is still at my Mom's. I tried every way in the world to get him to come home tonight but he just didn't want to. He never stays away from home for 2 nights in a row. I miss him.

C- Curled my hair today and really liked it. Actually I didn't curl it,  I just used gel and scrunched it. It was super easy to do. I think I'll be wearing it like that more often.

D- Dinner tonight was Baked Ravioli, Garlic Bread and Salads. It was very good

E- Every word that has came out of my Husband's mouth tonight has been negative. He's killing me.

F- Found out that they cancelled the snow event for tomorrow night. This made me sad. I was kind of excited about a 1/2 way sizable snowfall

G- Got a few new things at the local thrift store today. Scored some new boots for Lee that are just precious.

H- Haven't done any work today & should have. I have to get on the ball tomorrow

I- I got our taxes filed today. Our refund was more than I expected. This made me happy

J- Just don't understand men....period!!!!

K- Kind of really loved my outfit today. It was Pinterest Inspired!

L- Lost Hubby's W2's earlier today. Ended up figuring out I threw them in the trash bin at the car wash. I went back and dug through the bin and found them. Yes, I dug through trash. Gross I know!!!

M- My Husband cleaned our bedroom this evening and griped the entire time he did it. I wish he would have just left it alone. I'd rather it had been dirty than have to listen to me.

N- Needed to be in the bed two hours ago....I'm such a night owl

O- Other than laundry, I haven't done much around the house at all. You can tell it too

P- Probably going to spend tomorrow watching the Super Bowl and eating Super Bowl food!!!

Q- Quickly paid my electric bill this morning. I swear if I don't start remembering to pay it, we are going to be sitting in the dark!

R- Really need to make a To Do List for tomorrow but think I'll go to bed after this post instead.

S- Seriously looking forward to my first counseling session Monday. Isn't that sad?

T- Took Hubby's cell phone and had his number put on another one today up at Appalachian Wireless. That man goes through more phones than anyone I know.

U- Usually got a whole list of things to write about but for some reason tonight my brain feels like mush and nothing is coming to me

V- Very irritated with some situations in my life- I just need to learn to give up control and give it to God.

W- Wondering if I'll ever get up in time for Church tomorrow

X- Has very few words that start with it......for real!

Y- You wouldn't believe the things you learn from hanging out with teenagers. Today has been a learning experience

Z- Zero things left to say so I'm going to give you my January Recap and close this post. 

January 2015 Daily Recap

I decided the first of the year I'd notate something important about each day on my calendar. I think it will be fun to look back on year after year. Here's how we spent 31 days of January.

1st- We went to Mom and Dad's for Cabbage Rolls and to celebrate their 40 year Anniversary 

2nd- We took our Christmas Decor down. Axle hated to see it go

3rd- I had a Doctor's Appointment to get my medicine refilled

4th- We met with all the family at my Grandma's to discuss issues such as the house, her things, etc. It was a tough evening.

5th- Anika went to work with me and we had Mexican for Lunch! We got our nails put on and she paid for mine. Sweet present for her mommy!

6th- Anika started back into Public School

7th- Snow Day- I stayed home from work and cleaned out closetss

8th- I bought a new journal and started journaling

9th- I took a long nice nap :)

10th- Anika had 4 girls over for the weekend

11th- Sad day- my Hubby broke over and started drinking again after a year of being sober

12th- I started a new work project in West Virginia

13th- The kids were out of school for a Snow Day

14th- I received coupons from an online coupon clipping service. So very cool!

15th- The kids and I spent the evening at my Parent's house

16th- I had a long talk with my Aunt (well used to be my Aunt)

17th- My other Aunt overdosed. So scary

18th- The Hubby, Kids and I had Breakfast at DQ together

19th- Hubby and I watched the final episode of Offroad Alaska

20th- I had a work meeting at the pizza place

21st- Anika attended Youth Group

22nd- Axle got sick and tested positive for Type A Flu

23rd- I started working on a personal reinvention plan

24th- I got my hair cut and colored & then Hubby and I went on a movie date night

25th- Hubby turned 37 years old- We celebrated with cake and presents

26th- A local guy I knew passed away- so sad

27th- I got my nails done- black & white polka dots :)

28th- Anika had a Field Trip to the New Station

29th- We had a freezing rain event and I was out driving in it

30th- Ax spent the night with my Mom and Dad

31st- I got our income taxes just waiting on that refund!!!

