Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thoughts of the Day

I've been gone for awhile, trust me I know. It wasn't an intentional break but it just happened. Life has been busy and every single time I even think about blogging, I wonder how I'll ever catch you all up to speed. I decided today that I don't have too...that is the great thing about blogging, you can pick up and start over.

While a few interesting things have happened here and there, the majority of my days have been filled with work and being a mom & wife. That my friends is more than enough to keep this girl busy.

Since I'm just picking up where I left off- I decided I'd just do a currently post for you tonight! Sounds like fun..doesn't it?


Feeling- A whole mix of emotions- not going to go into any detail but I just feel like I'm in a total state of confusion tonight.

Waiting- On my husband to come home- After tonight he gets 5 days off- Woo Hoo!!!

Wishing- I had a magic wand so I could wave it and all my housework be done. Housework has became a real struggle around here

Wondering- Where we are going to go this weekend. I should have already planned it out but I didn't. I'm terrible about stuff like that. I guess we will wing it!

Needing- To pack our stuff for our weekend getaway- again, I'm procrastinating

Hoping- I can get up in time tomorrow to watch the Macy's Day Parade on television & make a Hashbrown Casserole for our dinner. Dinner is at Mom's tomorrow at 2:00 so I'm pushing it

Seeing- My elf on the Shelf List- Yes I'm buying into that whole hoopla this year. Mr. Elf is wrapped up already and my kids will find him under the tree in the morning. An early package from Santa :)

Thinking- About an earlier conversation with an old friend

Loving- All things Christmas- I'm so in the Christmas spirit this year it isn't funny

Hating- That lots of families aren't able to afford Thanksgiving Dinner this year. I wish I had the money to help everyone

Praying- For all the madness in St. Louis and Chicago to end. Such a sad time for those cities

Contemplating- Going to a chiropractor for my neck and back pain. A friend of mine was telling me all about it today. I'm thinking it might help me

Working- Lots of hours (this week anyway). Today was my last day until next Wednesday so I've been putting in as much time as possible this week. It's been stressful but sometimes you have to do what you have to do

Procrastinating- Buying Christmas gifts. I think I have a total of 4 or 5 bought. Just's almost December!

Wearing- Pajamas- it's almost midnight :)

Eating- Nothing at the moment but I bought some Oreo Balls from a lady at the Courthouse today and they were so delicious

Drinking- Mtn. Dew- My drug of choice!!!

Hearing- Lee Lee snoring...she fell asleep in Bub's bed tonight. Too sweet!

Dreaming- About a tropical vacation- Mexico sounds good!

Talking- To no one

Sending- Each of you Happy Thanksgiving Wishes :)

Tomorrow we will watch the parade and then celebrate with dinner at Mom's
The weekend will consist of a weekend getaway :)

Here's a few random photos I've taken lately- Enjoy!!!

Christmas Tree at the Mall 

My Mickey and Minnie

One cool Nana

Anika and Dustin

Train Ride

Flower for Ax from a sweet lady in the parking lot

Yummy- Lunch :) 

They love the train

Happy Thanksgiving folks- Have a great one :) 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over

This weekend has been a wonderful one but boy it's flew by. We have been ridiculously busy but I wouldn't change one single moment of it.

Saturday Morning, my Husband had to work. Anika went to the Church Conference with my Mom. They needed kitchen helpers and Anika volunteered. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter with such a huge heart. Here are a few pictures I stole from friends since I didn't get to go.

You can always find her being silly

My gorgeous Mom

Mom and Anika

Mom and my Aunt Leanna

Mom and Dustin

While Anika was off doing that, my Niece Kelsey and I were on a cake run. We left the two little one's home with Troy so he could get them cleaned up while we went to get her Baby Shower Cake. It was absolutely beautiful. We made it back to the Church with it in one piece which was a miracle. I contribute our success to prayers and very slow driving. We dropped the cake off at the Church, grabbed some lunch and then came home and ate & got the kids fed. Troy had the all dressed to go for the Baby Shower so he took them with him and went and picked up my Granny while Kelsey and I headed back to the Church to decorate.

