Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy November

It's time to play a little catch up! I've been missing in action a few days. Let's just say I've been busy for the most part and plain downright lazy for the other part. I've had time to blog on a few occassions but just couldn't bring myself to do it. I think I'm in a little blog slump. I'm going to just keep writing though and hope it passes. I love my blog too much to give it up.

The last time I blogged was on Wednesday night so I'll just start here with Thursday :)


* Axle had a Fall Harvest Party at his school at Noon. It was tons of fun. They had Cupcakes, Pizza, Chips and bunches of other snacks. After they ate, they went trick or treating around the classroom. Us parent's set up stations and they came by and got candy. I was so proud of my boy. Normally he doesn't leave my side when I visit but that wasn't the case. He was going from station to station and not even paying me a bit of mind. Definitely progress my friends.

* After Axle's Party Anika had a counseling session for an hour. When it was over we cleaned out the car and then came home, did a quick clean up of the house and got Halloween Costumes and items ready for the night.

* By 4:30 we were back out the door. I picked up my Niece and her Boyfriend plus Anika's Boyfriend and we headed to my Mom's for an early Trick or Treat visit. We had pizza, the kids got bags from their Nana and Pa filled with goodies and then we got everyone changed into their costumes. I have no photos uploaded yet so you will just have to take my word for it, they were cute! Annalee was Minnie Mouse, Axle was a Race Car Driver, Anika was Fox and the Hound (she even carried a real Hound Dog), Kelsey was a Jailbird, Troy was a Coon Hunter and Dustin dressed in all Camouflauge. I had quite the crew

* We hit up the Hubby's Parent's house, all the folks on my Mom's road, My Granny, a few Businesses in town and the Trunk or Treat Crew at the Community Center. By that time the kids had too much candy and we were all frozen so we headed home.

* Hubs got off work early and was home by about 9:00 pm. The fan went down at his work

* The teenagers all left and we hit the bed. It was a long but fun day!!!


* The Hubby ran some errands and took Anika to my Mom's to do her School Work (she was way behind). We ordered pizza and then he left us for work

* The kids and I spent the vast majority of our day at home doing some cleaning. The house was a wreck and definitely needed the attention. It was cold and raining so it was a good day to catch up

* Around 6:00 I had my Niece's Boyfriend come down and sit with the kids while my Niece and I went to the next town over to do some shopping. I ended up with a $300.00 total at Walmart but I got a boat load of groceries and new clothes for all of us for Anika's Baptism.

* By the time we finished up our shopping it was after 9:00. Anika called and said she had finally caught up most of her school work and was on her way home. My Niece and her Boyfriend spent the night so I had a house full of teenagers. I chatted with them a bit and then put my little one's to bed. I started working on a new project I'm doing for the company I work for. It's an urgent project and has to be finished by Thursday of next week. The good news is I'll be able to do most all of it from home next week which will be nice because Axle will be on Fall Break.

* I worked up until Hubby got home at around 2:00 am. He and I talked a bit, he showered and then we hit the bed. It was well after 3:00 am before I fell asleep.


* We had plans of taking the kids to an Amusement Park today but it was too cold. I think I even saw some snow flurries.

* Anika and Dustin went to the mall with my Mom. I gave Anika some money to buy her a new dress for Church tomorrow. They ended up being gone until way late tonight and she came home with tons of goodies thanks to her Nan.

* Hubby and I took a nap with the kiddos from about 1:00-3:00 pm. It was just that kind of day

* I made some Chicken Fajitas for dinner and then we went to my Granny's to work on a water leak she had from her Hot Water Tank. Hubby got it fixed for her. Poor Granny, her house needs so much upkeep and she's definitely not able to do it.

* Our evening has consisted of bubble baths for the babies, Hubby tinkering on his truck and washing his 4 wheeler and me doing some Thanksgiving Planning. We were initially looking at NYC for Thanksgiving but due to prices that isn't going to happen. I'm working on alternate plans. I'm thinking Louisville, KY, Nashville TN or somewhere in NC. We shall see I suppose.

* Everyone is asleep now- I'm heading that way myself. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us. We have definitely took it easy this Saturday but Sunday is going to be jam packed.

Tomorrow my baby is getting baptized after our Sunday Church Service

We will be celebrating with dinner at Cloud 9 Cafe afterwards

Tomorrow night we are having a celebration in honor of my nephew Cooper who would have turned 1 on Oct 31st. He passed away at 18 days old. We will be releasing lanterns and balloons in his memory.

I'll be working from home most all week next week so hopefully I'll find more time to blog. Fingers crossed anyway.

Happy NOVEMBER my friends :)


  1. What a fun time for the kids in Axle's class. That was a great idea of trick or treating with the parents. Sounds as if they had a blast on Halloween.