Guys that's it for me for the night
Happy 1st of February


Friday, January 30, 2015

Okay Friday

Tomorrow is the last day of January. This month has felt like a long one. I'm assuming it just all the changes that have taken place in my life recently. I'm excited for February though. Turning my calendar page to a fresh month always makes me happy and hopeful!

To begin tonight I'm going to post my Monthly Goal Update and my new February Goals!

January Goal Update!

 * Set aside personal/quiet time each day- Meditation, Reflection, Prayer, Etc
This hasn't been successful at all really. I did well the first few days and then fell off the bandwagon. The only real quiet reflective time I've had lately has been driving to work. I need to do better about this
* Cut and Color my Hair
This one was a success! I got a new cut (and it has a style now) and color that I absolutely love. I just have to keep it up now :)

* Have our January Date Night
We actually did have a date night. It wasn't exactly what we planned but we had sick kids and no babysitter so our night consisted of a movie (American Sniper) and a drive home through the hills. It was actually quite nice.

* Celebrate my Husband's Birthday
I really kinda slacked here but the celebration did happen. It just consisted of cake and presents but hubby was happy so win/win!

* Make some housing decisions (more on that later)
This one hasn't really been 100% decided yet. Mostly because we are still waiting on some info from the lawyer. I'm leaning more towards just staying here though and doing some work to our double wide. I'm just letting God sort this one out for me :)

* Buy Hubby a dependable work vehicle
Done- He bought a truck and it runs!!!

* Clear up a local financial debt and work on our current financial position
I'm thinking this got worse this month- This was an EPIC fail

* Read a bible verse every morning to start the day
Another fail and something I really would like to do

* Menu  Plan
Yet another fail of major proportions :(

* Come up with a working system for business expenses and talk to an accountant
This too my friends was a failure

Okay so I didn't do as well as I thought- Let's hope next month is more successful. Here's my February Goals!


1. Set aside Personal Quiet Time- Mediation, Prayer, Etc. I think my soul really needs this
2. Go on a February Date- Hopefully to celebrate our Anniversary and Valentine's Day
3. Read a bible verse or inspirational quote daily- remember it throughout the day, live it!
4. Menu Plan
5. File our Taxes- Start a tracking system for receipts
6. Keep my nails up and get my Face waxed
7. Buy at least one of Anika's two dresses she's needing
8. Get dressed, Fix my Hair, Do my Makeup and feel pretty- EVERY SINGLE DAY!
9. Visit my Grandma's Grave
10. Try to get ahead or at least on target with our bills

Okay and that my friends is my goal update. Tomorrow I'll have a January recap for you so tune in for that. Now onto today's stuff. I decided I'd do a little It's Okay Post for you today!!! Enjoy :)

It's Okay Friday:

It's Okay that I thought we overslept this morning. Luckily we did not. I woke and there was no snow but thankfully school was cancelled. Shortly after the snow started coming down and laid down a good 1/2 inch in less than 30 minutes!

It's Okay that I was excited when the weather man said we had the potential for a blizzard in February or March. I'm not a snow lover but my kids have never saw a lot of snow. They would love it!

It's Okay that I'm totally excited to have a washer again. You don't know what a luxury it is till it tears up

It's Okay that I miss my husband. He slept in this morning till 11:00 am and then had to leave at noon for work. He had a training today. Seems he always has training's BUT I'm thankful he has a job. Things aren't looking good where he works

It's Okay that I have an entire mountain of clean laundry on my table. I'll put it away tomorrow. It's better than the mountain of dirty laundry I had 2 days ago

It's Okay that when I shaved my legs today it looked like I murdered a wild animal in the bathtub. I hate shaving my legs and only do it when I have to

It's Okay that I ask my teenager to do my eye makeup. She's seriously a freaking pro at it

It's Okay that I wore a dress today and no where to go really. I'm working my way through my closet one piece at a time and today's piece was a black dress! I must admit, I like the outfit but I'm not so sure about the boots with it. I looked a little young I thought.

Don't look at the goofy sideways head picture. 
I have no clue what I was looking at

It's Okay that I was sad when I stopped at the store and realized it was closed. They had the funeral of the owner today. He was such a wonderful man and so well loved in our community. He will be missed.

It's Okay that we usually cook two meals everyday for dinner in our house. One for us and one for Anika. She doesn't eat meat but we do!!!

It's Okay that I complain about my Axle but I miss him so much when he's gone. He went to my Mom's to spend the night and it's been so quiet around here. He called just a few minutes ago and said that he just wanted to tell me goodnight and he loved me. That boy melts m heart.

