Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Update- Christmas Bash Number 1

Good Morning Friends!

I decided to do a little weekend recap for you before I started into a new week! Beware, there is a picture overload ahead!!

Saturday was a lazy morning for me. I didn't even crawl out of bed till almost 11:00 am. When I got up Anika was already up and ready to go. I threw on some sweats and took her to Mom's where she stayed the remainder of the day helping Mom cook and get thing ready for our Christmas party that night.

Hubby made the kids some pancakes and then ran errands before his work time. He was on 2nd shift and I sure hated to see him leave. This was the first time ever that he had to miss our Family Christmas Dinner and I was quite sad about it.

I spent the rest of my day doing some laundry and pretty much just tinkering around the house. It seemed like the day just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to get ready and go to the Christmas Party. My only regret of the night, not making Lee take a nap. By the time it was time for us to go out the door, she was in full blown fit mode. Luckily her mood improved slightly as the night went on but she still wasn't a happy camper. Note to self: DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

We made it to the Christmas Party around 5:30 pm. Granny wanted to go with us so we picked her up and took her too. Some of my family wore "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" and some of us (like me) just wore plain clothes. There was a lag of communication on this one! It was definitely a fun time. The food was fantastic, the company was the best and the kids were blessed with an abundance of gifts. I'll just let the photos do the talking!

My Gorgeous Granny and Myself

My Uncle Phil

Delicious Food

My Cousin Krissy's Candy

My Momma


Anika and her Papa

Aunt Retha

Jessie and her cute outfit


Aunt Leanna and her daughter Krissy

Krissy, Leanna and Melissa

Maggie :)

Aunt Karen

Scotty and his grandbaby Maggie

Scotty and his grandbaby Ryder

Maggie wondering why my Daddy took her seat

Mr. Chase

Maggie and Scotty



Scott and Ryder

Jessie- love the mistletoe

Mika, Justin, Anika and Jess


Lee Lee and Ax looking at the Minnie Mouse Set


Chase and Wes



My kids and Chase playing the piano

Christmas Decor

Granny G


My daddy

Anika and Wes

In Honor of Mama Mary and Papa Hiram

Miss them so much

Annual December Birthday Cake

Look how sweet

Addy and brother Ryder

Chloe- adorable!!

Lee eating

Melissa and Brad

My Little Man

Anika and Justin

Anika and Dustin


Addison getting bombarded

Anika and Wesley

My sweet gal

Daddy and my boy

Nana rocking

Dustin and Little Lee


He carried this fishing pole all night long


My Beautiful Granny again

Present Time

Chase getting a present

Avery's turn

My Ax got a tractor

Check it out boys

Mr. Wesley

Maggie May has a gift

Tristan opening one

Daddy being a Reindeer

My Mom loves her new pj's

Guys gift exchange

They are so boring when they exchange gifts

Us girls have much more fun!


Girl Exchange

We played pass it around to music

Lots of girls in our family

My Mommy concentrating hard

She got dishes!!!

It was well after 10:00 when we got home. The kids opened a few of their gifts and played with them. Lee didn't make it 30 minutes but Ax lasted quite a bit longer. Here's what they scored Christmas Round 1- they are so blessed beyond measure.

Axle's Haul

New Tractor from Aunt Leanna and Scotty

Art Coloring Set from Sissy Britt and Danny

Ninja Turtles mask from Krissy and Eric

Helicopter from Sissy Karen

PJ's from Aunt Retha

Spin Shotz Game from Uncle Justin and Mika

T-Ball Set from Uncle Brad and Melissa

Annalee's Haul

Dr Kit from Aunt Karen

Little People Castle from Cousin Krissy and Eric

Minnie Hat and Gloves from Cousin Brad and Melissa

Minnie Cookware Set from Sissy Britt and Danny

Baby Pony from Aunt Leanna

PJ's from Aunt Retha
Minnie Pony Set from Aunt Leanna

Carriage Block Set from Justin and Mika

Minnie Gown from Brad and Melissa

Minnie Desk from Cousin Justin and Mika

Anika's Haul

Perfume from Justsin and Mika

Mickey PJ's from Retha

Bath Bombs from Sissy Britt

More Pj's from Leanna

Earrings and Skin Care from Karen

A Purse from Krissy and Eric

Monogrammed Scarf from Melissa and Brad

I ended up getting an absolutely wonderful blanket in the girl drawing. I seriously am in love with the feel of it. Hubby didn't get to open his till he got off work Saturday night but he scored a tire gauge and a new light. It was definitely a wonderful celebration and I feel very lucky to be part of it.

Sunday was a good day too. I suppose I took too many photos on Saturday because I took zero on Sunday. Hubby and I took the kids shopping though. He let them do their Christmas shopping for me while I finished up some shopping I had to do as well. We hit up the Flea Market, Big Lots and Walmart. We had Little Ceasars for dinner and then spent the rest of our evening hanging out and watching television. The only negative of the whole day was that we overslept for church :(

Before I go I want to share some more elf mischief that went on over the weekend!

Wise guy found some Happy Birthday Banner and blocked the door to the bathroom

Axle just couldn't believe he did this

Looks like he found our popcorn.....we woke up to this mess

That my friends is how we spent our weekend- couldn't ask for anything more! I hope to update again once or twice this week but it's going to be a super busy one so we shall see.



  1. Loved following your weekend by photos!! Lots of happiness going on!

  2. What a great party! At first I thought it was in someone's house, but then I saw it was in a hall. Wonderful! And what a haul you guys got.

    And now on to Christmas itself!