Monday, December 8, 2014

Life in the Fast Lane

I went from someone who had all kinds of time to write but nothing much to write about to someone who has tons to write about and no time to write. Isn't it funny how that works?

I feel like my life is in the fast lane right now. I keep waiting for it to slowdown, a lull of sorts, it just hasn't happened though yet.

I'm behind in writing once again....I'll do my best to catch you up to speed!!!

* We had a short work/school week last week. We didn't get the week started till Wednesday due to being gone on vacation all last weekend! I must say, all week's should be 3 days weeks!

* Our elf (Chris) has been up to lots of things. My kids love this elf so much. They will be so sad when he has to leave on Christmas!

Wise guy hung panties from the ceiling fan and took a ride

Trying to get to the top of the counter

Woo Hoo he made it :) 

He wrapped our toilet

Mr Festive hung  bows in our kitchen

Look whose napping in a hammock

Silly fella got tangled up in some lights he found

* Ax has been having some very bad mornings when it comes to school. His fits are getting out of control and one day last week he even bruised his head by banging it on the floor. His dad is on 2nd shift this week so he has taken over school duty. Apparently he fears his dad and not me because he walked in like a regular champ this morning, not a single tear. Ugh, makes me so mad.

* I went Christmas shopping last Monday after work. I went to Walmart and spent an ungodly amount of money and got pretty much nothing. Christmas is expensive!!!

* I finally got like a million pictures uploaded to facebook the other night. If it makes you feel better, blogging isn't the only thing I'm staying behind on!

* We have been eating out entirely too much. I've got to do better. After the first of the year I've got to get back on the meal planning bandwagon.

* Poor Lee got her toe smashed by a huge can of pineapple juice the other morning. There was blood everywhere. Luckily it didn't hit the toenail. She's one tough cookie though, she barely shed a tear.

* Thursday I got off work a little early and mom insisted on keeping the kids till 5:00. I had a ton of things to do at home but instead I took a 2 hour nap. It was very nice!!!

* Hubby surprised us last week by bring us all home Oreo Blizzards. He was late getting home from work because he had a training to attend and on his way home he stopped and got us all a sweet treat. Sometimes he can be a real sweetheart.

* We finally got some presents wrapped. Surprisingly the kids aren't bothering them too bad.

* Friday I had my friend Christal come to the house and watch the kids so my Mom and Anika could go shopping. It's always nice when she babysits, she does housework too!

* Mom and Anika spent the entire day at the mall on Friday. I gave Anika $200.00 to do some shopping for me and she did good! I'm loving that she's old enough to help me with Christmas shopping!

* I ended up being at work till 4:00 on Friday due to our crew chief calling a meeting. I was busted by the time I got home so when Hubby got home from work we loaded the kids up and went to Giovanni's for dinner. We messed up though, we ate in the game room. The kids didn't eat hardly anything because they were too busy playing games.

* Friday night the Hubby and I snuggled on the couch and watched the UK vs Texas game. He lost $100.00 but I tried to tell him he was going to. That man would bet on anything.

* Mom bought Ax and Lee the cutest Christmas Outfits for our Parsley Family Celebration this coming Saturday. I can't wait to show you them.

* Saturday the Husband worked so the kids and I took yet another shopping trip. We hit up Kmart and Walmart. You would think I'd be done shopping by now but I'm totally not. My little one's on the other hand are totally done with it.

* Saturday evening Anika and Dustin cleaned my house (I paid them) while I wrapped presents. We now have even more gifts under our tree! The rest of the evening we laid around and was lazy. The Hubby went to bed pretty early, he was worn out!!!!

* Sunday the girls and I went to Church. Ax and Hubby stayed home. I hadn't been in several weeks (for one reason or another) and it was good to be back. I truly enjoy Church and being with the people of the Church.

* After Church on Sunday Anika and Dustin went to my Mom's and wrapped her gifts for her. When they were finished they went to Dustin's Grandma's and took apple pies and visited with her. I took my Sunday nap with Lee while Hubs and Ax were busy bees hanging some Christmas Lights!

* Our Sunday night wrapped up with us watching 90 Day Fiance and some Alaskan 4-wheeling show Hubby has been following. Ax wanted to camp out in the living room so that is where we all slept!

* Today was just a normal Monday. Ax and Anika did school while I did work. Hubby is working tonight on 2nd shift. I've had an okay day. On the way home this evening I ran into a terrible accident and learned later that there was a fatality. Prayers for that family as it's so close to the holidays and such a sudden loss.

* Here's a few more random photos I thought I'd share before I go!

One of my outfits this week- I forget to take them
Pants- Gabriel Brothers
Top- Cato's
Shoes- Thrifted

They love each other...sometimes!!!

Another outfit this week
Pants- NY&CO
Top- Thrifted
Cardigan- Thrifted
Shoes- Thrifted

Pretty gal ready for Church

Riding their Side by Side!

Friends- while I have a million things to do, I think I'm going to  head to bed. It's almost 10:00 pm and I'm exhausted. I hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying getting ready for Christmas!!!

Until next time


  1. You have been busy!!! It is a busy time of year! I have missed several of your posts and am catching up!!

  2. Good to see a new post from you. But no wonder you haven't written. You've been very busy. I love your little elf. That is so cute and I know the kids love him. How do you think up all those ideas? It's great!