It's Okay that I took a 3 1/2 hour nap today and Little Lee has been asleep since about 5:30. I'm praying she sleeps on through the night. I was so tired though. I just needed the rest

It's Okay that the only housework done today has been done by Anika. She straightened up while I was asleep. She's such a good girl! I don't know what I'd do without her.

It's okay that my evening has consisted of sleeping, watching Say Yes to the Dress, doing laundry and looking at prom dresses. A perfect Friday evening if you ask me.

It's okay that I have to buy two formal dresses for Anika this year. One for prom and one for the Military Ball. She's only young once, right?

It's okay that my To Do List is a mile long. I'll get to it eventually

It's okay that this brought tears to my eyes. So very true. I miss my grandma so incredibly much.

It's okay that my guilty pleasure these days is looking at outfits on Pinterest. I can't help it. I want to be fashion forward

It's okay that people disappoint me, I'm getting used to it

It's okay that we have zero weekend plans. It's supposed to snow big time Sunday anyway

It's okay that the only photos I have today are just random photos. I'll share them anyway

A selfie Anika took today. I swear she should be a model

My Momma's house all snow covered

Lee Lee and her sucker! Makes car rides much quieter

More snow at Mom's.....her house is always like the North Pole
Coldest place in the county, I'm telling ya!

What Ax does on car rides! Typical guy!

It's Okay that I don't have anything else interesting to tell you. It's been a lazy, quiet Friday and I've enjoyed it very much!!!

Hope you all have a good weekend,

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Six Days have Passed

I should be sleeping but instead I'm blogging. I knew I had to get this post up sooner than later or I'd just get totally overwhelmed & not blog. I've been procrastinating because six days has passed since the last time I posted. Oh well, nothing like a big catch up post, right?

Here's a few things I wanted to share today......

* We have a new sheriff in town and he's kicking butt and taking names, for real! He does a Meth Bust at least every couple of days. He kind of reminds me of the guy on Walking Tall. It's so nice to have someone in office though that actually cares about cleaning up this county!

* Axle took sick on Thursday of last week and had to miss school. We ended at the after hours clinic that night because he had a high fever. He tested positive for Type A flu. Luckily he didn't get too bad with it and it only lasted a few days. Anika ended up sick with it on Saturday night but was feeling much better by Sunday night. I'm just thankful it wasn't too hard on them. Ax did a lot of sleeping while he was sick though and Little Lee joined him.

* Our health insurance totally sucks. We pay for the insurance and then end up paying $300.00 for Tamiflu too. That's just stupid.

* I ended up not working last Friday because Ax was sick. I just couldn't stand leaving him and him with such a high fever. That is one perk of my job, I can miss when I need to.

* I've been eating breakfast everyday at Hardee's. It's on my way to the Courthouse so it's just an easy stop. I always get Bacon, Egg and Cheese but the other day I tried their Hash Rounds too. Oh my word, so good.

* There was a house fire on our road last week. Mom called me at work and told me but she didn't know where it was. I freaked obviously and called all my neighbors. It was actually an abandoned trailer up our road thankfully. Mom sure knows how to scare a girl though.

* I travel a lot these days for work. I'm just appalled at the way coal trucks totally disregard red lights. It's as if they don't even see them. It's no wonder so many people get killed on the road ways.

* My Aunt is struggling with severe depression. I saw her last week and she's just pitiful. She could sure use your prayers.

* Anika had counseling last week. She's been with her counselor forever and loves him. I used to go to counseling but quit. Lately I've felt the need to go back so I made myself an appointment for next Monday. I'm hoping it helps me sort things out in my brain.

* Anika's school had a blood drive the other day. Bless her heart, she went down to donate and couldn't due to low iron. I need to make her a doctor's appointment and have it checked out.

* Speaking of school, what is wrong with kids these days? The law stays at the school due to drug incidents, there is a fight every single day and they have to practice lock down drills. What is this world coming to?

* Saturday we got a little snow....very little but a little

* I got a new haircut and color last week and I love it. I feel like a diva!

Here's the Before

Here are some After

* My Annalee is a monster these days. She hits, bites, yells, won't listen and so forth. Oh my word I know it's the terrible 2's but she's wearing me out.

* I met a guy friend of Anika's on Saturday. We all went out and had Chinese and then went to Walmart. I liked him, he seemed like a good kid. Anika wasn't taken by him though so I'm assuming it was our first and last meet. She's got a new love interest now. He texted her this evening and asked her to go to the Valentine Movie with him on Valentine's Day. We shall see how well she likes him in the near future I suppose. Teen girls, ugh!

