Friday, December 12, 2014

Full Blown Christmas Mode

Well I'm dropping in for another update! I'm hoping after the holiday's that things slow down a little for me and I can get back to regular blogging. Until then I guess these sporadic updates will just have to do. I refuse to abandon this blog though, I love blogging way too much for that.

I'll just give you a little summary of my week. I suppose that is the easiest way to get you all caught up on my life!

* It's actually been a pretty normal week this week. It's been busy but that IS pretty normal these days.

* Tuesday was an off day for me. I was just an emotional mess all day long. Blame it on impending PMS. Mother Nature makes me psycho!

* I worked pretty much all day on Tuesday. After work I swung by a Thrift Store and found some pretty cute stuff. That is one perk of being in lots of different locations for work. I'm all the time finding new stores. It's great for my closet but not so much for my purse!!!

* Mom kept my kids for me most of the week this week and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I got a good home cooked meal twice this week. That makes me very happy. Working all the time leaves very little time for cooking.

* Our elf Chris has still been causing lots of problems around here. My kids sure are going to miss him when he leaves!

He left Axle balloons all over his floor!

He found black tape and taped his self to the wall
He gets in lots of situations!!!!

Someone found our change jar!

Silly Elf riding the jet ski in the sink!!!

* Ax has done great this week going to school. I'm not getting too overly excited though. His daddy has taken him all week this week. He hasn't even cried on him. Next week his dad is working dayshift though and it will be my turn. I bet it doesn't go that smoothly for me.

* Speaking of Ax and improvements, he finally went out of the classroom with the Occupational Therapist this week. Major progress my friends!

* Annalee had developed a major attachment to her Sister this week. She has slept in the bed with her every single night. Poor Sissy has her and Axle in her bed tonight!

* Not only is the kids now sleeping in Anika's room, the dog is too. It's just too cold for Lucy outside at night so we move her indoors.

* Hubby had another 4 hour training class this week. Luckily it's his last one for another year. I know he's glad. With the coal business plummeting daily, I'm not sure he's going to need it too much longer anyway.

* The Oil and Gas Business (which is what I do) isn't in much better shape right now. Major layoffs this week including one of my cousins. 

* I worked from home on Wed. just because I had such a rough day on Tues. I had planned on getting LOTS done but it just didn't happen. I did get more presents wrapped though so I guess that is some progress.

* I picked up Anika's Monogrammed Sweatshirt I had made for her at Merle Norman this week. It turned out perfect. I think she's going to love it.

* I've been working on 12 Date Nights for the Hubby's 12 Days of Christmas. I'm hoping to finish them this weekend. I'll share more on that later.

* I've also been trying to make some laundry progress this week and hope to make even more progress this weekend. I'll start packing next week so I'll need clean clothes to pack.

* We have finalized Anika's 16th Birthday Plans- FINALLY!!!! I'll share more on that later too!

* Today the kids went to work with me because I just had to drop off some paperwork. Afterwards we hit up Walmart, Lowes and Peebles for some more Christmas Shopping. I don't think I'm ever going to get completely finished. I'm almost there though!

* I did get dressed this week and I did remember to take a few photos. I wish I could remember everyday but I just can't.

Plaid Shirt- Thrifted
Jeans- Cato's
Boots- Leather Shop (Minnetonka)

Shirt- Hand Me Down
Pants- Walmart
Boots- Kmart

Well that about does it for me today. Tomorrow is our Christmas Celebration with my Mom's side of the Family. We have a big family! There will be lots of food, wonderful fellowship and entirely too many gifts. It should be fun!

Sunday I'm thinking we will run over to the Flea Market and try to find some metal signs for dad's building. He's wanting some for Christmas! Other that and Church, I don't have many other plans for the day.

I hope you guys have a safe and blessed weekend
Thanks to those of you who are still reading (Kathy and Linda)!!!!


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  1. Of course I'm still reading. I have to keep up with your busy life. I love hearing about you and your babies. And I love seeing what that elf is up to. You are so clever with him. I know the kids love it. Hope you had fun at your Christmas Celebration. Can't wait to hear about your plans for your 12 date nights.