Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekend Sneak Peek

The weekend is winding down and while we didn't do much of anything, it's still been a good one. Here's a little sneak peek at our first October Weekend!!!

* We bought a new car. Okay I know I've been saying for the last bit that we were going to cut bills BUT honestly, we needed a car. While I've got a van and it's super dependable, Hubby hasn't had a dependable vehicle in years. Lately we have been spending well over 400.00 a month trying to keep him in something to drive. That is more than the car payment so I'm hoping we will be saving money this way. It's also a 4 cylinder so it's cheap on gas. That's a good thing these days when gas prices are out the roof.

* We had dinner at Arby's and as a treat, I drank 1/2 of one of these. Anika drank the other half. If you haven't had the Caramel Bruelle Shakes- TRY ONE!!!! I'm thinking I'll have one every day for awhile. It was just that good.

* We spent Saturday night being lazy. I did catch up on some blog reading though and that made me quite happy! I had missed having time to read!

* Saturday was ridiculously cold! I about froze to death just walking around and looking at vehicles. It's been nicer today but definitely feels like Fall. As bad as I hate to accept it, Summer is just over!

* Hubby actually did some laundry this weekend. Mostly he washed blankets but still, it was a good effort. I'll definitely take it and NOT complain!!!!

* We watched a little of the show Intervention Saturday night. It's so sad to see what a toll drugs can take on a person.

* I got my television fix this morning. I'm not much of a TV person but did watch two Lifetime movies before noon today. I love Lifetime!

* We skipped out on Church today. Frankly I was lazy and had so much to do. Totally NOT a good excuse :(

* We lit our fires this weekend- I love heating with gas heat. It makes our home so warm and cozy.

* I managed to get the house cleaned today. I'm calling the day a success on that one thing alone!!! Hoping I can at least maintain it this week and it doesn't look like a dump by this coming weekend.

* Axle got some motorcycle riding time in today. He loves that thing. The boy is all about speed. Good thing his bike has a regulator on it and he can't go that fast. He scares me to death just watching him now! It won't be long till Lee Lee will be wanting to learn to ride. Heavens help me!

* Speaking of Axle- he was wore his rainboots ALL WEEKEND long and it hasn't rained a drop. He doesn't care, he loves them!

* Lee Lee has successfully used her potty about 5 times this weekend. The trick has been that we put the potty in the kitchen floor. I know gross but it is working!!!!

* My kids are growing up too fast. Lee can now count to 3 and copies everything we say. Ax knows his ABC's and is adjusting to school much better. He's gotten so social these days too. Where does time go?

* I captured this photo of Axle today and loved it

* Anika had a friend over most of the day. They spent most of their time outside. It was a beautiful day to just be outdoors!

* Hubby and I watched a little bit of the Nascar Race today. I'm a Johnson fan but he didn't do so well. We did however win 60.00 on the race pool thanks to Joey Logano!!!

* I made Homemade Veggie Soup for dinner and it was delicious

* I FINALLY finished my Surface and Mineral Title up today. It's ready to be sent out by Fed Ex tomorrow. I'm just praying it's right. I'm still not 100 percent confident in myself. I do however think I did a good job on it. 

* Hubby detailed my van today for me. He's such a sweetie! It looks fantastic too :)

* This evening I treated myself to a Caramel Sundae. I'm not a fan of Pumpkin but I LOVE Caramel!

* Tomorrow is a work day for me. I'll be working at PT in the morning and then hitting the Courthouse tomorrow midday. It's going to be a busy one. 

* Lee Lee and Hubby are already sleeping. Ax is watching Mickey Mouse and Anika is typing a  paper for her Journalism class. The dogs and cat are snuggled up under a blanket on the porch. All is well at the Newsome house. I've got a few last minute things to do and then it's bedtime for this gal. I'm going to be in the bed by 10:30 tonight if it kills me!!!

Hope It's a Fabulous Week for Everyone!!!



  1. You sound busy too!!
    Thanks for always stopping by!

  2. You're a very busy lady! I'm fascinated by your new job- it sounds really interesting, like you are doing lots of research - is that right?

  3. I love caramel as well, always treat yourself, it's so important!!

  4. Congrats on the new car! I'm with you, payments stink but sometimes are very well worth it!

  5. I like the new car. Congratulations!