The Shower was a huge success. Kelsey and Troy got lots of nice things. The food was good, the games were fun and the company was great. Everything was beautifully decorated and everyone seemed to have a great time, even the kids! Ax and Lee both got dirty as pigs from playing outside but I didn't even care. They were enjoying themselves too much. I was happy Anika and Dustin got to make it in time for the shower. Anika would have been devastated if she missed it.

It was a Paris Theme

Everything looked beautiful- Pink and Black were the colors

Yummy Food

More Yummy Food

They had a Milk Station 


The Cake which was part of my shower gift for them

Look how cute

High Heels!!!

The Goodies

Momma To Be

Handmade Blanket

The Aunt Bag- Katie loves being an Aunt

One of the gifts we got her

Willow's Coming Home Outfit

Baby Willow

The Shower ended around 5:30. The kids and I ran granny home and then we came home. Anika and Dustin watched the little one's while I took a shower and got all dolled up. I wish I had took a photo but I didn't. After I got cleaned up, Anika and Dustin headed off to his Cousin Tim's to hang out. Hubby came home and our sitter's arrived around 6:30. Hubby and I headed out for a wonderful date night. We went out to eat at a new place called The Brickhouse. While the atmosphere and the building was absolutely amazing, the food wasn't the best. We split an order of Bacon Ranch Fries which were so delicious. Hubby ordered a Philly Burger and Salad while I ordered a Caprese Sandwich and Salad. I was not at all impressed by my food. Hubby said his was just okay. It was a good new experience but we probably won't be making a return visit.

After dinner we took a stroll around the lake and just chatted. While the night didn't include anything major, it was just so very nice to step away for a few hours.

We got home around 10:30. Both the little one's were already sleeping and Anika had just gotten home. Kelsey and Troy decided to just spend the night instead of going home. We watched a few episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter before we all retired to bed. It was a fabulous day.

This morning we woke and all got ready for Sunday Service. Kelsey and Troy were getting baptized today so we were all so very excited. I felt so blessed to have my Husband in Church with me once again today. The service was wonderful as usual. Larry preached a very good message and we had some great singers. After the service, Kelsey and Troy were baptized which was a beautiful thing to witness.

My Nephew Deacon Cash

My wonderful Husband

Hubby and I with Deacon 

My Niece Violet 


My Niece Kelsey

My Family 

Troy and Kelsey's Family

My Grandmother

Look how adorable

Kelsey and her Aunt Katie

Kelsey's Step Dad, Sister and Anika

After Church my kids, Axle and Lee, went home with their Nan for awhile. Anika and Dustin went to visit his Grandma. She is now on Hospice as her cancer has progressed and there isn't anything they can do. I came home and planned to clean house but fell asleep instead, not before chowing down on a Steak Sandwich and Deep Fried Mushrooms though! I slept at least 3 hours. Hubby on the other hand was quite productive while I was sawing logs. He helped my Daddy fix the heat in his truck and then he got his 4-wheeler fixed. I woke to a text message from Mom saying my kids wanted to come home so I went and picked them up. We spent the rest of our night watching Television, bathing the babies, working crossword puzzles and just relaxing!

Before I forget, also have other wonderful news to share. My dad was set aside as Deacon this weekend. We are all so unbelievably proud of him.

It's nearing 11:30 now and everyone around here is sound asleep. I'm going to finish up a few things and head to bed myself. Tomorrow I have a little work to do here from home and then it's just a waiting game. The project I was working on has ended. I'll be in standby mode until they have a new project for me. I'm hoping it doesn't take too long. They don't seem to think it will.

To wrap things up, here is a couple pics from my phone I haven't shared yet. I cannot wait to buy a new camera!!!

My Kids playing Old School Pac Man

Ax and Lee got new glasses! I LOVE them

Anika ready for Church!!!

Friends- I hope that your weekend was as amazing as mine! Sending you good vibes for a fantastic week ahead.