* Saturday night Hubby and I had a date night. We went and watched American Sniper. It was nice to be out just the two of us. I can't say enough about the movie. If you haven't seen it, go! It's a wonderful/sad movie. After the movie we drove his truck across the hill to come home. I enjoyed the alone time.

* We didn't go to Church Sunday- the kids had been sick and it wasn't the Hubby's Birthday. He's now 37 years old. That's so hard to believe. Anika made his cake, we sang Happy Birthday to him and then ate cake. We didn't do any kind of big to do but the kids enjoyed it. We got him a new Shop Vac, some ratchet straps and a cup holder thing for his truck. He seemed to have a good day. That's all that matters really.

* Megan spent the night with Sis Sunday and Monday night. Charm came over Monday night and stayed. Those girls are inseparable these days.

* Sunday night I went to my cousins to get some help on this project I'm working on at work. I'm so unconfident in what I'm doing and I hate that. I'm trying my best though and that is all I can do really.

* Anika finally got her Bavel Grades. I was so proud of her! She did so well.

* Tuesday it snowed while I was at work. Luckily the roads didn't get bad. It was a pretty drive home though.

* Tuesday after work I got my nails done. I adore them. They make me so happy just looking at them. Corny I know but true.

* Wednesday Anika had a field trip to WSAZ News Station with her Journalism class. She had so much fun. It was right up her alley because her dream job is to be a journalist.

* After the field trip their class went out to eat and to the mall. I got this photo. Someone is already preparing for prom although this isn't the dress she wants.

* Wednesday evening Anika went to Youth Group. They are hosting a Judgement House in April and she is so excited about it. She loves Youth Group.

* Our washer tore up on Tuesday. They were supposed to deliver it Wednesday but Hubby ran Annalee to mom's and missed them. Luckily they brought it today. I was so glad, laundry is piled sky high around here.

* Wednesday there was a lady called wanting to know if we wanted to sale our house. We had pretty much decided not to sale and buy my grandma's. After this lady called just out of the blue, I thought maybe god was telling me I was supposed to buy Granny's. She's supposed to come look at it tomorrow. I guess if it's meant to be it will be and if it's not it won't. It's just so ironic, we didn't even have ours listed for sale. She just ran into someone who knew we had talked about buying my Granny's and they told her to check with me.

* Ax begged me to lay down with him Wednesday evening so I did. He just laid beside me and watched cartoons. Lee ended up laying down too and falling asleep. It's hard to tell him no. I had a thousand other things to do but decided they could just wait.

* PMS has set in. I'm in crazy woman mode, for real. My poor family

* My boss lady emailed Wednesday night and said she would be having a meeting with us today. Well needless to say, she didn't show. She called and cancelled and requested we mail our docs to hr so I did. I decided tomorrow is going to be a work from home day for me. 

* This morning was a rough one. Ax threw a massive fit and he hasn't done t* hat in forever. I hope it's not going to become habit again.

* I had a slick drive to work. I ran into freezing rain on my way. Things got really bad out and even the Intersection shut down for awhile. It was one time I was happy to be at work!

* I only worked a 1/2 day today. I spent the day getting my docs ready so I could work at home tomorrow. 

* My evening has been spent doing laundry- literally that is all I've done. I was/am so behind

* Tomorrow they are calling for icy roads. I'm betting they won't be school. Sunday night they are calling for snow (possibly a significant amount). We shall see, it usually never pans out and misses us.

* This week I've been focusing on taking better care of myself (appearance wise). I'd love to tell you all about it but just don't feel like getting into it tonight. Maybe some other time. I do know I probably should be giving Lee Lee some tips though. Check out this get up she put on the other day.

* Friends I'd love to get back into a more regular blogging habit but I swear I don't know when it will ever happen. Life is just insane busy right now. I hope you guys are doing well though. I'm hoping to swing by some blogs tomorrow and catch up.

Take Care
Till Next Time

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Morning Thoughts

Morning Friends:

I thought I'd share some Thursday Morning thoughts with you all about this past week! My blogging these days is still hit and miss so this post will contain several days worth of stuff. I really wish I could find more time for blogging but right now my schedule stays so busy that I feel like I'm drowning. Maybe one day!

Thursday Morning Thoughts

1. We overslept for Church on Sunday. I hate when I do that. It makes me feel horrible.

2. We did have a nice Sunday Breakfast at American Grill. It was Hubby, Myself and all the kids including Anika's friend Megan.

