Friday, November 7, 2014

Four Days Worth

I seriously cannot believe I haven't posted since Monday. I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to be a 2 times a week poster as bad as I hate too. I just can't find the time. The plus side to that is I'm staying busy and enjoying life :)

Just going to give you a quick rundown of the past few days!!!

Tuesday- I was lucky enough to work from home. I still hired a sitter though. I had a pressing project and knew I couldn't get it done with the kids. I slept in a bit that morning and then watched 1/2 a Christmas Movie while I waited on my sitter to arrive. I'm really in the Christmas spirit this year for some reason. Once my sitter arrived, I headed out to town to run some errands and get some work done. I copied a billion documents and put them all together. On my way home I hit up the thrift store here beside my house. I found some really cute stuff at really good prices. By the time I got home it was going on 2:30. The sitter left and the kids and I laid down for a nap. We ended up sleeping 2 1/2 hours. It was pure bliss. Hubby got off work early due to election day so I fixed him some dinner and we chatted for awhile. My Anika LOVES the County Election and would not hush till I took her to the Courthouse so she could here them announce the winners in person. I tried to get her to wait and just watch it on television but she wouldn't. We spent about an hour or so at the Courthouse hanging out while Hubby tended to the kids at home. We got the results and left. She of course called everyone she knew and told them. By the time we got back home it was time for Hubby to retire for the night. Him and Lee went to bed and I did some housework and preparing for the next day. I'm not sure what time I finally hit the sack but it was way too late.

Wednesday- We had a very busy day. My kids had a doctor's appointment about an hour away so we woke up, got ready for the day and headed out. We decided to leave a bit early so we could do some shopping. We hit up Gabriel Bros. which I love. We shopped forever. We finally left because the kids were getting crazy wild. Ax even turned the buggy over on himself. He has a huge bruise on his butt to prove it. I scored some cute things though including the first Christmas gift of the season. I'll definitely be going back before Christmas. I had to Fed Ex my documents from the project I've been working on so we ran by the Fed Ex Store and then we went on to the doctor. In the parking lot we ran into the craziest lady I ever met. She showed us her fish face. Oh my god was it scary. I'm betting she was highly medicated, just saying! We waited forever in the doctor's office. At one point I thought about jumping out the window. We finally got seen though. Ax got his flu mist and Lee got her flu mist and three shots that she was behind on. We discussed Lee's weight. She's a whopping 45 pounds now which is off the charts for her age and height. I'm not too concerned, Anika was the same way when she was little. They gave me a referral to a developmental facility in Columbus, Ohio for Axle. We are going to investigate his Sensory Issues a bit more closely. We finally got out of the Doctor's Office and were all starving. We grabbed take out and ate on the way home. I got Hubby takeout too so I didn't have to cook. We beat Hubby home by about 5 minutes. He ate his dinner and then went to the garage to do some trading with a guy who stopped by. We now have a different four wheeler. Anika got ready and went to Church with Mom and Dad. I did some housekeeping and got prepared for the next day. Hubby came in around 8:00- took a shower and headed to bed with Lee. I watched some QVC and finally called it a night around 1:00 am.

Thursday- My job actually required me to be at the Court House all day so my sitter came around 8:30 am. I took Anika to Mom's to do her schoolwork and then headed off. I worked pretty much all day long finishing up a title. On my way home there was a train that had the tracks blocked and I sat in traffic for a good hour. I was just glad it wasn't sweltering hot out. I finally got home and let the sitter go. I cleaned up the house a little and then made some supper. Hubs worked outside on his new toy for awhile and then came in to settle down for the night. He showered and him and Lee went to bed. I watched some Project Runway and QVC. By 9:30 I couldn't even hold my eyes open so I ventured to bed myself. I wasn't laying there 10 minutes before I fell asleep. I must have been exhausted.

Today- I had to run to the Courthouse to pick up some documents. My sitter had plans so I took my three kids with me. That was a total mistake. Once I arrived, I got a call needing many more documents. I decided the kids would drive Anika crazy sitting in the car so I took them to a nearby pizza place, gave them lunch and icecream money plus some money to play video games. They hung out there while I did about 2 hours worth of work. I joined them when I finished and ate some lunch myself before we started home. On our way home we stopped by Walmart and did some shopping. I got myself a new pair of jeans and the cutest boots ever. Anika got some new bras, Ax and Lee got a toy and we got some misc items. I also finished baby shower shopping for my niece. We got back to the house around 3:00 and I spent a couple of hours finishing up some more paperwork. Anika straightened the house for me and then she got ready for Church. It's Conference Weekend so they had Church tonight and will have Church tomorrow morning followed by dinner. Then there will be Church again Sunday Morning. Hubby came home just as Anika and Axle was leaving. Axle wanted to go to Church with his Sissy tonight. Hubby worked some more on his four wheeler and I made dinner. We had a new skillet meal and it was fantastic. Annalee's Speech Therapist came and did her therapy. Hubby came in and got a shower and watched some television. The kids came home from Church and we had a pretty lazy evening. It's now 1:00 am and everyone in the house is asleep except me. That is where I'm heading after I finish this.

It's going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow is my Niece's Shower and then Hubby and I are going out all alone for awhile :)

Sunday my Niece and her Boyfriend are getting baptized!

It never stops around here my friends!!!!!

Before I go, here are a few (I mean a very few) photos I've managed to take. I have more on my phone but not transferred them yet. I cannot wait to get another camera.

Anika ready for Church

Elk we saw at the Airport

Baptism Certificate

More Elk :)

Happy Weekend Friends
Hope it's a good one for you

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