Monday, November 3, 2014

Taking Stock 11-3-14

Taking Stock

Making- A dent on this work project I'm doing. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up tomorrow and can overnight it on Wednesday. It has to reach my main office by Thursday.

Cooking- Chili because it was a 60 degree day and perfect for Chili. Hubby had other plans when he got home from work though, he wanted to take me out to eat Mexican, so we did. I put the Chili in the fridge for tomorrow night!

Drinking- Too much soda, story of my life!

Reading- Work documents on top of Work documents (Deeds, Leases, Etc)

Wanting- To get all of our bills caught up so we can live comfortably again. It's happening, slowly but surely.

Looking- At places to go over the Thanksgiving Holiday

Playing- With a Magna Doodle. My son bought his 1st Magna Doodle tonight and he loves it. I've drew everything from houses to trucks!

Wasting- Money on eating out but it's oh so good :)

Sewing- Me sew, no way I'll ever have the patience to learn to sew anything

Wishing- I had more hours in the day for the little things like Blog Reading, Decorating, Baking, Etc.

Enjoying- The company of my Niece and her Boyfriend. They've been hanging out with us a lot and even went to dinner with us tonight. I adore them!

Waiting- To find out where I'll be working next. This project is almost over!

Liking- My new babysitter situation. It's working out well for us so far

Wondering- If my Husband will go to Church with me again this Sunday. My Niece and her Boyfriend are getting baptized so I'm thinking he might. If he does, this will make 3 Sunday's in a row!

Loving- Just being happy in general. It's really nice :)

Hoping- To pick up the kids glasses tomorrow. I really need to get that done

Marveling- At how awesome my God is and how he answers prayers when least expected

Needing- To go to bed but I'm just not sleepy tonight

Smelling- Nothing, my nose is all stopped up. Stupid allergies

Wearing- A tank and some capri style pants- not cute, I assure you

Following- The weather daily so I'll know how to dress. One day it snows and the next it's 60 degrees!

Noticing- How much closer Lee and Ax get the older they get. It's the sweetest thing ever

Knowing- That this weekend should be a good one :)

Thinking-I miss my Anika. She went to Mom's early this morning to do her schoolwork and decided to spend the night. I'm such a whimp, I want her home with me.

Feeling- Like I might be getting a headache. I sure hope not

Bookmarking- Nothing interesting, just work pages I need to remember

Opening- My doors through the day. It's cool in the mornings and at night but the day time feels fabulous

Giggling- At my kids- those two are quite funny

Feeling- Blessed beyond anything I deserve



  1. Liking -- this post. You have some wonderful things happening in your life. I'm so glad things are going better for you these days.

  2. I just made gumbo due to the cool whether, but chili is next on my list! My allergies are acting up too...bleh.