3. I went to my Granny's and got a few more things. I brought her vanity set home. I'm hoping to get it arranged nicely in my bedroom soon. I also brought home some dishes that belonged to her and her cigarette case. Gosh I miss that lady with every fiber of my being.

4. SJ and I have discussed purchasing Granny's house a few times. We have went back and forth with how we feel about it. One of my main reasons for wanting it is that if we don't purchase it, the man who is wanting to will tear it down.

5. I had a whole house full of teenagers from Friday until Tuesday. Three of Anika's friends came and spent the night. They are pretty much regulars here each weekend. It's so funny, they call themselves the "Quad Squad"

6. I did some couponing this weekend at Rite Aid and Dollar General. My best buy was on diapers though. I got Huggies Overnights for $5.99 a pack. That my friends is a steal.

7. Hubs worked Saturday night so he only really had Sunday off. He spent most of it outside tinkering with his truck and cleaning out his garage. He did manage to get the Christmas lights down finally. This made me happy :)

8. I had Monday off work due to the holiday. Poor Hubby was not so lucky. The kids and I spent the entire day at home. I should have been very productive but I'm not going to even lie, I wasn't.

9. I made lasagna this week and it was the first time in forever that I had made it. It was so good. I make a mean lasagna.

10. Hubs and I watched the last episode of Off Road Alaska this week. I've so enjoyed the season. I hated for it to end.

11. We almost overslept for school on Tuesday but luckily we didn't

12. Wednesday we weren't so lucky, we did oversleep. The kids didn't get to school till 10:00 am. I had taken the day off anyway so at least I wasn't late for work.

13. Tuesday was a boring work day for me. I was pretty much at a standstill until I received further direction.

14. Tuesday evening I had a late lunch at Gino's Pizza and then a Work Meeting at 3:30 pm. I'd like to tell you I got further direction but I didn't really.

15. My job is frustrating me. I feel like I'm drowning. The things this company is asking for is much different that what I've been doing.

16. My Uncle (dad's brother) got a bad doctor's report. He has had part of his colon removed already due to colon cancer. He was having some issues so he went back to the doctor. They found several tumors on the outside of his gall bladder. He is seeing a specialist in February. He needs prayers.

17. I was so glad Mom cooked Wednesday. She sent home with me a big bowl of beans, pickled corn and cornbread. It was so yummy.

18. Ax got a haircut Wednesday evening. He needed it, he was starting to look very shabby

19. I was just exhausted on Tuesday night and ended up in bed around 9:00 pm

20. Wednesday morning started really pissy (literally). Ax didn't have an overnight on and peed all over me. Makes for a good wakeup call.

21. Our neighbors got a new doublewide. I must admit, I'm pretty jealous

22. Mom had a doctor's appointment in Lexington Wednesday which is why I took the day off. I just didn't feel like chasing down another sitter.

23. I've been kicking the laundry's butt....for real

24. Axle has talked non stop about Paddington the Bear. He went with Mom over the weekend to watch it and he LOVED it!

25. Anika attended Youth Group Wednesday Night. She was so excited to find out that they will be hosting a Judgement house at the end of March- first of April.

26. I spent my Wednesday evening watching Pawn Stars and then House Hunters. I was pretty lazy all day. I just didn't feel well.

27. I've battled a tooth/head ache all week. I'm thinking it my sinuses

28. Here it is Thursday Morning all ready. My day will be spent in West Virginia working. I'm hoping for a good day.

29. This weekend should be a good one- it's the Hubby's Birthday

30. Friends- I hope you all have a blessed day.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Things I Know

It's been almost a week since I've blogged. You would think I'd have a great post for you today with tons of amazing pictures. You know me though, that just isn't how I roll. Today I've got for you the mundane everyday life stuff I always blog about plus a few shots that I managed to find a second or two to take. Hey I'm a busy gal!

Here's all about the Life of Angie in a Things I Know post!!

Things I Know:

I know that waking up late and thinking you overslept for work and school is no fun. I know that when you find out it snowed and there is no school, it's a huge relief.

I know that I despise winter and I despise driving in the winter even more. This new project I'm on has sucky roads so Tuesday's drive in the snow did not make me happy

I know that if you forget to pay your electric bill they shut it off. I know this because I woke up without power Tuesday morning. My bad!!!

I know that working a project where there is no communication or order is extremely frustrating. It's been a long week.

I know that having a 16 year old and two little one's at the same time has a huge perk to it. It's called live in child care when there is no school

I know that Homeschool was a great choice for Anika for awhile. I also know that public school seems to be the right choice for her now. I now know that the transition is horrible- she has had to work her tail end off all week trying to finish up her Homeschool stuff and she's still not done.

I know that every evening of my life (probably for the rest of my life) housework will be on my to do list.

I know that I love Journaling...I also know that I wished I had more time to do it regularly

I know that my daughter used to be Anti UK just because everyone else loved them. Apparently she's had a change of heart- she watches all their games now.

I know that I managed to do one night of blog reading this week and I enjoyed it so much. Just another thing I wished I had more time to do

I know that the Superintendent probably regretted having school on Wednesday. The High School hill was an icy mess. Traffic was backed up and buses were stuck.

I know that from now on I'll use the Walmart change machine to cash in all my change. Such an easy process and only costs a few bucks. Much better than rolling it all

I know that I love Bacon Egg and Cheese from Hardee's. I also know that I don't like their Ham and Cheese Biscuits. I ordered it by mistake.

I know that I'll never by papers again. Ordering coupons from a coupon service is the only way to go

I know that I need to find a spot for my coupon scores but I don't know where that spot will be. This house is too small

I know that I couldn't survive without my calendar. For real, it's my life line

I know that Hubby has been sick for way too many days and needs to go to the doctor. Initially it started out with terrible migraines and flu like symptoms and now has turned into stomach virus symptoms. He's one stubborn man

I know that spending that evening with my parent's is so enjoyable. Combine that amazing socialization time with mom's spaghetti dinners and you have a big time winner.

I know that I work from home almost as much as I work at the Courthouse. It's just easier for me to concentrate at home

I know that I was super happy that Hubs had retraining Thursday. That meant he was home and in the bed with us by 9:00 instead of working all night long.

I know that Friday might have just been one of the craziest, most rushed days I've had in a long time. I'd like to not repeat it anytime soon

I know that I am seriously enjoying having this 3 day weekend. No work or school for us Monday. Well for Me and the kids anyway. Hubs still has to work

I know that I hate having to send in two invoices now. It's complicated but it has to be done

I know that I might have been ridiculously lazy Friday evening but I had a rough day and didn't even care

I know that I'm so glad to be back in touch with my Millie. She's my Uncle's Ex and we just recently got back in touch. I've missed that woman

I know that I watched at least 10 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress last night. I like that show a little

I know that I HATE Anika staying away from home on Hubby's second shift nights. I'm such a chicken.

I know that staying up till 3:30 am is never good but I do it on occasion anyway

I know that I should have went to the cemetery today with the rest of the family but I just didn't want too. I just wasn't in the mood today

I know that they predicted the highs to be in the upper 50's today but they lied. I don't think it even got 50 degrees

I know that I should have done some work today that I brought home yesterday but I didn't. Oh well.

I know I have an Aunt in desperate need of prayers. Please remember her as your pray

 I know that my Hubby has spent his entire day outside but at least his truck is finally ready to drive

I know how much money I have in savings usually but today I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had more than I thought I did

I know Anika and her BFF Megan are together every weekend but at least they are here at my house where I can keep an eye on them

I know it's expensive but I love Mexican Food

I know I only have about 4 photos for the entire week but here they are:

Traffic backed up due to ice and snow at the school

Mail Order Coupons- Heck Yeah

Enjoying a milder day

Much Needed Outdoor time

I know tomorrow is Sunday and I have Church early so I probably should end this now and head to bed soon.

Night my Friends

Monday, January 12, 2015

Just so you Know

* Just so you know, I'm still around. I'm not getting to blog or blog read remotely near what I'd like but I'm doing what I can.

* Just so you know, I ended up not having to work on Friday after all. I spoke with my boss and since it was the last day for me on that project, we decided to save the drive, I could just mail it.

* Just so you know I had a house full of girls all weekend long. Megan came home with Anika on Friday and then Destiny, Charm Megan and Tasha stayed Saturday and then Megan and Charm stayed Sunday!

* Just so you know, I had already dropped my kids off with my Mom on Friday so I took advantage of being kid free. I ran some errands, Bought some organization containers, paid some bills, cleaned up my kitchen and worked on a coupon storage system. I'm not real sure I like the coupon system though.

* Just so you know, Lee and I napped until almost 7:00 Friday evening. I didn't mean to fall asleep with her, it just happened. When I woke the Hubby was home and the girls had dinner cooked for us. They made Steak Tips, Mac n Cheese and Stuffing. It was good, I was impressed.

* Just so you know, my Friday night consisted of some late night journaling and couponing while the Hubs watched television and the girls let Lee and Ax give them makeovers. Exciting crew we are!

* Just so you know, Hubs and the kids decided to sleep piled up on the couch Friday night. Between them and the dog, there was no way I was going to attempt it. I slept like a baby in my big bed all alone!

* Just so you know, I did get dressed Friday and even remembered a photo

Friday's Outfit- LOVE IT
White Sweater and Boots- Gifts from my Mom
Jeggings- Walmart
Shirt- Peebles
Necklace- Cato's

Ax did Lee's makeup

Ax and Lee did Megan's Makeup

* Just so you know, we woke up with frozen water lines on Saturday morning. Poor Hubby had to conquer the cold to thaw them out for us.

* Just so you know, Hubs and I spent our morning out searching for him a vehicle. I mailed my work while I was out too. Luckily the girls stayed at the house with the little one's. It was so cold out.

* Just so you know, I took the girls to a basketball game and dropped them off at 1;00 on Saturday! I picked them back up around 3:30. Apparently they want to be part of the pep club!

* Just so you know my Dad is still cleaning out my Grandma's house. There is just so much stuff. One of the things he ran across was my Grandpa's old Toolbox. He brought it down for the Hubby to keep. Dad's having a very hard time still as we all are.

* Just so you know, my Hubs spent pretty much his entire evening on Craigslist and Facebook trading sites. The man is addicted

* Just so you know, Saturday nights dinner was Giovannis. I was lazy!

* Just so you know, I spent my Saturday evening journaling, updating my calendar, etc. I could spend hours just organizing my life. I love it.

* Just so you know, I fell asleep fairly early Saturday night. I laid down with Lee and I was out. I have no idea what time everyone else went to bed.
Friday Journal Page

Saturday Journal Page

They stole my camera

* Just so you know, Sunday was NOT a good day for me.

* Just so you know, we did attend Church Sunday morning. I took all 5 girls with me and left the little one's at home with my Hubby. We filled a whole pew

* Just so you know, I missed my Grandma being at church so very much

* Just so you know, the sermon was wonderful. It was on "Trusting God with all Aspects of your Life". I could definitely use improvement with this one.

* Just so you know, Hubby and I weren't jiving at all on Sunday. It was like we were on two different pages. I fixed some dinner when I got home from church and then took a hot bath to try and destress.

* Just so you know, Hubby broke down and bought alcohol on Sunday. It had been almost a year and he caved. I was so disappointed. Thankfully I don't think he drank but one or two and was back to drinking the non alcoholic kind later that evening. It was just the point of it. I hope he's not giving up the battle.

* Just so you know, Hubs spent his Sunday outside cleaning out his garage. It was a total mess. I slipped into my pajamas and lounged most of the afternoon.

* Just so you know, I did some couponing Sunday evening and got some good deals. I was proud!

* Just so you know my Sunday night consisted of some journaling, computer time and laundry. We finished out our night by watching Alaska Off Road- Hubby and My favorite show right now!

* Just so you know we all hit the hay around 11:00 Sunday night. We knew we had a new week ahead.

Cereal 2 for 3 Rite Aid Coupon
Children's Advil 7.99 on sale for 4.99
Used (3) 3.00 off coupons plus (3) 1.00 off peelie
Total cost of Advil .99 each
Total OOP Cost 6.00

* Just so you know, it's been a very rainy dreary Monday. Sleet and Snow is in the forecast for tonight.

* Just so you know, I got all the kids to school on time this morning. I'm doing good

* Just so you know, I started work on another project in a new county today. It went okay I guess. Lots of confusion and I'm stuck on a tract I'm working on but I'll figure it out

* Just so you know, my crew chief wasn't real sure what we were supposed to be doing today so we only worked till 1:00 and then came home. I love 1/2 days.

* Just so you know, I stopped at Goodwill today and got some really cute things

* Just so you know, I did another Rite Aid coupon deal today. Not great but still a good deal

* Just so you know, I took an hour nap today. Lee was supposed to be napping with me but I fell asleep first so she got up and hung out with her sissy instead.

* Just so you know, I was going to go to Ladies Auxillary with my Mom tonight but they cancelled it due to weather

* Just so you know, our evening has been spent doing some housework, laundry, organizing the bathroom and so forth. Anika has been doing homework and the little one's have been playing.

* Just so you know, we had pancakes for dinner. Hey, don't judge!

* Just so you know, it's 10;30 and I have a few things to finish up before bed. I guess I'll jump off here for now. Hope you guys are doing well.

Dreary Morning drive to work

Work Outfit
Pants- NY& CO
Shoes- Thrifted
Red Sweater- Christmas Gift
Scarf- Granny's
Jacket- Thrifted

Coupon Deal

Finish Tablets- 8.50 on sale B1G1 Free
Had (2) 2.50 off coupons
Price 13.00 for all 4

Glade Candles on sale 2/3.00
Had 1.00 off 2 coupon (2)
Total Price- 4.00 or 1.00 each

Total of everything 17.00

Dear Friends..thanks for taking the time to read
Wishing everyone a very blessed week


Friday, January 9, 2015

Trying to Stay Warm

Checking in this morning from the insanely cold Eastern Kentucky. I don't know about where you live but here it is bitter cold and everything is in a hard freeze! I'm not enjoying it. You all know by now that cold weather and I do not go hand in hand.

It's been a few days since I've updated so I just wanted to give you a rundown of our week so far. TGIF- it's almost the weekend. Does that make anyone else happy?

Here's a few of the weeks happenings!

* I enrolled Anika back into public school on Monday. This was her choice. I personally think her education would be better at home (I know it would) but she was missing the socialization aspect of school so bad. She didn't get to officially start until Tuesday. Her day was good and she talked about it non stop when she got home. The downside, let the teenage girl drama begin!

* Anika went to work with me on Tuesday since she couldn't start school. We had Mexican food for lunch and then when to the nail salon together. We both got a set of nails put on and sweet girl paid for mine. She said she wanted to treat her momma! She used her Christmas money. I love them and I love her sweet soul!

* Hubs and I spent our Tuesday night catching up on our favorite show, Offroad Alaska. He and I both love it and try to never miss an episode!

* We went through some of my Granny's stuff this week and talk about absolute heartbreak. I hate everything about this situation so much. It is unreal how much I already miss my Granny.

* I've been dabbling in coupons again this week. I wish I could master the art of it. Right now though I'm just starting out slow. I figure if I save any money it's a good thing, right? I've been thinking of using a coupon clipping service. Have any of you ever used one?

* The kids got a snow day on Wednesday and Thursday. It was just a dusting but enough to get them out of school. We have been in the smack dab of a polar blast and let me tell you, it's been cold. I think it was 2 degrees at 10:00 am yesterday. Even Axle thinks it's cold, he hates wearing clothes!

* I didn't work on Wednesday due to the weather. Everyone I talked to said it was best to stay off the roads if I could. That is the wonderful thing about my job, I set my own days and hours. Instead of working, I spent the day at home with the kids. I managed to get some chores done and my Master Closet cleaned out. That is always a big accomplishment.

* Hubs and I are considering doing some major home renovations should we be unable or decide not to purchase my Granny's house. I'm actually excited about it. I proposed a plan to him this week and I think he liked it. It would add an 2 additional bathrooms, a family room, a laundry room, a home office and a pantry to this place plus I'd like to add a wrap around deck. I see big dollar signs though so we shall see.

* Thursday I only worked a 1/2 day. The project I'm working on ends next Wednesday so they have already pulled me from it and gave me a new assignment. I had some loose ends to tie up on Thursday but that was it. I'll start at a new location (about the same distance) on Monday. I'm a bit nervous about it but I'm hoping for the best. At least I'm not laid off like many around here are.

* Destiny spent the night with Anika last night. I think they thought there would be no school today but they were so wrong. I dropped both of them off before 8:00 this morning.

* I bought a new journal yesterday and I think I'm going to love it. I did my first page last night and it was so much fun!

* Hubs and I spent our evening yesterday scouring Facebook Auto Traders. He's in the market for a new/used vehicle. We haven't found anything yet but I'm sure we will. As much as I despise looking at vehicles, I considered it quality time with him so why not.

* I didn't get to bed till late last night. I sat up and finished up my work until 2:00 am. I have to turn it all in today. I'm dragging today but I might as well get over it, I have things to do.

* Additional Random Photos for you:

The only Valentine Decor I have so far but I love it

My dog- This is Lady! She was my Granny's dog 
and now has a forever home here at my house

One of this week's work outfits

* Leaving you with my daily bible verse!

Happy Friday Friends- Hope you all have a good one!